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Stress Relieving Gardening Tips for Beginners

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Who else wants stress relieving gardening tips, tools, and techniques for beginners?

John Burroughs, a writer and naturalist from America, once said, “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more.”

Since ancient times, gardening has been known as a natural stress reliever. Today, healthcare providers consistently recommend gardening activities to patients struggling with issues that are negatively affecting all aspects of their lives.

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The activity itself, plus enjoying the peace, beauty and bounty of gardening can lower stress levels. But that’s not all. It can also promote health and wellness in your life. Even if you don’t have a huge garden space in your backyard, gardening activities are readily available for you.

New and innovative techniques and gardening tips for beginners have made it possible for anyone who lives anywhere to enjoy the beauty, peace and wellness that gardening can provide. You’re about to discover the most popular techniques in today’s gardening world: hydroponic, container, tower, raised bed and bottle gardening.

By the time you reach the end of this guide packed with gardening tips for beginners, you’ll be anxious to start on one or all of these stress-relieving – and fun – techniques.

Hydroponic Gardening – A Year-Round, Relaxing Hobby

gardening tips for beginners
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Eager to get into gardening, but lack an outdoor space to grow anything significant? Hydroponic gardening may be an option you want to pursue. If you’ve ever stuck a cutting from a plant in a glass of water to root, you’ve practiced the art of hydroponic gardening.

It’s a hobby that can provide you with many hours of relaxing, stress-free activities – plus, provide you with beautiful, healthy food for the table. It’s a soilless method that uses enriched water to produce healthy plants.

The name, “hydroponic,” means “working water” . You can achieve many benefits with hydroponic gardening which can’t be accomplished by normal gardening with soil. You’ll get faster growth, more yields to the plantings and use less water to hydrate the plants than soil.

Although you won’t have to get your hands dirty, you’ll have the mind-soothing benefits of planning your garden.  Setting up the hydroponic growing area, tending and growing the plants can be very soothing and relaxing.

Start With a Hydroponic Kit

gardening tips for beginners
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Hydroponic kits are available at most garden outlets or home improvement stores (or online). There are also instructions available so you can make your own. Choose the system according to the amount of space you can devote.

If the room you choose is small, keep the door or window open for the correct amount of air as plants breathe in all of the CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the room. A fan works perfectly, but make sure it blows away from the plants.

Light may be hard to come by for hours at a time in an indoor area, so you’ll need supplemental lighting. Indoor grow lights are available in all sizes and shapes and easy to come by.

Humidity is very important for your hydroponic garden. If you don’t have the proper amount, it can ruin your gardening efforts. You’ll want to keep the air-conditioning in the area of the garden at between 72 and 76 degrees or purchase a small A/C window unit for the room.

Create a Relaxing Space

Now that you’re equipped and ready to grow, it’s time to create a relaxing space for yourself – so you can enjoy your efforts. Create a space for yourself by choosing a comfy chair to observe and even talk to your plants as you would a counselor.

Scientific studies have proven that plants that are spoken to thrive more than plants left in a silent environment. They’re not quite sure why yet, but it might help alleviate your stress knowing that using them as a sounding board is helping them grow!

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Train them on trellises and use a magnifying glass to search for and destroy bugs, which may be detrimental to the health and growth of the plants. Enjoy a good book while resting in your growing room or relax with some soft music. The plants will love it and you’ll find amazing stress relief.

Container Gardening Tips For Beginners – Little Effort with Big Results

gardening tips for beginners

Connecting with the earth is an important part of staying calm, cool and stress-free. If you live in a bubble of life containing stressful thoughts and activities, you’ll miss the natural rhythms that can ultimately keep your stress levels down.

Gardening is one way to connect with the earth. You may not have acreage for a farm or even a plot for a high-yield vegetable garden. That’s OK. All you need is a patio or sunny spot in your home for container gardening.

