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Fun Stress Relief Activities to Infuse More Joy into Your Daily Life

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Playtime isn’t just for children. Having fun is essential to your health and wellbeing at any age. That’s where fun stress relief activities come in.

When you’re enjoying yourself, you’re also reducing stress, increasing your energy levels, building stronger relationships, and promoting learning.

Be proud of your decision to goof off on a regular basis. Take a look at these fun stress relieving activities and ideas to help you bring more recreation into each day.

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Change Your Perspective

fun stress relief activities

  1. Prioritize fun activities to relieve stress. Do you put off taking a break because you think you have too many responsibilities? Studies show that frequent breaks actually help you to accomplish more.

  2. Enjoy small pleasures. Having fun doesn’t have to consume a lot of time or money. Watching cartoons with your kids or walking through a puddle can brighten your day without using up your savings or vacation days.

  3. Look on the bright side. Maybe housework and boring meetings make it difficult for you to smile. Try to find a positive aspect to any situation. Do lunges while you vacuum and sit next to a colleague who makes you laugh.

  4. Be spontaneous. Advance planning is optional. Sometimes it’s more amusing to surprise yourself.

  5. Lighten up. If you’re concerned about looking mature and professional, keep in mind that others may like you more if you’re brave enough to show a little vulnerability. It may even help them to feel free to do the same.

Fill Your Day With Fun Activities to Manage Stress

fun stress relief activities

  1. Listen to music. Your favorite songs can put you in a sunny mood. Cue up some ukulele music or the soundtrack from a funny movie.

  2. Use your imagination. Indulge your creativity. Paint a picture,  make a fairy garden, or conduct safe science experiments in your kitchen. 

  3. Play games. Whether you prefer video games or board games, testing your skills can have important cognitive benefits. You may be increasing your hand-to-eye coordination, learning to solve problems, and boosting your memory.

  4. Move around. Active fun burns calories while you’re enjoying yourself. Dance at home or join a softball league at work. Exercise and stress management go hand in hand.

  5. Plan an outing. Make your weekends and vacation days more refreshing. Research interesting destinations to visit like strange museums and obscure monuments. Drink coffee at a cat cafe or sample carrot cupcakes. Make a bucket list of places you would like to visit. Include local places where you can sing karaoke, rent a kayak, or play miniature golf.

  6. Have a laugh. Humor is healing. Tell your family amusing stories about what happened at work. Read a comic book or remember a time when you did something silly.

  7. Revisit your childhood. If you’re trying to come up with more ideas for having fun, explore your distant past. Think about what you liked to do as a child. You may find that climbing trees or baking cookies with your mother is still delightful.

  8. Share the fun. Double your fun by sharing it with a friend or family member. Positive experiences and fond memories will draw you closer together.

Get Serious About Adding More Fun To You Life

fun things to do

Be serious about enjoying fun stress relief activities. Taking time out to play enriches your life and increases your productivity. Treat yourself to a fabulous time at least once a day.

Try collecting toys. Surround yourself with objects that remind you to fool around. Keep windup figures on your desk at work and stuffed animals on your bed at home.

You can also browse online fun and relaxation. Your computer isn’t just for word processing and spreadsheets. Bookmark websites that make you feel more light-hearted. Maybe YouTube videos of kittens and puppies or interviews with actors and musicians are your idea of entertainment.

Put Some Fun Activities For Stress Relief Back Into Your Life

You probably don’t have as much fun as you’d like. This is a common complaint among adults. If you feel like you’ve been missing out, you’re in the right place. There’s no reason that you can’t enjoy a little fun on a regular basis.

Even if you have a full-time job, a spouse, and kids, you can find ways to have fun. All you have to do is make it a priority and plan some fun activities into you schedule.

Keep these ideas in mind and add some fun stress relief activities to your day:

Schedule Time for Fun Ways To Relieve Stress

Most people aren’t going to consistently have fun unless it’s planned into their schedule. If you decide to have fun whenever you have free time, it’s never going to happen.

If having fun is a priority, you’ll make the time for it. Take a look at your schedule and decide right now when you’re going to have fun.

Avoid taking life too seriously.

In a society that values achievement, it’s easy to take life too seriously. We don’t like to spend our time frivolously. If you want to enjoy yourself, you’re going to have to lighten up a little bit. There’s a time to work, and there’s a time to play. Both require your full attention.

Do some stress relieving activity  you’ve always wanted to do.

There have been many times you’ve thought to yourself, “That looks cool. I have to try that.” It might be surfing, playing the harmonica, or riding a mechanical bull. What fun stress relief activity have you always wanted to do? Now is the time to make it happen.

Spend time with others.

fun stress relief activities

It’s not that you can’t have fun by yourself, but it’s easier to have fun with others. Even better, you have someone you can recall that experience with years later. “Remember that time we….”

Have stress reducing activities to look forward to.

 Life is more fun if you have something on the horizon that you can look forward to. It could be a date on Saturday night, a trip to the city for the weekend, a vacation, a book you just purchased online but are waiting for it to arrive, or plans to see an old friend.

Think back to a time you had big plans for the weekend. It made your week more enjoyable. The anticipation alone can be fun.

