Top 10 Ways to Reduce Stress Quickly

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We all have days that are considerably more challenging and stressful than others.

Unfortunately, stress is hard on both the mind and body. I know, because I’ve lived it. That’s why I am sharing my top 10 ways to reduce stress.

Too many high stress days can really take its toll. And what’s worse, you could even become so used to being in this “high state of alert” that you start to feel like it’s normal! Don’t let this happen to you.

It’s not normal and its not acceptable.

It’s important to develop some techniques that help you relieve stress and strengthen your self-soothing abilities.

When you’re struggling to stay calm, relaxed, and focused, try some of these 10 ways to reduce stress:

  1. Breathe deeply. Breathe in for 5 seconds and hold it for 5 seconds. Now exhale for 5 seconds. Do this 10 times and focus only on your breathing. These breaths should only be slightly larger in volume than a normal, relaxed breath.  I was amazed to discover how effective deep breathing ( from my diaphram) is to reduce stress. It may seem simple, but it REALLY works.
  2. Take a walk. Practice the breathing technique above during your walk, focusing on your breathing, walking, and surroundings. Nothing else should enter your mind. If your mind insists on wandering to non-productive thinking, you might have to simply keep repeating, “Taking a step” to yourself over and over. Add mindfulness during your walk by really paying attention to the sights and sounds around you…the chirping birds, the clouds in the sky, the cool breeze.  It all contributes to making my regular morning walks one of my top 10 ways to reduce stress.
  3. Get some exercise. Any time of day is a good time to exercise ( but I personally prefer early morning hours to start my day with exercise). Comfortably tired is what you’re looking for. Work out your frustrations by going for a power-walk, a run or swim. Hit the weights and show them who is boss. Break out with an exhilarating  Zumba routine. Any exercise will do as long as there is some intensity involved. Shuffleboard isn’t going to cut it.
  4. Sit outside. A little time at the beach or park can work wonders. Find a relaxing spot with pleasant scenery. Pay attention to what’s going on around you and keep your mind off your challenges. Even 10 to 15 minutes can greatly reduce your stress.  There is nothing more soothing that a gorgeous sunset.  I treat myself to this “stress-reducing gift” from nature as often as I can.  Add it to your list of 10 ways to reduce stress.  Best of all: It’s FREE!
  5. Take a day off. Everyone needs a break once in a while. However, on your day off, it’s important to avoid just sitting around and brooding about all of your current difficulties. Take your mind off of things and have some fun. Lose yourself in activities that you enjoy.
  6. Find something engrossing to read. The ideal book would be able to take your mind off of things for a few hours. Ask your friends for some recommendations, or if you’re like most people, you probably have a couple of books on the shelf that you’ve never gotten around to. Now is the perfect time to read it.
  7. Listen to music. Again, it should be something engrossing that really captures your attention. Don’t be afraid to get up and dance; no one is watching anyway. And even if someone is watching, getting up and dancing will plummet your stress almost instantly.  If you’ve never tried it,  you don’t know what your missing.  There’s a reason I have music on my list of top 10 ways to reduce stress.  It works!
  8. No phone and no computer. Turn off everything that connects you to the outside world. Then you can really relax. Stay offline for as long as you can.  This is easy for me, bit may be harder for you.  But learning to unplug is vital to re-energize and stay balanced.  This is the only item on my list of 10 ways to reduce stress that EVERYONE must do regularly (e.g. every night after 8pm)!  I think it’s just that important.
  9. Take a nap. There’s no better way to start over than to take a nap. When you wake up, it feels like another chance to start your day over. What happened before your nap is in the past! Now you can deal with it and move on.
  10. Hang out with people that are fun. Get the gang together and meet for a drink. Or have dinner with the friend that always makes you laugh. It’s easy to get caught up in our own little world. Being with others can jolt you out of that perspective.

Don’t let high stress get you down. The key is to actively do something about it, and these 10 ways to reduce stress are proven and tested. They work!

Some people develop a habit of being paralyzed when things start going sideways, but this does nothing to make you feel better or solve your stressful issues.stress-management-activities

Actively relax so you’ll be better able to tackle your challenges. Use  my list of top 10 ways to reduce stress to minimize the pressure and anxiety you’re feeling and take control of yourself and the situation.

Dealing with your challenges effectively is crucial to living the peaceful life you deserve, starting today!

I don’t want your education on easy, effective, enjoyable stress management activities to end here, so I’ve created a FREE  download to teach you how to put my TOP 50 stress management activities to work in your life!

Click here to download it NOW! It’s FREE.

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  1. Thanks for the strategies. Who doesn’t need these?

  2. Darlene Berkel says:

    So true! We ALL know what it feels like to deal with stress, so these strategies can help us all. Pick which ones work for you, and stick with it every time stress shows its ugly head. But be sure to try some new strategies too. Like these

  3. Allana McCormick says:

    Oh Darlene these are so good! I am trying to make it a habit to breathe deeply when I start to get upset or anxious. I have been amazed at how it really helps me. I think the key is the long exhale. Something about releasing my breath in a long slow and controlled stream just makes the anxiety or build up of panic start to dissipate. Not entirely, but enough that I can get myself calmed down. Such a good reminder!

    1. Darlene Berkel says:

      Glad you could apply these tips to reduce stress quickly Allana. Don’t overlook the value of a good long soak with Epsom salts. It’s amazing at relaxing your muscles and helping you sleep. And sleep is one of the best ways to reduce stress quickly and refresh your body, mind, and spirit.

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