Digging, pruning and realizing the bounty of what you’ve done – whether for beauty or food – can be a great outlet for tension and frustration that’s built up over time in your body and mind.

Gardening Helps You Focus on what’s Most Important in Life

By tending your container garden and watching it grow, you’ll be struck by what is important in your life – love, water, space and warmth. It’s easy to forget those things as you muddle through life’s busy schedules.

gardening tips for beginnersBringing them back to the forefront of your life helps you focus on what’s real and important. Container gardening is a good way for you to begin your gardening journey small. Once you master than, you can work up to a plot in the yard or more spacious containers for your plants.

Plant what makes you happy – flowers or fragrant herbs are good beginnings to any garden space. Besides the physical activity that gardening provides, you’ll gain flexibility and your lungs and heart will become stronger.

Gardening Can Help you Control Weight Gain

Weight control is an added benefit. You’re more likely to eat what you grow and the fresh taste will make you want to eat healthier. Studies indicate that a regular type of physical activity can lessen your chances of premature death. Exercise can also keep you from developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression and high blood pressure.

Gardening provides a path for you to get physical activity in your life in a meaningful and joyful way. If you’ve never gardened before, container gardening is a good place to begin.

Start small, with a few pots and some easy plants to grow. Flowers can make you feel happy and add beauty to your space. Herbs and vegetables bring heavenly scents into your life and add color and creativeness to meals.

You Don’t Have To Be a Perfect Green Thumb

Don’t worry about being a perfectionist. Just begin and then sit back and enjoy what you’ve created. A patio space, balcony or porch makes wonderful areas for a container garden.

decorative gardening pots
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Then, choose your containers from pots you already have or purchase some special, decorative pots for your garden. You can find tons of information online and in “container gardening” books.

Whether you start from seeds or seedlings, you’ll likely find more plants than you even have space for. You may want to create a space just for you among your overflowing containers.

A small water feature can add much to the ambiance of calmness. The sound is soothing. Take breaks throughout the day or evening and enjoy the space you’ve brought to life.

Gardening Tips for Beginners – Try Tower Gardening for Small Spaces

gardening tips for beginners
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If you want to try gardening as a way to relieve stress and enjoy the beauty and bounty that a garden brings to your life, but feel you don’t have the space – consider tower gardening.

Tower gardening has become the trend in gardening. As our lives become more and more confined to smaller spaces, gardening may seem to be out of reach, but with tower gardening, you can enjoy all the aspects of gardening – without a ton of space.

No Space? Little Time? No Skills? No Problem!

vertical gardening stackable pot
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This type of gardening is one answer to the “lack of space” problem. Your plants are set to grow in a vertical, rather than horizontal, space and it works beautifully. With tower gardening, you still get the benefits of relaxation and freedom from stress – plus the beauty and harvest that a garden provides.

Tower gardening is also for those of us who lack the “green thumb” – or the time necessary to tend to a sizeable garden plot. A simple way to explain tower gardening is that it’s an aeroponic/hydroponic, vertical method of growing plants.

All you need is a sunny place on a rooftop, balcony or patio. The “tower of plants” rise to about five feet tall and about 2 ½ feet wide – and you can grow as many as twenty plants at once.

The possibilities are Endless!

Tomatoe gardeining tips for beginners
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Herbs, flowers, melons, tomatoes, peas and other veggies can be grown fresh and without chemicals for your dining enjoyment. You don’t have to lug bags of soil because a tower garden is grown without it.

It’s a completely water-based system. Nutrients in the water and air are all you need to feed and nourish the plants. If you have trouble kneeling and bending, you’ll be happy to know that tower gardening doesn’t require it.

Information about tower gardening can be found online or in books. Your local gardening store can also be a wealth of information you can call on. Tower gardening is a great way to get all the benefits gardening can bring into your life without the space or the usual hassles of creating a soil-based garden.

When you finish planting and creating your tower garden, sit back, relax and watch it grow. It’s a fascinating way to garden.

