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Best Stress Relief Gifts To Get Immediate Relaxation!

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Who else wants to know the best stress relief gifts to give to women coping with stress?

This is the year that you can forget about the headaches and frustration of gift shopping for the women in your life. You can find truckloads of unusual and ideal gifts online that are perfect for women who have a variety of interests and preferences. But all women appreciate stress reliever gifts that help them relax, unwind, and manage stress.

A quick look online will open a whole new world of shopping for women, but to make your shopping even easier, here are some of the best stress relief gifts you can buy for the women in your life.

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Affordable Stress Relief Gifts for Her

Some simple and affordable stress relief gifts on amazon include a coloring book, an oil diffuser and essential oils set, a sleep mask, or a weighted blanket. A foot massager would also make a perfect gift for stress relief. Other stress relieving gift ideas include lavender shower steamers, a scalp massager, or even an oil painting gift set. Keep reading for more relaxing gifts below.

Home Spa Stress Relief Gift Ideas For Women

best stress relief gifts
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In this busy world of running around 24/7, sooner or later, stress gets the best of us.  It’s nice to unwind and treat the face and body with a delightfully enriching home spa experience.  Doing the pampering and relaxation at home is convenient, personal, and cost-effective.  Also, it’s a wonderful way to regain our power, balance and healthy glow. Home spa gift baskets are available at affordable prices and are made from the best that nature has to offer.

Most women often get carried away with the responsibilities of daily living and forget about engaging in a few minutes of pampering. Self-care is essential for a healthy mind, body and spirit; it’s especially important for women because we tend to put everyone else ahead of ourselves.  Indulge the ladies in your life with this stunningly beautiful home spa gift basket.

You don’t have to be a star for access to effective, soothing formulas and personal care products. The LifeAround2Angles Bath Bombs Gift Set  is for you or for that special woman you have in mind who wants the ultimate home spa experience without breaking the bank. The Edens Garden De-Stress Essential Oils Set is another affordable stress relief gift idea.

best stress relief gifts
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Home Spa gifts can give your special lady, mom, daughter, best friend, employee, or co-worker, a day of sheer relaxation and make her feel pampered.

Is a scented candle a good gift?

best stress relief gifts
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Scented candles make some of the best stress relief gifts because they are an inexpensive solution to self-care. In other words, using relaxing fragrance throughout the home is a simple method that creates a positive, calming atmosphere.

You can select one that makes a humorous, fun, and soothing stress relief gift for mom, this one for a best friend, or this one for a co-worker  or employee.

Something as small as a scented gift candle set can really boost your attitude, self-esteem and overall mood. Being good to yourself is essential, according to psychologists and others who study human behavior.

Our lives are busy, stress is often high, and most of us try hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle we can afford. Tension occurs at all social levels, but trying to get rid of stress is not always so easy. Adding stress-busting fragrance to your home is another intelligent way to make your surroundings more relaxing and comfortable.

The Chesapeake Bay Candle Gift Set makes an excellent stress relievers gift for a host, friend, relative or yourself. It’s affordable, smells divine and is the healthy way to burn candles. Soy wax is superior to the old, tired paraffin wax candles. The fragrance lasts twice as long, and the candle burn is also far extended.

What to gift someone who is stressed?

Gift baskets are ideal stress relief gifts for someone who is stressed.  You can create a stress relief gift basket from scratch or buy one online. Here are some stress relief basket ideas to consider.

Gourmet tea and coffee.

Create a gourmet tea (or coffee) basket combining a hand-picked mug with a favorite flavor or two of coffee or tea. Add in other items as desired, such as honey, sweetener sticks, specialty creamers and marshmallows to suit the gift recipient.  If you are short on time to create one from scratch, this tea tasting tea chest gift box makes a great stress relief gift too!  Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with this tea gift set.

Best stress relief gifts
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Gourmet gift basket.

Combine gourmet cheeses, meats, crackers, mustards, jams, and other ingredients to create your own gourmet gift baskets. Alternatively, save time and send this gourmet food basket to anyone on your gift-giving list.

best stress relief gifts
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Gardening gift basket.

Combine flower seeds, vegetable seeds, and other gardening goodies – like trowels and hand shovels – to create a gardening gift basket for someone who enjoys gardening. Add other goodies as desired, like plant markers, pretty containers, and homemade soil mix.

Best stress relief gifts
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Home movie basket.

Combine a gift card for movie rentals with popcorn and butter spray or seasoning and a box of movie theater style candy to create a gift basket for enjoying movies at home with the family.  A movie night gift basket is a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them, or for your own family night.

best stress relief gifts
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Breakfast gift basket.

Combine pancake or waffle mix with a bottle of real maple syrup and any other gifts that you think would suit a “breakfast in bed” theme such as a relaxing CD or a nice book.  Alternatively, send this high-class breakfast gift basket.

best stress relief gifts
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Muffin basket.

Combine muffin tins with a couple of different store-bought or homemade muffin mixes and some fresh berries or chocolate chips. Include the recipe for each muffin mix. Alternatively, this gourmet muffin and cookie gift basket is loaded with mouthwatering treats.

best stress relief gifts
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Meditation Cushion.

