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Best Self Esteem Books to Unleash the Most Confident Version of You

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Looking for the best self esteem books? You’re in the right place. Low self-esteem is common, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal. Raising your self esteem is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Having a healthy self-esteem means that you have confidence. You feel sure in what you can do. You like who you are as a person and you respect yourself. It means that you can see the value of being you.

It starts with learning to love yourself. Self esteem and confidence books can help you build confidence, improve social skills and close the self confidence gap.

If you struggle with your inner critic, esteem issues, or negative thoughts check out these 5 best self esteem books to boost your self esteem and your confidence!

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#1 – The Gifts of Imperfection

Best self esteem books
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In the book The Gifts of Imperfection, the author immediately launches into an introduction about wholehearted living. It’s about authentic living and how to let go and be who you should be to accept who you truly are. It’s one of the best books for self-love and healing.

The teachings in the book are important because as a society, people have been taught that imperfection equals less than. It’s no wonder that people strive to be as perfect as possible in appearance, careers and lifestyles.

Stop Living a Phony Life

Struggling with low self esteem and low confidence

What many don’t realize is that underneath all that striving, individuals don’t really care about being perfect. But they do care what other people think. It’s that fretting that leads many people to stress over the fact that they don’t feel as good as someone else, so their entire life is spent trying to live a phony life.

This kind of living leads to the tearing down of self-worth as you find yourself always trying to measure up to who others think you should be. The book will show you that you’ve been conditioned by society, images, articles, and peers to believe that in order to be accepted, you must be more than who you really are.

When you believe that, you jump on the performance wheel, always spinning it, trying to find that level of perfection that will lead you to feel that at last you have arrived. You want to feel that you’ve finally met all the expectations placed on you – including the ones you place on yourself.

You’ll never be satisfied. As soon as you reach one level of expectation, another level will rise up. Alternatively, you’ll fail to achieve a level and suffer the shame and embarrassment of it.

Stop Trying To Prove You’re Good Enough

how to raise self esteem

You will always try to prove that you’re good enough or that you can be what others feel are good enough. This can hurt your self-worth. It will go down deep into your belief system that you’re not good enough and that belief will then color how you govern your life.

It will erode your self-confidence and make you question yourself, too. Using the teachings of ten beliefs, the book shows you that you’re good enough as is – that who you are is not based on your false performances.

It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do, what you think or don’t think. You don’t have to be perfect to deserve love and acceptance. The book teaches you how to leave perfectionism behind and how to stop feeling like you’re powerless.

You’ll learn how to stop letting what other people think guide your life. The author will show you how you can be free of the comparison game. Comparing yourself to someone else can tear down your self-worth and make you feel inadequate in appearance, personality, in relationships and in your job.

What’s also covered in the book is how to stop measuring your self-acceptance through the lens of productivity. Your accomplishments can’t determine your worth as a person.

Reading the book and following the guideposts inside can show you how to find start living with inner satisfaction and peace. You will learn how to cherish who you are in this moment. This is one of the best selling low self-esteem books. Get your copy today!

#2 – Self Compassion The Power of Being Kind to Yourself

best self esteem books
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Many people have no problem feeling compassion for others they care about. But when it comes to giving themselves compassion, it’s harder to accomplish. People who don’t practice self-compassion have a tendency to be more egotistical and blame others according to the book Self Compassion: The Power of Being Kind to Yourself.

The book teaches that people who don’t know how to give themselves compassion will judge themselves and often this judgment will be extremely harsh. They’ll pick themselves apart and then experience shame afterward when they realize they don’t measure up to their expectations.

This habit leads to treating yourself unkindly and beating yourself up verbally. You might tell yourself things like, “I’m so stupid. I can’t do anything right!” Or, “I’ll never be worthy.”

When you don’t practice self-compassion, you’re more likely to believe those lies you tell yourself. The author teaches that it’s okay to admit that you’re not perfect. People who practice self-compassion understand the difference between making a mistake and thinking that they’re the mistake.