Raised Bed Gardening Tips For Beginners

raised bed gardening
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Gardening is proven to be one of the best stress relievers and health boosters you can engage in. It provides exercise which releases vital serotonin from the brain to help boost your mood – and can reduce the risk of health problems such as obesity, adult diabetes and high blood pressure.

You may have steered away from gardening as an exercise and stress reliever because of not being able to meet the physical rigors of bending, lifting and other physical requirements.

Or, you may not think you have enough space for a garden. Raised bed gardening is the solution – both for space and any physical disability you may have. They’re simple garden boxes, raised from ground level to provide easy access to tending and also act as protection from pests such as snails and slugs.

The Many Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

This type of gardening also provides excellent drainage for your plants, preventing root rot or garden soil from being washed away during storms and heavy rain. The containers are bottomless and open to the soil so the plants’ roots can push further into the ground for nutrients.

raised bed gardening
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You can sit on the side of the bed while planting, weeding and harvesting and enjoy the health and other benefits of gardening without the back strain from bending. You can build your own or purchase the right size for you and your plants from any gardening facility – or online.

They come in a number of sizes and types – the cedar-made raised beds being the highest quality of wood and may prevent pests from feeding on your plants. The hardware that keeps it together is usually stainless steel and some even have decorative posts to prevent a garden hose from sliding across your delicate plants.

You can create a garden spot with raised garden beds which add ambiance and beauty to any outdoor space. Grow a variety of plants for beauty and food and you’ll reap the benefits in health and in a serene and beautiful place to relax.

Bottle Gardening Tips – More Than Decoration

Bottle gardening plant Terrarium
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Bottle gardening has been a growing trend since the early 1960s (the first notification) and was used mainly for decorative purposes. Usually planted in a glass or plastic bottle, the enclosed, ecological environment is perfect to grow plants – as long as it gets the proper amount of light exposure.

A bottle garden resembles a terrarium, but bottles usually have slim necks and narrow openings. The plants have very little exposure to the environment outside the bottle and are perfect for apartments, patios and balconies.

Schools sometimes use bottle gardens to demonstrate how eco-systems work and are super-easy to maintain. Even though it’s a small area in which to garden, bottle gardens can provide the same relaxation and stress relief therapy as a full garden in a large space.

Use These Bottle Gardening Tips to Create Limitless Possibilities 

bottle gardening
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Create as many bottle gardens as you like and enjoy the observation of this near-maintenance-free environment that produces plants for food and beauty. Any bottle will do – plastic or glass.  It does not get any easier than this low maintenance bottle tree!

Online ideas and bottle gardening tips for beginners exist in abundance and can be a great source of fun for the entire family. If you’re a gardener who gets bored during the winter months, this type of gardening can keep you busy.

It’s easy. All you need to do is select your bottle (make sure it’s large enough for the plant you choose), clean it thoroughly and dry it. Also, make sure it has a large enough opening to maintain the contents.

With the bottle right side up, add stones and sand to provide drainage for the plants. Add some activated charcoal on top of the mixture to prevent fungus and smell within the bottle.

Then, add the soil. Consider a thin layer of sphagnum moss on top to further help the drainage. Small, indoor plant seeds are best for bottle gardens (especially those which need a great amount of humidity).

Using a stick or tweezers, carefully plant the seeds in the soil. Now, sit back and watch the miracle of life occur. Bottle gardening is an ideal way to break into gardening as a hobby if you’ve never done it before.

An Easy Way to Relax & Connect with Nature

bottle gardening
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It’s a fun an easy way to connect with nature, but begin in a way that doesn’t take too much time and effort. Remember that any type of gardening is good for the body and soul.  This bottle garden bush is perfect for any garden and is guaranteed to please!

Your psychological and emotional well-being can be greatly enhanced by choosing a gardening activity that you enjoy and one which will nurture you in every way. You’ll enjoy a serene environment that helps connect you with nature and ease away from the hurried and hectic of your world today. 

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