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Good Gift Ideas for Women Who are Hard to Please

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Some women are easy to shop for because they make it known what they want, but others are not so outspoken.  If you need to buy gifts for women and you don’t know what to get them, you’ll love this guide.  It’s full of good gift ideas for women!

Coming Up with Good Gift Ideas for Women

If you have the opportunity to go shopping with the woman on your list, take special note of the items she picks up and the things she’s interested in purchasing.  This alone can help you make the perfect list.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the colors she uses for her home and the colors she likes to wear often.  You can also get insight into her favorite fragrances.

What gifts can we give to ladies?

When you think about gift-giving for a special woman in your life, it can also help to consider trends.  It’s not that every gift has to be trendy, but considering the current trends in fashion, accessories, and other areas can give you a great base of ideas.

One great way to find great gift ideas for women is by looking at the covers of some women’s magazines or even honing in on a daytime talk show.  You’ll begin to see that some items or themes pop up over and over again.

Many women will appreciate a trendy item that they might not normally buy for themselves.  It’s always a nice gesture to give people things that they want, but don’t necessarily need.

What gift is best for ladies?

As you look at different options, it can help to begin with a category of gift you’d like to give and then narrow it down from there.  These are some of the most common categories for women.

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good gift ideas for womenClothing can be a tricky category to give.  For one thing, sizes and tastes can vary dramatically.  But you can stay safe with an item such as a scarf that can be worn by anyone. 

You’ll want to look at the hottest trends in accessories and consider purchasing something small such as a scarf or wrap in her favorite color or the newest trendy pattern for the season.

Depending on the time of year you can also consider giving comfy clothing such as warm, fuzzy socks that can keep winter cold at bay or some comfortable slippers to wear around the house.  Pajamas are also a fun gift for the holidays as long as you know the correct size.

It’s probably best not to gift other clothing such as dresses, pants, or blouses unless you know she specifically wants one and what size to purchase.  Sizes can vary across clothing lines and tastes are also variable.


good gift ideas for women

Electronics were once considered more of a “guy thing” but today women are as likely as men to enjoy them.  If you have a large budget, many women would love a reader or other type of tablet.

If she’s into video games, you can give her the newest game on the market.  A device for music, such as an iPod also makes a great gift for a woman who loves to listen to music on the go.

good gift ideas for women
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You might also consider a new tablet cover if she already has a tablet that she enjoys.  A new bag to carry her electronic devices can also be a good choice for a gift any time of year.

If she loves to take photos, a digital camera is also a great gift.  Today’s cameras have automatic uploading to social media and other features that make them easy to use and to share photos.

Home Improvement

good gift ideas for women
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More and more women are participating in home improvement projects. If you know a woman who likes to use her own tools, you might consider a trendy tool on the market or her own power tool kit.

You might also consider giving her a set of plans for a project she’s wanted to create or an idea book.

Sports and Outdoors

good gift ideas for women
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While you don’t traditionally think of women when it comes to sporting goods, many women enjoy outdoor recreation.  If you know a woman who enjoys adventure, you might want to get a gift related to recreation.

For example, if she plays tennis a new set of tennis balls or a new racket or even a fun racket cover would be great gifts.  If she’s into exercise or fitness, a new watch that measures her heart rate or a pedometer might be great gadgets.

You might even want to get her a popular fitness DVD set.  But just be sure you know it’s something she wants and that you’re not making a negative statement about her physique.

Gifts for the Chef

good gift ideas for women

If you know a woman who really loves cooking, there are virtually endless items you can choose.  You might find a gourmet kitchen gadget she would like. 

You might also consider giving the gift of a cooking class in her area.  Accessories such as aprons, oven mitts, a herb scissors set and kitchen towels are always in demand for someone who cooks often.

A set of exotic spices and herbs could also be a fun gift.  In addition, you might consider items to improve her bar such as a shaker, wine opener, jigger, or a nice set of wine glasses or beer glasses.

Flowers and Candy

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Receiving flowers and candy is a welcome surprise for women any time of the year.  Some great gift ideas include a floral arrangement, plant, or centerpiece for the table.

And there’s no time that isn’t good for gourmet chocolates.  These decadent treats will be appreciated on any occasion all year long. 

These are also great gifts to have delivered to someone who is out of town as a reminder of her importance to you. 


stationary as gifts
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Stationary is another category of good gift ideas for women.  The art of writing things out by hand is getting lost in the electronic age.  But many women still enjoy writing letters, keeping lists, and sending and receiving thank you notes.

A personalized stationary set is always a good gift.  You can also find cute stationary sets with notecards, blank books, and even decorative inspirational pens.

What are good inexpensive gifts for coworkers?

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If you are shopping for a gift for a female coworker, try to find out as much as you can about what she likes and personalize the gift. 

If you’re giving a gift that could be opened by any woman in your office, you’ll have to go more general.  Gifts such as candles, chocolate, and stationary are appropriate.  Some people also choose gift cards to a local café or lunch restaurant.

When it comes to buying gifts for the boss, it’s important not to overdo it.  You may love your boss, but giving an excessive gift can make you look bad to other coworkers and even make your boss uncomfortable.

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Some good choices include personalized stationary, a gift basket of gourmet food or wines, a beautiful plant for her office, a nice picture frame or some delicious chocolates

If you do give your boss a gift, try to do it privately so that other coworkers don’t feel obligated and so that you don’t look like you’re trying to show off in front of everyone.

Choosing a Gift Card

The rules for giving a gift card to a woman are the same as giving one to a man in your life.  It’s not an impersonal gift as long as you consider the woman and choose a gift card that she can really use.

For example, you might get a gift card for her favorite manicure salon or for her favorite restaurant.  If she’s a movie buff, tickets are a great idea.  As long as you choose a gift card for a place she actually frequents, you’ll be doing so in good taste.

If you’ve read this far, you should have at least 5 items on your list of gift ideas for women.  That’s a great start! 

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