When you don’t practice self-compassion, you hurt yourself emotionally. You end up creating a laundry list of unkind things that you use against yourself. You’ll judge your wealth, your physical appearance and your intelligence in a negative light.

Five Main Sections

The teachings in the book are divided up into five main sections. The first part explains why you want to have self-compassion. It also covers how to find it and how to stop being unkind to yourself.

The second part of the book details the different parts of what self-compassion is. It teaches readers how they can learn to treat themselves with the kindness that they deserve.

You’ll also learn how to stop blaming others for truths that belong to you. The third part of the book goes over the benefits of having self-compassion.  You’ll learn how it can make your life better by giving you peace with yourself, helping you to own your truths and freeing you from the negativity you may be saying to yourself.

The slant of this section leans more heavily on your growth as an individual than the previous ones. In the fourth part of the book, you learn about self-compassion when it comes to dealing with others.

You’ll learn how to feel it for people in life. But you’ll also learn how to be kind to yourself in the role of parenting. Finally, the book teaches in the fifth part what happens to you when you practice a life of self-compassion.

This author wants you to learn to realize why it is you do the things that you do and why you react the way that you do. You’ll be able to face what’s true about yourself and accept it with responsibility in a way that lets you find happiness and understanding. Give yourself the gift of this self love book!

#3 – Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World

best self esteem books
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A few years ago, during a commencement speech, Admiral William H. McRaven spoke on a topic that resonated with the students and continued outward, inspiring people of all ages.

During that speech, he talked to the attendees about ten basic principles he lives his life by – principles that were forged in him during his time as a Navy Seal. It’s those principles that you can use to change your own life and make a difference and are outlined in the book “Make Your Bed.”

The first chapter of the book teaches readers to begin the day by completing a task such as making your bed right away. The reason for this item is because finishing something right off the bat acts as a motivation.

You can accomplish one task so it in turn motivates you to accomplish the next. It makes you feel empowered. And that helps you feel successful and will give you a can-do attitude.

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

spend time with friends

Next, the book mentions that it’s best to go through life with someone else working alongside you to accomplish a goal. Whether it’s personal or professional, having someone on your side to help you rise to challenges and overcome obstacles will bolster your strength and determination.

After that chapter, the book moves on to talk about how to look at people. Don’t focus on the outside. What looks good on the outside may not be so great on the inside. The person who looks the strongest physically may be of weak character.

Ignore what you see and instead, focus on how big the other person’s heart is. Someone with a big heart will change the world. Readers will also learn how to handle themselves when life’s not fair.

It’s not what you’re given or not given, but what you do with what you’re capable of that matters. Bad things, hard things, and unfair things happen just because they do. Miring yourself in the belief that life’s not fair to you is self defeating. Thinking that everyone else has it good is a mistaken belief that will keep you stuck and destroy your self-worth.

Accept that sometimes, without rhyme or reason, you’ll have things happen to you that aren’t fair – that you don’t deserve. Keep going anyway. Don’t let it stop you.

Failure Can be Make You Stronger!

ways to boost self esteem

Some people view failure as an end to something.

But the book teaches that failure can actually strengthen you. It can make you tougher. Challenges help you grow and the struggle drives you to push harder. Another principle the book points to is that you need to take a chance – to dare to do what you don’t think you can do.

This may push you outside your comfort zone and be difficult, but it can lead to you being more wildly successful than you imagined. The author also talks about standing up to bullies.

These could be the people who are tearing down your self-worth either personally or in your career. Maybe they’re holding you back or sabotaging your success. These bullies could be a person or a difficult situation. 

Either way, face the bullies in your life. Rising to the occasion is something else the author talks about. Do what it takes to handle whatever it is you’re facing and choose to overcome it.

One thing that resonated with many readers is the principle to give hope to other people. Let others see that all is not lost even when it looks that way. Be an encourager, someone who lifts others up.

Building self-worth in others also builds it in your own life. Finally, the author shares the principle to never quit. Easy and success are not synonymous words. In anything, if you want success and satisfaction, you’ll have to strive for it with effort and you’ll have to keep on going despite problems you may encounter.

This ranks among the top books for self confidence and is a top seller on amazon in books for self esteem.

