Relationship Break-Up? Before You Take Revenge, Read This!

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This might sound counter-intuitive, but success is the best revenge after breakup!

Revenge is a common theme in movies. There’s something satisfying about watching the wronged woman make everything right by destroying her cheating spouse. It’s understandable that many feel that is the best way to get back at your ex.

You might even fantasize about getting back at your ex by doing the same in your own life, though on a smaller scale. Revenge is not an intelligent solution. It solves nothing and creates additional challenges. The best revenge is living well.

Should you take revenge on an ex?

Short answer: No.

Resist the temptation to take revenge after a breakup. There are several disadvantages to taking revenge after a bad breakup.

  1. Revenge extends the conflict. Obviously, if you’re considering revenge, there’s an issue of some sort. Revenge doesn’t put the issue to rest. It causes the issue to continue. Imagine if the other person then seeks his own retribution. Where does it end? Someone has to be willing to let it go.
  2. Taking Revenge won’t make you feel better in the long run. Revenge is satisfying for a few minutes, but nothing has really changed. Whatever was done to upset you still exists. You can’t go back in time and alter the course of your history. Revenge accomplishes nothing in the long-term.
  3. Revenge isn’t free. There is always a cost. The subsequent actions of the other person may cost you. You can lose sleep, your self-respect, or even your freedom if you take things too far. Your peace of mind is also at risk.
  4. Focusing on Revenge prolongs the pain. Time can heal all wounds, but only if you don’t reopen them. Allow your wounds to heal by moving on. Giving the situation too much attention only makes you more miserable and prolongs your misery.

Revenge isn’t a good solution to any challenge or hurt. There are wiser and more effective ways to handle your anger and pain.

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What is the best revenge after a breakup?

The best revenge is to live well by doing these 4 things:

#1 Forgive!

  1. This is easier said than done for most of us. But what other option do you really have? The only way to stop feeling bad about the situation is to let it go. You don’t have to forget. After all, it would be a shame if you didn’t learn anything from your negative experience.
  2. It doesn’t seem fair to let the other person off the hook, but learning to forgive is for your own benefit.

learning to forgive
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#2 Learn from the situation.

Did you do something foolish? Were you too trusting? Was it an issue specific to the other person? How can you avoid the same outcome in the future?

Do you need to exclude the other person from your life? Were you too naïve or unknowledgeable to make a smart decision? Determine the cause and then consider a reasonable method of prevention.

best revenge is living wellTake advantage of a negative situation by learning from it. You’ll be a stronger and more capable person for it.

#3 Meditate or pray.

Meditation and prayer can put your head back in the right place. You’ll feel more calm, relaxed, and centered. Clear your mind and get to a place of rational thought. You can’t be upset unless you allow yourself to be.

best revenge is living well#4 Do something that you enjoy.

Remind yourself that good things are all around you. Spend an evening chatting with a friend, try reflexology, go to a dance class, go backyard camping,  have a bonfire on your deck or in your backyard, read a good book, start gardening for food, or make your favorite dinner. What activities do you enjoy the most?

Success is the best revenge after breakup!

It doesn’t make sense to spend any more time on the negative issue than absolutely necessary.

Revenge has been a theme of movies, books, and plays. It’s a common theme in history and a natural human reaction. However, revenge seems like a better idea than it really is.

Revenge hurts you more than it does the other person.

Leave revenge for the movies. Forgive those that have wronged you and enjoy your life.

How do you get over anger and resentment after a breakup?

Do you feel angry after an ugly break-up? The best revenge after breakup is living well!

It seems to be part of human nature to want revenge. We like the idea of justice. Whether we suffered at the hands of a cruel and incompetent boss, or were treated badly and dumped by a partner, we want our pound of flesh.

This approach is several downsides.

● You’re spending your time on someone that doesn’t care about you.

● There is a chance you may take things too far and create serious problems for yourself.

● You let him off the hook. Once you strike back, he has the luxury of “knowing” he was right to mistreat you.

Living Well Is The Best Revenge

Though it seems less exciting than publicly humiliating your ex, the best revenge is living well. Success is the best revenge after breakup. Living a great life is actually an effective way to get revenge.

How can I get revenge on my ex?

1. Increase your income.

One great way to enhance your life is to increase your income. Having additional financial resources gives you more choices and freedom in life. If you want to make someone jealous of your life, increase your income so that you have a lot of freedom to live as you choose. Becoming a financial success is the best revenge after breakup.

2. Find a more enjoyable way of earning money.

You spend a lot of time at your job. There are few better ways to enhance your life than finding a job that you love and earning more money, too! When you can enjoy your workdays, you’re doing something that few people can claim.