Many women are turning to meditative exercises to sooth the soul and lessen the stress in their lives. If you have a lady on your list who loves the gentle art of meditation, check out the two-piece Zafu and Zabuton set.

best stress relief gifts
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Flower Bouquets & Live Indoor Plants.

Bouquets of flowers are always a good idea, and roses are flowers that are the national symbol of love.  House plants also make great stress reduction gifts because they have the magical quality of making any space feel more relaxing and stress relief giftsThis easy care house plant is a beautiful choice for indoor plant décor and makes an excellent stress relief gift. The fun and stylish money tree plant will add greenery to a home or office and act as a natural air purifier by bringing nature inside.

Green is often described as a refreshing and tranquil color that enhances relaxation. When it comes to gifting fresh flowers and live indoor plants, you have a wide variety to choose from.

Best Stress Relief Gifts Under $10

If you have very little funds, one stress relief gift idea is to get an inexpensive journal – you can find these for less than $10.

Journaling is an excellent stress relief activity and favorite pastime for lots of women, and for good reason. It’s both refreshing and relaxing to be able to freely share your thoughts and make notes about a variety of things that are important to you knowing that only you will see what you’ve written in those pages.

Is a journal a good gift?

best stress relief giftsA journal is a great gift for stress relief and self-care. Why is that?

Because it allows the person recipient to let loose and be free with her thoughts and creativity.

Whenever you need to unload your thoughts or feelings, you can do it with a journal that helps you create your own calm. A journal is one of the best stress relief gifts for someone who could benefit from loosening up a little.

This 12-week guided journal will help you process your thoughts, reframe your thinking and manage your worries before they overcrowd your mind. It’s ideal for stress relief and includes daily journaling pages, self-care ideas, mindfulness matters, fear-setting exercises, and therapy reflections. A daily habit checklist is also included to remind us to do the little things daily that we sometimes forget!best stress relief giftsMindfulness journaling is a great way to reduce stress, improve sleep, and empower yourself to handle to ups and downs of life.  This affordable mindfulness journal makes a great stress relievers gift for a loved one or as treat for yourself.

A gratitude journal is another excellent and affordable stress relief gift for a woman! This faith based gratitude journal helps women achieve happiness and lead a more fulfilling life with 52 weeks of gratefulness.  It’s a great stress relief tool that includes lots of opportunity to color and relax with the many patterns you will find across the journal.

Journaling can help to find clarity when you’re not sure about the direction of your life. It can help you express yourself and find the next path your life should take.

A journal is a wonderful stress relief & self discovery gift many women would treasure.

Can board games relieve stress?

When thinking of ways to relieve stress, playing board games might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But did you know that board games actually make the best stress relief gifts?

Actually, the participation in a board game can help reduce stress by allowing the mind to focus on something else.

best stress relief gamesGames of strategy such as chess, can help get rid of stress by focusing the mind on the challenge of out-thinking your opponent. Board games that engage the thought processes of the mind work best for relieving stress.

Why? Because the thoughts the mind has is what causes the stress in the first place. When you aren’t thinking about the issues that are stressing you out, you let yourself relax and can regroup after the engaging game.

best stress relief gifts

Games of Strategy Make The BEST Stress Relief Games

Games of strategy can include board games where players need to make decisions which will affect their game play. Monopoly and Chinese Checkers  are good for getting rid of stress. These are the types of games help with stress.

best stress relief games
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Connect 4, Sorry, and Jinx are great stress management games for the entire family to enjoy.  If you are looking for fun stress relief gifts, make sure to add them all to your list.

Not only do you need to focus on the choices you will make during these fun stress relief games, but you also need to pay attention to what the other players are doing. This type of board game is also more actively engaging so there is more conversation and more opportunity for relaxing, letting go and having fun.

best stress relief board gamesBoard games where you need to create words or draw pictures in order to score points can also be helpful for reducing stress. Boggle and Scrabble are two great options for stress management word games. The more you actively participate in the game, the better it is for getting rid of stress.

As the game progresses your mind begins to shift gears away from the thoughts which are causing you stress and more toward the activity going on in the game.

If you’re looking for a fun way to relieve stress or are running out of ideas for the best stress relief gifts, be sure to check out some fantastic, stress-busting and fun stress management games.

Nintendo Wii For Stress Relief

Video games consoles are not necessarily created for children and teenagers only. In fact, many adults find that playing certain kinds of video games help them relax and unwind.

Using the Nintendo WII for stress relief is not as far-fetched as you might think. In fact, there are several genres of video games intended for providing stress relief; making a Nintendo Wii and games perfect stress relief products for adults and kids alike.  You won’t even realize that they’re exercising and having fun at the same time.

Puzzle games are one type of video format for the Nintendo WII system that can enhance concentration. Many adults find that playing puzzle and strategy games are great stress busters. These games help the player unwind and forget everyday distractions. For many people, role playing games have the same effect.

Top Stress Relief Gifts to Boost Fitness

Nintendo WII for stress relief may also be achieved with the use of fitness and sports titles. Besides helping the player burn calories and stay in shape, these games relieve stress without having to go to the gym.

