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Want to Find the Best Pet Gifts? Read This!

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Households who have pets often feel that they’re just a furry family member and are always on the lookout for the best pet gifts around.  It’s important not to forget about your pets and even the pets of friends and relatives when shopping for family gifts for special events and occasions.

You need a few ideas of best pet gifts you can get for a wide variety of pets.  While cats and dogs are the most common choice, there are plenty of families who have other types of pets.

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What are the best cat gifts?

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Most people who have pets already have the basics covered.  So if you want a gift for a special event or occasion, there are best pet gifts that are more luxury items for a furry companion.  For cats, a high end gift might be a cat tower that includes a scratching post and several spots for the kitty to lounge.

These come in many heights and sizes.  You’ll want to make sure you choose a size that will fit the space you’re shopping for.  Cats love these little spots to rest, relax, and observe the world.

For playtime, cats enjoy toys that they can attack and chase.  Consider a laser pointer or a toy on a string that can be dangled in front for hours of fun.  A cat tunnel will also provide a cat with places to hide and play.

Toys that can be stuffed with catnip also make good gifts.  They also come in typical animals such as squirrels and mice.

These allow you to give variety to the cat on your list.

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You can also purchase cat treats.  One thing to note is that cats can sometimes be picky about treats.  If you’re shopping with a specific cat in mind, consider talking to its owner to find out what treats it likes.

Fun collars, a new food and water bowl set, or fancy bed will also make the cat in your life very happy.  If you’re giving a gift to the cat of a friend, you’ll be sure to melt her heart.  Most people really appreciate it when you think about their furry children.

What are the best dog gifts?

Dogs are often considered the best friend of every family member.  Unlike cats, which can be very finicky with their gifts, dogs seem to appreciate whatever you do for them in the way that only they can.

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There are many different types of dog toys you can choose from.  From Frisbees, to stuffed animals, to toys that help you to play tug of war you can find many items that will make a dog very happy.

Treats are also a great gift.  Dog bones are always a hit – just make sure you choose an appropriate size for the dog on your list.  If bones are too large, the dog might get sick from it or not even be able to really chew on it.

You can also find many different cookies and biscuits made for dogs.  Often you’ll see dog treats that are dipped in white chocolate.  This can give you concern if you know that chocolate is toxic to dogs.

However white chocolate is not in the same class as regular chocolate.  In fact, it’s not really chocolate at all.  Dogs are able to eat it without ill effects as long as they don’t have other types of food sensitivities.

Dogs also appreciate a new, comfy bed any time of year.  These come in a range of sizes and types, so you’ll want to make sure and check the measurements before ordering a bed.  A new collar or leash can also be a welcome gift. 

What is a good gift for a bird?

Many people enjoy a bird as a pet.  Even birds enjoy a special treat from time to time.  You can find many accessories for a bird such as hanging toys for their cage that they can chew on and play with. 

Many toys for cages include bells and other sound effects that help keep birds stimulated so that they don’t get bored in their cages when they’re not being attended to.

You can even find bird activity centers that include ladders, ropes, and swings for a bird to play on.  These can be used in a cage as well as outside of a cage to keep a pet bird busy.

There are also delicious treats for a bird such as sticks made with fruit and nuts.  You can also get millet for birds as a treat.  In addition, a pet grass kit can be great for birds to help them get fresh greens.

Small Mammals

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Small mammals include gerbils, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets and even rabbits.  These animals love to have toys to stay stimulated.  Almost all of these animals need chew sticks to help keep their teeth filed down as they are in nature.

You can purchase actual sticks, but there are also wooden toys you can hang from their cage that perform the same purpose.  Exercise wheels are also fun gifts that can help small animals get exercise when they’re confined to small areas.

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Mice, hamsters and guinea pigs can enjoy an exercise ball that allows them to run around the house without getting lost or being in danger from other pets.

What is a good present for a bunny?

Gift Shopping for PetsRabbits enjoy tunnels to hide and play in.  A rabbit owner may also enjoy a rabbit harness and leash so that they can walk their bunny.  You can also look for treats for these friends.

There are many fruit chews, nut mixes, and even yogurt treats that are good for small animals.  You’ll just want to check to make sure that a treat you pick up is appropriate for the animal on your list.

How can I keep my pet fish entertained?

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For some people, a fish can be a family member. You can find aquarium decorations that will help the fish on your list have a more beautiful environment and even more stimulation.

Aquatic plants can also make good gifts for the fish in your life.  While you have to be very careful about the foods you feed a fish, there are a few delicacies such as brine shrimp or bloodworms that might make a good gift.

What do you buy a reptile lover?

Finally, there are reptiles and amphibians that are often family pets.  There’s a very wide variety of these animals, so it’s important that you check with the owner to make sure that anything you buy is appropriate.

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But in general, habitat decorations can be a good choice.  You might also consider a special treat such as feeder fish, live insects, and freeze-dried foods that are a little different than the typical diet.

Reptiles and amphibians often like to hide as part of their natural lifestyle.  You can find a great hideout to add to your reptile or amphibian’s cage.  You might also consider rocks, waterfalls, and wooden perches.

What do you buy for a pet lover?

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>For some people, it’s also appropriate to get items that show off their love of their pet.  Items such as pet calendars, pet mugs, and even shirts that show off their pet can be good gifts.

For other people, it’s enough that you remember their pet.  They love their pet, but don’t like a lot of things with cats or dogs on them.  As you think about the best pet gifts for the animal lover on your list keep these things in mind.

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