#4 – The Magic of Thinking Big

best self esteem books
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People who are successful in their personal lives or careers are people who think big. In the book The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, you’ll discover that whatever it is that you want in life, you do have the ability to achieve it.

The power to do what you want is within you. If you look at successful people, you’ll find that they all have something in common. They believed that they could accomplish what they set out to do.

They thought beyond their limitations whatever those may have been. People who have successful lives don’t allow themselves to get bogged down by the things that stop other people.

In one of the chapters of the book, the author covers the topic of making excuses. People who make excuses for why they can’t or won’t do something will always experience failure.

The author refers to excuses as a disease that leads to failure. The book teaches that in order to have what you want in life, you have to want it. It talks about success as a belief.

Those who believe it’s possible and want it badly enough not to quit will succeed – as long as they believe in themselves. You have to lead your life rather than letting life lead you.

You Determine What Your Life Will Be!

Some people make excuses as to why someone else is successful and they aren’t. But the bottom line, according to the author, is that it doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or don’t have.

It doesn’t matter if you had a good childhood or a bad one. A hard life or an easy one. It doesn’t matter if you have a high IQ or not. What matters is what you decide to do. You can decide that you want to be successful.

The book teaches that this decision is crucial because if you don’t believe you can succeed, you won’t. Your subconscious mind will play out your thoughts. If you think you can be successful, you will be.

The book teaches that it’s not enough to simply think big. You have to get into the habit of taking action. Put feet to your dreams. And it doesn’t matter whether those dreams are financial, with your relationships, your job, where you live, your health or whatever.

You have to think bigger and beyond where you are now. One of the core teachings of the book is summed up with this: you have to think big, make the choice that you’re going to have what you want, and then you act on it.

The book covers how to get over fear and be confident. It also touches on what to do when you feel defeated. You’ll also discover how to use goals to create the life you want, why positive thinking and speaking positively matters and why you should surround yourself with people who think big.

#5 – I Heart Me: The Science of Self Love

best self esteem books
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Sometimes people will love their friends, families and even people they don’t really know – yet they don’t practice self-love. In the quest to be noble and humble, many people have forgotten (or never learned) that in order to be able to give from a well of love, you must first have it for yourself.

In the book I Heart Me: The Science of Self Love, the author shows people how to love themselves in a way that’s compassionate, uplifting and powerful. The teaching is done in a way so that the act of self-love is not one of self-focus or selfishness.

This is one of the best books on self love. The book opens by going into the different stages of self-love and explaining them. Beginning with low self-worth, the author talks about the frustration point a person reaches when they get fed up with how they feel.

He goes on to discuss the stage that people need to reach, which is realizing that they are worthy and that self-love can lead to self-worth. Not having self-love can impede your life in your personal relationships – but also in your career.

Everyone is born with the ability to have compassion for themselves, but through experiences, life takes that birth knowledge away. The longing to have that compassion is a natural quest.

What happens is that people begin to look for it in other people rather than in themselves. When they can’t approve of their own self they need someone else to do it. This can lead to people changing who they are at the core, pretending to be someone they’re not in order to fit in to find acceptance.

Be the Authentic Person You Were Meant To Be!

Seeking approval and striving to get people to like you can rob you of who you were meant to be. The book covers how you can boost your self-worth and be the authentic person you were meant to be.

It also details how to find health and happiness by practicing self-love. When you become the person you were meant to be through the practice of self-love, it allows you to be true to who you are and that deepens your ability to relate to other people and form bonds.

The author delves into the history of people and explains where the lack of self-love begins. Not loving yourself is something that can be overcome. You’ll also discover that it’s not about the blame.

A lack of self-love that erodes your self-worth is something tha,t once you acknowledge it, you no longer have to work so hard to be the image you’ve created in your mind.The book touches on how the physical can change the emotional.

It also teaches the concept of visualization. Readers will also discover the connection to self-love and body image as well as shame. Using the principles in the book, you’ll learn how to stop self-criticism and discover how to alter your thoughts to develop lasting compassion and love for yourself.

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