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Want to Escape the 9 to 5 Grind? Read This!

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Ready to escape the 9 to 5 life? What’s stopping you from just walking out of your job and leaving the rat race to start your own business today? It’s likely to be one of two things: common sense or Integrity. Both are very valuable commodities.

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Common Sense and Integrity

Common sense says that you will most likely have commitments, obligations, and responsibilities that show up monthly, weekly, and even daily. It would not be smart to risk any of those commitments with any brash, cavalier action. It could cost you dearly both in the immediate future and long term.

Also, you would put both yourself and your new business under immense pressure if you were under the gun right off the starting blocks.

It’s significantly better to have the support of your family, your bank, and countless other individuals and institutions when you are starting a new venture. That’s the best way to escape the 9 to 5 AND achieve long-term success.

Integrity takes a long time to earn, including the integrity you have earned at your current place of work, both with your employers and with your work colleagues. These could well be some very useful and influential contacts a little further down the road.

It’s unwise and unhelpful to put your integrity in jeopardy when it’s absolutely unnecessary.

So, instead of just pulling the plug on your paid job, it’s important to plan your escape from your current career path with both common sense and integrity in mind.

Preparing for Your Business To Escape the 9 to 5 Lifestyle

It makes good sense to do plenty of research on your new business and get all your questions answered before you make any decisions on anything.

Challenge yourself to come up with a plan to replace your 9-5 in 21 days.  Within the next 21 days you can have a basic exit plan in place for escaping the 9 to 5 grind.

Consider the ideas below.

Get an insider’s opinion.

running a work at home online business.If you could get an insiders’ view of that business, it would serve you well. Standing on the outside looking in is a lot different from being on the inside looking out. It could save you a lot of time and money.

Find someone who has already walked the path you intend to tread and ask them a few crucial questions.

  • “If you were doing this all over again, what would you do differently?”
  • “What’s your work week like?”
  • “What’s the biggest downside to life as a digital nomad?”

Their answer will probably be the most valuable conversation you could possibly have for your new business.

How will you generate a profit?

starting a profitable home businessIt’s important to figure out, to the best of your ability, how to make a living without a job, the easiest and most effective way of generating a profit from your new business.

How will you scale up?

Determine what you need to have in place to scale it to handle ever larger volumes of customers. Customers are the key, because they are the people who will provide your profits.

How much time do you need to get the business started?

Determine how much time you have available to get your business off the ground. Naturally, the more effort and energy you put in the quicker everything will go. What about an effective marketing plan?

How long will it take for your business to generate some meaningful profit? Make a reasonable estimate based on the information collected.

Once you’ve determined these aspects, it should be possible to calculate with some reasonable level of certainty what needs to be done in order for you to create a timeline for escaping from your current employment.

A Wise Way to Start Your Business & Break-Free from the 9 to 5 system

So, now you can quit your job, right? Hold on! You’re not ready to escape the 9-5 just yet, but you’re almost there!

Many smart people get their business into the marketplace by working part-time from home while they keep their regular job intact. It’s all part of a smart escape plan.

Even if it takes 9 months or a year, or even a couple of years, to get it working efficiently and effectively, it’s got to be worth it, right?

Remember to factor in some wiggle room for the unexpected, some down time, and even some holidays.

Talk to people who have already made this kind of transition to get a clearer idea on what is reasonable and doable for someone in your situation.

Leaving the Corporate 9 to 5 – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Remember, your new business should have no requirement for you to work 40, 50, or 60 hours a week. Your intent is to move on up in terms of profit and income potential and move down in terms of time needed to create it.

Seriously consider working smarter, not harder. If hard work was any guarantee of success, most people would already be wealthy.

make a plan to escape the 9 to 5It’s not about working hard. Your success will come from having a plan, an effective strategy, and the discipline and enthusiasm to follow through on it.

Once you’re confident that you have a profitable business plan, and you’re working part-time on your business and showing some profits, that’s the time for you to work out a sensible plan to quit your job.

Yes, it all takes patience. But remember: “All things in their season.” Soon, you’ll be looking back at the job you once had and looking forward to greater profits in your own business.

5 Essential Elements for Running a Successful Home Business

Running your own home-based business is not for everyone, but most people at some point in their life have given the idea some consideration.

It provides many things that a regular job cannot, and if you run the business alongside your regular job, you can have the best of both worlds.

The biggest challenge in running your own business is not in the actual running of it. Where most people struggle is in choosing what kind of business to run!

With that being said, there are still important aspects of any business that need to be dealt with effectively in order for your business to become successful.

Take care of these things to help create the success you want for your business:

Enjoy what you do.

escape the 9-5If you find yourself NOT enjoying what you do, find out what it is you don’t enjoy and either fix it, forget it, change it, or get someone else to do it.

If you don’t enjoy what you do, it’s just a matter of time before you quit.

This is not like a job where someone is telling you what to do and how to do it. ALL the choices are yours when you run your own business. Choose a different strategy, make a decision, take action, and move on.

Keep your overhead costs low.

Working from home is hard to beat in terms of low overhead. No rent to pay, no commute, no staff either. The lower your overhead the quicker you get into profit.

Charge the maximum amount the market will accept.

The best time to increase your rate/prices is when you’re doing well. To keep loyal customers, have a modest increase each year for existing clients. Every other business does it. Taxes go up. Food goes up. Gasoline goes up, and so should your rates/prices.

