Finding Inner Peace

Finding Inner Peace When life Knocks You Down

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Creating and finding inner peace is a choice. Each day, we’re faced with the choice to create peace or create stress. This can be a challenging task on a good day. On a bad day, it feels impossible.

The constant ups and downs in life are a given. They’re largely uncontrollable. But you can control your response to them. You can learn to feel peaceful in challenging times.

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Essential Steps for Finding Inner Peace 

  1. Give yourself the advice you would give a friend. It’s difficult to make decisions when you’re emotionally compromised. But the path forward is more obvious to you if someone else is struggling. Imagine that your friend has the same challenge you’re facing. What advice would you give them?

  2. Ask yourself what you’re learning from this experience. Are you learning the importance of saving your money? Perhaps you are learning not to overextend yourself? Are you learning how to deal with the death of a loved one?

Every hardship provides a lesson. Determine what you can learn from the experience.

  1. journaling for stress reliefWrite in a journal. Let your emotions flow out onto paper. There’s something cathartic about writing. It feels like the emotion is leaving your body and taking residence in a new location.

After unloading your negative emotions, use your journal to make a list of possible solutions to your dilemma. What resources do you have available? Whom can you contact for help or support?

  1. What are you afraid of? If you’re feeling out of sorts, you’re afraid of something. What is it? Defining your fear will make it a little less scary. Ask yourself what is the worst thing likely to happen.

  2. Finding Inner PeacePractice mindfulness. We make our challenges more challenging by continuously churning through them. You think about your issue while you’re in the shower, driving to work, eating lunch, talking with friends, or watching TV. You never get a break.

Mindfulness is simply paying attention to your environment and the task at hand. If you’re eating dinner, your mind should be on eating, not thinking about your difficulties. It’s challenging to control your thoughts, but the peace you experience can’t be beat.

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More Steps To Find Inner Peace and Thrive!

Finding Inner Peace

  1. Tame your mind first. It’s a common mistake. You focus on solving your challenge first. Then you believe you’ll feel better. This is logical, but slow and challenging. Get your mind under control, and then your problem is easier to solve. You’ll also feel better more quickly. Quiet your mental noise first and then search for solutions.

  2. Remember all of your previous issues that turned out okay. Think about the challenges you’ve faced in the past. You survived and moved on. You’ll get over this, too. Believe that everything will work out for the best.
  • What was the worst thing that happened to you during your elementary school years?
  • High school?
  • Early 20’s?
  1. Look for the helpers. Whether there’s a fire, an earthquake, or a homeless family, there’s always someone helping. There are people available to help you, too. Look for the helpers and you’ll find them.

Feeling stressed is a typical response when life takes an unexpected turn. Our responses to hardship are habitual. Habits can be altered or broken. New habits can be created.

Avoid the belief that your negative feelings are happening to you like bad weather. You can choose your focus and manage your thoughts. Find peace first and then solve your challenge.

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Letting go of things beyond your control gives you Inner peace

Finding Inner Peace

Use this reflection and affirmation to find inner peace during the storms in your life!

My mission in life is to live with as much peace and contentment as possible. I am able to achieve that by being consistent with my choices. I focus on those things that I have some control over and let go of the rest.

The course of my life journey is dependent on my choices. But I am aware that things sometimes happen to alter the course that I choose to take.

Keeping myself mindful of this allows me to be accepting of how things unfold. Although I have my plans in place, I am open to making adjustments from time to time. This approach allows me to proceed without feeling burdened by the unexpected.

When my relationships change, I avoid feeling down by the new dynamic. I accept that each person who I cross paths with is meant to be in my life for a certain time.

I make the most of my time with others and do my part to ensure that our interactions are positive. At the end of each day, I am able to live with myself because of my commitment to living well with others.

As opportunities arise for me, I avoid questioning them. Acceptance leads to openness to newness and then on to great new adventures.

Today, my peace is deep-rooted because I commit to only concerning myself with things that I can control. It is wonderful to have a clear mind and a relaxed spirit, so I am able to enjoy my experiences as they come.

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Calming Strategies That Work

Finding inner peace in the modern world is a significant challenge. Everything about modern society feels like an obstacle to experiencing peace of mind. But there are ways to find and maintain inner peace. Inner peace is a choice, and many of your habits determine how much peace you experience in your daily life.

How to find Inner Peace and Happiness within Yourself

  1. Focus your attention on those things you can control. Why worry about those things you can’t control? It sours your mood and makes you less capable.

Literally ask yourself, “Is this something I can control? Will worrying be beneficial in any way?”

  1. walking for stress reliefSpend time in nature. The original humans didn’t live in a 3-bedroom ranch and eat microwave popcorn. Take a long walk in the park, start a garden, or spend a weekend camping. You’ll feel dramatically different compared to sitting in a building 24 hours every day. There’s something peaceful about spending time among the birds and the trees.

  2. Be true to yourself. Few things are more disconcerting than living a life you weren’t meant to live. It continuously gnaws away at you. Live a life that’s congruent with your values.

It’s too easy to allow society dictate your choices. You don’t have to spend your life on a career that’s impressive to others. You don’t have to chase after a fancy house.

Make your own decisions about what’s most important to you

  1. food for stress reliefEat nutritiously. You might not realize how bad you feel because you’re so used to it. Try eating the way you know you should for just a week. Note the change in how you feel.

Now try eating some junk food and see what happens to your mood and your overall sense of well-being. You’ll feel like you’ve been run over by truck.

  1. Exercise regularly. Have you ever noticed how great you feel as you’re walking out of the gym? Exercise feels good, and you feel good about yourself for doing it.

  2. Volunteer to relieve stressDo something nice for someone else. This is a great way to take your focus off of yourself. You become more aware that others are struggling, too. When you are kind, you receive kindness in return. You’ll also feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when you help someone else.

  3. Be assertive. Be open and forward with your needs and desires. You’re not only more likely to get what you want, but you’ll also feel more in control of your life. Being passive results in having less control, which runs counter to inner peace. Be bold without being aggressive.

  4. Finding Inner PeaceMeditation is calming. It also helps to see life and its challenges more accurately. Things are often better than they seem. Meditation can prevent your mind from making a situation seem worse than it really is.

  5. Avoid trying to change others. You’ll have as much success trying to change the weather. It’s hard enough to change yourself. How will you ever manage to change someone else?

Taking Care of Yourself Makes Finding Inner Peace Easier!

It’s important to take care of yourself mentally and physically. Eat properly, exercise, and be true to yourself. Be assertive and take control of your life.

All the accomplishments in the world can’t replace inner peace. Avoid chasing after those things that society has determined to be important. Decide for yourself and live the life you were meant to live.

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