Give yourself at least one fun stress relief activity each week you can look forward to. Notice how it changes your mood for the better.

Eliminate things you don’t enjoy.

learn how to Say no to reduce stress

The things in your life that make you unhappy detract from your ability to enjoy yourself. It’s easier to have fun if you can remove these unenjoyable things from your life. This includes people, too.

You can’t get rid of everything and everyone you don’t like, but you can eliminate some of the unenjoyable things. Eliminating the things that stand in the way of having fun makes more room for fun people and activities.

Care less about what others think.

One of the greatest detractors of having fun and feeling joy is being too concerned about the opinions of others. This is easy to say but challenging to accomplish. However, if you care less about what others think, you’ll enjoy your life more.

When was the last time you had fun? Probably not recently, but now you know how to change that!

There are plenty fun stress relief activities that don’t require elaborate plans or spending a lot of money. Grab a friend or family member and go do something new.

Make a few memories and have a few laughs. You can have fun when you’re willing to make time for it.

How to Infuse Fun Stress Relief Activities into Your Day

Whether you’re busy or bored, it’s always important to make time for yourself. If you take the steps to include even a little bit of fun into each day, you’ll find yourself leading a much happier life overall.

Be spontaneous or plan out your fun – there are no rules here! It may help to sit down and make a list of all your new ideas on how to bring on the fun.

Add these ideas to your “fun” list

fun stress relief activities

  1. Pets can help to reduce stress and are a great source of relaxation and play. What kind of pet would bring you the most fun? If you already have a pet, think about activities you can do together, such as dog shows, expos, and so on.

Pets are known to be natural stress reducers. This is why dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, and lead longer lives!

  1. Laughing is always fun and there are many things you can add to your list when it comes to comedy. You can watch short video clips online, rent a funny movie, or go to the local comedy club.

One thing I enjoy doing is watching reruns of Golden Girls! Nothing does more for my mental health that spending 30 minutes with Sophia! LoL.

  1. Have you always wanted to try a new hobby? Sign up for a class to get you started. Or just buy what you need and get started on your own! You can learn as you go!
  2. Having a good time can also involve your friends and family. Start up a weekly game night, go bowling, spend a night on the town, or get active at your local community center. It’s important to mix it up and keep things fresh.
  3. The Long Way. Take the time to do an activity the way it was originally meant to be.

For example, instead of driving somewhere close by, walk or ride your bike. Instead of buying a ready-made pizza crust, learn how to make your own pizza dough. The fun is in the doing!

Try Something New

fun stress relief activities

Even if your list already contains new things to try, you’ll want to avoid falling into a routine. Enjoyable activities can turn dull if you slip into a predictable pattern.

Variety might come in the form of completely new activities or you can alternate similar activities that you already enjoy.

You may want to change the sport you play on Friday night or play a different board game Saturday night.

Or you may want to try a completely new adventure. If you like a good thrill, be sure to add exciting activities to your list. You might be in the mood to go rock climbing!

If you prefer to stay low key, you may want to stick to relaxing activities.

The Power of Five Extra Minutes

time management for stress

People often use the excuse that they don’t have enough time for fun stress relief activities. Remember that if you’re busy, you can always take a break!

Even if you only have five minutes, you can still use this time to put a smile on your face. You can always find time for a little fun.

Try these ideas for infusing some quick fun into your day:

  • Plan your next day trip or evening activity.
  • Go online and read an entry from your favorite blog or joke website.
  • Have a mini deep breathing session to gain relaxation.
  • Grab an easy level Sudoku puzzle or other mind-boosting games.
  • Write a quick note or e-mail to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ideas on how to infuse fun stress relief activities into your day.

If you stay creative and keep adding ideas to your list, you’ll always have something to do. Remember: life is too short to skip out on the fun!

Try this Reflection

Fun stress relief activities bring balance to my life.

In the midst of the challenges of life, I make time to enjoy what is in front of me. Spending time doing entertaining things adds great balance to my life.

During a grueling week of work, I commit to taking some time for myself. Each day is manageable because I make time for a hobby I enjoy. Escaping reality to do something relaxing is enjoyable for me.

When I emerge from a hobby break, my tensions are eased. My mind is ready for another round of challenging activities because I give it rest.

Spending time with friends is a great way to unwind. Although focusing on my responsibilities is important, I avoid neglecting social activities. Being around others with like minds allows for shared expressions and unforced interaction.

I enjoy going to amusement parks because they allow me to get fresh air, tap into my inner child and feel like a child again. Being carefree takes my mind off the seriousness of life.

Having fun allows me to sleep well at night. Doing enjoyable and exciting things makes me laugh and relaxes my mood. It helps me enjoy the present moment and manage stress.

Today, I commit to incorporating fun stress relief activities into each day.

My life is enriched when I open myself up to various experiences. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy the lighter side of life because it adds balance to my existence.

Self-Reflection Questions for Stress Relieving Activities

  1. What are some fun stress relief activities that I enjoy?
  2. How do I balance solo entertainment with sharing fun times with friends?
  3. What are some of the triggers that tell me it is time to take a break and let loose?
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