Make the increase at the same time each year. Tell them ahead of time to expect it.

Always charge NEW clients/customers higher rates from the start. Charge the maximum you can. If you’re providing outstanding service, nobody will mind paying for it.

Be efficient with your time.

escape the 9 to 5Always be looking to increase your efficiency. If you can increase your efficiency, your profits will increase. It’s easy to waste time when you work from home, and time IS money when you run a home-based business. How much?

Divide your weekly profits by the number of hours worked to find out your hourly rate. If your profits for the week are $250 and you serviced 10 clients, you are worth $25 an hour.

Or, if your average fee per client is $25: If it takes on average one hour to service each client, you are worth $25 per hour.

If a client keeps you talking for 30 minutes after the appointment is over, that chat has cost you about $12.50.You would be no worse off if you had charged half price and left on time.

Be both persistent and consistent.

Whatever you do, always be consistent and persistent.

For example, if you generally call clients ahead of time to check that they are ready, always call.

If you take 30 minutes between appointments for lunch on the run, always take 30 minutes.

If you tell clients that bookings run from Wed to Saturday, always book on those days. Be consistent. Don’t allow clients to encroach on your free time.

ALWAYS be persistent. If you follow up with anyone for anything, like a bank, clients, suppliers, IRS office, or whatever, be PERSISTENT. Keep at it until it is resolved to your satisfaction. Don’t let things slide. They have a habit of accumulating.                        

Bottom line is:

  • the tighter you run the business,
  • the better service you’ll provide,
  • the more satisfied clients you’ll attract,
  • the more profit you’ll make,
  • and the more fun and free time you’ll have.

Plus, you’ll enjoy more satisfaction and fulfilment.

Full time Job PLUS a Side Business?

If you’re running your business alongside your regular job, it’s important to create and maintain a routine to ensure that your business doesn’t interfere with your job and vice-versa.

The business doesn’t have to be huge to become meaningful. If you could make a modest $250 a week profit, working part-time from home, that would be an extra $1000 a month into the family budget.

Would that make a difference for you and your family? Of course!

It’s not always the case, but oftentimes you can grow a small, home-based business to eventually allow you to quit your full-time job. If that is something that might interest you over time, it will benefit you to begin with the end in mind.

What’s most important is not to get everything right, but to get started. You can adjust and adapt as you go, but most important of all is just to GET GOING. You’ll be glad you did!

What Women Need to Know About Starting a Business


escape the 9 to 5Starting a business can be an exciting, yet challenging, journey. People start businesses for different reasons – to solve challenges, to challenge themselves, or to build financial freedom.

The number of new women-owned businesses is growing twice as fast as their male counterparts, according to Kauffman Foundation. But what challenges do women face when starting a business?

In short: a big part of the challenges that women face is themselves.

How optimistic Are You?

Studies by the US Small Business Administration show that 21% of women are less optimistic when it comes to sales growth and business performance. Similar studies have found that women in business doubt their decisions more often and are more likely to criticize themselves.

Women are also less likely to ask for financing over the lifespan of their business. And when they do ask for business financing, they ask for about $35,000 less than men.

Yet research also shows that women entrepreneurs in the US rank their happiness three times higher than women who are not business owners.

So female entrepreneurs are more likely to doubt their own decisions in business – but the women who do enter business are more likely to be 3 times happier.

Are you thinking about starting a business? Here’s what you need to know!

Trust your intuition.

trust your intuitionAs we have established, women are more likely to doubt themselves. Learn to move past your self-doubt and trust your intuition.

Accept that self-doubt and self-criticism are natural reactions when starting a business.

  • Why are you doubting yourself?
  • What stories are you telling yourself that lead to these doubts?
  • Are those stories facts or feelings?

Strengthen your money mindset.

make a plan to escape the 9 to 5Women have a harder time asking for money than men. To reach your fullest potential as a female business owner, strengthen your relationship with money.

  • What stories do you tell yourself about money?
  • Do you have trouble receiving money, asking for money, or raising your prices? Why?
  • How do you feel about investing in your business?
  • What feelings do you have about paying yourself from your business regularly?

Find a support network.

find a support network onlineJust because you are starting a business does not mean that you have to push forward alone. When starting a business, there will be bridges you have to cross and moments you will want to celebrate.

  • Join or start your own mastermind.
  • Become an active member of a business community.
  • Ask a fellow female entrepreneur out for coffee.
  • Attend business conferences or events.

Be persistent.

Unexpected issues and challenges will be thrown your way as you start a business.

Be ready to show up even through difficult times and tough challenges. If you find yourself wanting to give up, there is an underlying reason at the root of that. Learn how to show up even when you want to quit.

Challenge yourself not to take “no” for an answer.

Features tell, benefits sell.

One of the most important lessons in business is understanding that people buy benefits, not products.

  • How will your business impact someone else’s life?
  • What value do others receive as a result of your business?
  • What transformation will your product or service bring into someone’s life?

Starting a business can be a fulfilling process where you challenge your current beliefs and grow. What’s most important is to not let self-doubt or self-criticism get in the way of getting started.

You don’t have to start a million-dollar business overnight. Start with a commitment to show up each day. That’s how you can escape the 9-5 life for good!

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