Some of the wellness games for fitness come with accessories as well. These video games are often fully customizable to adjust to the player’s skill level. Cardio workouts are noted for stress relief by many medical experts.

Exercise, dance and fitness games for Wii console are great stress relievers, but there are other game genres that are equally relaxing. Games designed for the mind and soul include simulation games such as Endless Ocean.

Fishing simulation games are also created for relaxation and stress relief. Meditation games for Nintendo WII are also designed to enhance inner peace and relaxation. When choosing Nintendo video games for stress relief, it is best to read the description carefully or rent the game first to see if it is suitable.

Playing video games is good for your health; in particular your mental health!

One of these Nintendo Wii games may be perfect for your you. Be sure to pick up some video games for yourself or as stress relief gifts!

Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair – Portable Comfort & Relaxation

Relaxing is easy to do when you have a comfortable chair to do it in. Most chairs are so narrow that you can feel the sides of the chair digging into your hips. They’re so tight that you don’t have any wiggle room at all.

Regular chairs also don’t offer much in way of support for your backside, your back or your legs. But that’s not the case with the Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair.

best stress relief gifts
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This chair is wider than a standard chair in the same class of chairs. This means that you have room to get as comfortable as you’d like to get. The chair is known as the zero gravity chair because of the technology involved in the design.

The chair takes its cue from outer space travel. When astronauts head out to explore outer space, they experience an adventure that holds no gravity for them for the duration of their stay there.

Gravity free means that it takes the pressure off the body and you literally feel weightless. That’s what happens with this chair. The chair introduces you to the same experience that astronauts have with gravity.

Experience complete relaxation and comfort

You’ll end up with comfort unlike anything that you’ve ever had in a seat. You can lay the chair back so that your legs are raised. This is an easy, fluid motion minus the tugging and jerking that you get from other chairs.

Once the chair is relaxed back, this gives you an all over sensation of freedom and comfort. This is because the chair protects your back from the pressure that you’d normally get on your spine from regular chairs.

There is a feature with the Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair that will allow users to adjust how they want the chair to recline. You’ll get more reclining options with this chair.

What this chair also has over other chairs is that it has a headrest. This provides comfort for your head and neck. However, because it’s an adjustable headrest, you can also adjust it so that the headrest gives your lower back support if need be.

The fabric of the chair is durable and easy to wipe clean from spills. It has a strong, coated steel frame that enables the chair to support up to 300 pounds of weight. The chair folds quickly when not in use and is easy to take with you.

So it’s the perfect addition for a trip to the pool or beach or for taking along on a camping trip. But these chairs also make great deck chairs for sitting outside your home to relax in. They can also be used inside the home.

Best Gifts For Relaxation – The Vivere Double Hammocks

Hammocks are the ultimate gifts for relaxing. You don’t have to have two trees outside in order to enjoy the comfort of a hammock.

Because it has a space-saving steel stand, you can place the Vivere Double Hammock anywhere that you’d like it to go. It can stand indoor or outside.

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock
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It’s a double hammock, which makes it perfect for couples who want to relax together. It’s also ideal for a couple of kids who want to stretch out and read. The fabric that makes up the hammock is offered to you in two choices.

You can either get it in cotton or Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric means that the material is resistant to the wear and tear that can be caused by weather.

The material is stain resistant, so if someone accidentally spills a drink on it, you can just wipe it clean with a little soap.

Most people think of Sunbrella fabric as comparable to cotton. If you choose to go with the cotton fabric, you’ll also experience a lot of relaxing comfort with this hammock. But cotton will last longer if you don’t leave it out in inclement weather.

The stand for the hammock is 9 feet tall so that you get plenty of height from this support structure. But a great feature is that the height of the hammock is adjustable. So you can put it closer to the ground if you like.

Because it’s a steel stand, it’s made for durability and support. The steel bars can be put together easily without any tools when your hammock arrives after shipping.

It has a high weight limit and can easily hold up to 450 pounds of weight. Because it’s so long, it can also easily hold someone who’s over 6 feet tall.

Big enough for two people, but still lightweight

Though the hammock is wide and can easily support two people, it’s also considered lightweight at only 35 pounds.

This light weight makes it easy to switch locations of the hammock. You can go from watching the sunrise or sunset to relaxing inside your home in the air conditioning within just minutes.

As a safety measure, there are plastic caps fitted on the ends. This means there won’t be any sharp edges for you to deal with. Because the hammock is so lightweight, it’s perfect for you to take with you when you’re traveling.

So if you want to head to the beach or take a trip to the lake, you can slip the hammock into the carrying case that comes as part of the purchase.

It makes a great way to relax on a camping trip and because it folds up into such a small package, it doesn’t take up much room at all.

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    @hchybinski, playing games is one of the most stress relieving things you can do as a group. Think family night, think friends over on the weekend for dinner, a movie and some board games! Endless fun! Stress be gone! 🙂

    @Georgiana, thanks for the comment. Spot it is a ton of fun for kids AND grown-ups alike. Why let the kids have all the fun. Join them for a round of SPOT IT and watch your stress melt away! I promise!

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