3. Enhance your health and fitness.

There’s a reason why so many women manage to get fit and finally lose weight after going through a break-up. Start a self-care walking routine. That’s a great thing to do for yourself. It also feels good to show your ex what they’re missing out on. Are you starting to see why the best revenge is living well?

4. Find a new relationship or build on the one(s) you already have.

Good relationships make life more interesting, enjoyable, and meaningful. Most people neglect their relationships. You can do a lot to enhance your life by giving your relationships more care and attention.

5. Build your social circle.

Increasing the size and quality of your social circle is a wonderful way to take your life to the next level. Your ex will cringe at your new level of popularity. True, genuine friendships enhance your life, and the best revenge is a life well lived.

6. Become more influential.

Become a more important person. This can be at work, socially, online, or in your community. How can you become a more powerful person in the world? Even a small improvement in this area is noticeable to others.

7. Declutter your life.

One of the things that can hold you back is all the clutter in your life. It’s not just physical clutter with the extra items that you own.  There’s also mental clutter. It’s the low-quality people, obligations, and worries, too. Start by learning how to declutter your mind.  Once you eliminate all the mediocrity from your life, your life will blossom.

8. Find an activity that’s meaningful to you.

A life with more meaning is more fulfilling on a personal level. When you’re doing something that’s meaningful to you, you have a glow that other people can’t resist.

9. Enjoy your to build self-esteem for women

This is the best general tip for getting back at those people that have wronged you. Simply go out and enjoy your life to the fullest. It will drive your enemies nuts.  That’s why the best revenge is living well.

Get revenge by living the best life you can!

Success is the best revenge after breakup! Get your revenge by taking your life to the next level.  One of the great things about social media is the ability to share your life with the masses.

You can bet your ex will check your Facebook page on occasion. Give him something to see! Success is the best revenge on your ex.

Resist your urge to do something drastic. Instead, enhance your life and enjoy it to the fullest. The best revenge is a life well lived!

Give Yourself Time to Heal

best revenge is living well

It may take time to fully recover from a relationship breakup, but this type of grief really can’t be measured by time. So no one can give you a timeline when you’ll get up one morning and not feel anything for your ex.

One thing I can guarantee, though, is that you will get over it and you will be happy again.

When you can see the relationship as a learning experience – one that made you a better person – you’ll begin to heal from the hurt and sadness and begin to make a life for yourself without your ex.

Eventually, you’ll look back and wonder why you grieved for such a long time.

You’re the only one who can choose to grow – or not – from this experience. Your life will be much better, much quicker if you decide to grow.

Find ways to rediscover yourself, get your groove back and keep it!                                  

Keep Your Dignity Intact

best revenge is living well

Who are the people you admire when they’ve gone through tough times – and why do you admire them. For me, the newsreel of Jackie Kennedy attending the funeral for her husband, President Kennedy, comes to mind.

Jackie Kennedy was always the epitome of dignity and class, and at no other time did she display that more than at the funeral for her husband.

You may admire a celebrity or someone in your own family for their abilities to handle the tough situations in life with self confidence and dignity. Ask yourself how these people would handle the situation you’re in right now. Then, make it your assignment to mimic their self-assurance.

While you may think you’re torturing your ex by leaving the relationship on a “loud and boisterous” note, you’re really just torturing yourself. Walk away, head held high. Understand that while this relationship didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean you were unworthy in any way.

Don’t let your ego get in the way of your healing. You don’t have to prove to your ex that he missed out on a good thing. You may feel rejected and even embarrassed, causing you to doubt your adequacy as a partner. That’s OK – but don’t let these temporary feelings undermine your healing efforts.

Revel In Your New-Found Freedom

best revenge is living well

What would you do if a friend were free from a stifling relationship? Try to get them to celebrate! I want you to celebrate your independence from the sorrow of a relationship that didn’t allow you to experience true happiness.

When people get dumped, both men and women, they often forget how they can grow from the experience. You’ll be a better you because of this failed relationship. Never have regrets over what you lived through.

It’s okay to get sad, angry and depressed at first. But then let your life blossom. Learn how to be happy living alone before you run out and try to latch onto someone else just because you’re feeling a little lonely.

If you start with a clean slate, it will give some wonderful man out there the chance to get to know you and develop a deep, meaningful relationship with you. The last thing you want to do is carry a bunch of baggage around with you while you try to move on with someone new.

Eventually, you’re going to look back on this break-up period and be glad that it didn’t work out. Why? Because you’ll be with the person you were really meant to be with – and your old relationship will pale in comparison.

Be very nurturing to yourself during this time.  The best days of your life are still ahead of you.

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