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Great Gift Ideas for Women – Make Shopping Easy, Quick & Hassle-Free

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Obstacles to the Perfect Gift

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There are many reasons why some women can be hard to shop for.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of being a man and not really knowing what women want.  But even if you’re a woman buying a gift for another woman, coming up with great gift ideas for women can be hard.

For one thing, you may be buying a gift for a woman you don’t know very well. In that case it can be difficult to determine what would be a good fit for her.  In other cases, you may feel that she has everything she needs or wants and it’s hard to come up with great gift ideas for women that seem appropriate.

Often, we have female family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors and would like to give them a thoughtful gift to let them know we are thinking about them and we care.  If that’s the case, you’ll find some valuable tips for getting to know someone’s desires a little better or for giving a more universal, but quality gift.

Discovering What Makes Her Feel Good

great gift ideas for womenIf there’s a woman on your list that you don’t know very well, it’s important to try to get to know at least a few basics as you come up with an appropriate gift.  But even women you do know very well (e.g. your best friend, or even your spouse!) can be hard to buy for.

There are several things you can do to get some insight into what make her feel beautiful, strong, confident, and good about herself.  First, does she have a signature item she’s never without?  It could be a specific perfume, type of jewelry, or even a favorite lip balm.

You can find great gift ideas for women online that contain these items she loves and maybe even some additional ones.  For example, perfume gift sets usually contain body lotion or a purse size of the fragrance.

You should also think about a favorite restaurant, food, or other special treat she enjoys.  If you’re not sure, checking out her social media can give you some great ideas.  Talking to her friends or family members can also provide valuable insight.

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Feel Good Gifts That Make Great Gift Ideas for Women

As you look at different options, it can help to begin with a category of gift you’d like to give and then narrow it down from there.  These are some of the most common categories for women.


great gift ideas for womenMany women appreciate jewelry as a gift.  While that does include fine jewelry such as diamonds  and precious metals, it can also include trendy costume jewelry.

If you’re shopping for a romantic partner, you may want to consider fine jewelry such as a pair of diamond stud earrings or a necklace.  You’ll just want to make sure it goes with a style she would normally wear.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy fine jewelry, that doesn’t mean jewelry is off the table.  Every year there are trends in jewelry that will make great gift ideas for women.  These can be very inexpensive, but make a woman just as happy.

Jewelry doesn’t only have to be a gift of romance.  Jewelry is a great gift to give a best friend, coworker, or another woman in your life.  Think of what’s on trend and the type of jewelry she wears and find a piece that combines them.

Home Décor

great gift ideas for womenMany women take great pride in their homes.  If you know the colors or themes of their décor, you can find a decorative pillow, basket, picture frame, wall decor or wall hanging that will fit the bill.

Candles are also a popular gift for women any time of the year.  If you know a woman who loves specific fragrances and always has a candle lit, she’ll love a high quality fragranced candle or a beautiful candle holder.

Books Are Great Gift Ideas for Women

great gift ideas for womenMany women enjoy reading and you can give a very personal gift this way.  For example, you could give someone a copy of your favorite book for her to enjoy as well.

If you know her favorite author, you can look to see if there’s a new novel on the shelves by that author.  In addition, you can choose cookbooks, coffee table books, and even blank books for journal writing.

If you want to give the gift of personal development, this book on high performance habits is highly recommended.  To give the gift of success in business and in life, The Miracle Morning For Entrepreneurs is a price-less. life-changing gift!

To succeed in business and in life, you need to be consistent.  The Power of Consistency is a THE book for ambitious women who are ready for transformative change in their life and their business.  The books above are great gift ideas for women.

Accessories that go along with books are also personal and useful.  For example, an avid reader would appreciate a beautiful metal bookmark with her initial or some other charm that she can associate with.

Your most well-read friends might also appreciate a journal to keep track of their own book reviews.  Bookplates can also help her to share her books, but also be able to get them back.


great gift ideas for womenElectronics were once considered more of a “guy thing” but today women are as likely as men to enjoy them.  If you have a large budget, many women would love a reader or any other type of tablet.

If she’s into video games, you can give her the newest game on the market.  A device for music, such as an iPod also makes a great gift for a woman who loves to listen to music on the go.

You might also consider a new tablet cover if she already has a tablet that she enjoys.  A new bag to carry her electronic devices can also be a good choice for the woman on the go.

If she loves to take photos, a digital camera is also on the top of the list of great gift ideas for women.  Today’s cameras have automatic uploading to social media and other features that make them easy to use and to share photos.

Smart Entertainment

great gift ideas for womenOne of the most popular smart entertainment devices that you might want to buy for someone is the Amazon Fire TV stick. The Fire TV stick has a wide range of functions and uses, all focused on entertainment.

It plugs in to the HDMI port on your TV, and by connecting to WiFi, allows you to stream your favorite shows from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and more. This is especially useful if someone doesn’t have a cable box satellite dish, because you can get a subscription that allows you to do the same thing cable or satellite would do without any complex installation.

If the woman you are shopping for is not a big fan of Amazon products, you can get her the Roku Streaming Stick instead. It provides a very similar service to the one that the Fire TV stick offers, but with a few minor changes. Instead of using commands through the remote, you can also use an app on your phone.

While those smart TV sticks are very useful for adding smart functionality to your TV, you can also give the gift of a TV with smart functionality already in it. For example, Smart TVs from Sony allow you to use online services like YouTube and Hulu from the built in menus, and it connects to the same WiFi you use for your phone, computers, and laptops.

Craft Items

It’s become trendy for women to enjoy specific kinds of crafts.  If you know a woman who loves to crochet, knit, scrapbook, make jewelry, or has another hobby, you can purchase a gift related to that hobby.

It might be hard to know exactly what she needs, but a tote to carry items, or general supplies for the hobby will be appreciated.  A craft book or magazine is also a nice surprise.

Home Improvement

More and more women are participating in home improvement projects. If you know a woman who likes to use her own tools, you might consider a trendy tool on the market or finding out what power tool is missing from her work bench.

You might also consider giving her a set of plans for a project she’s wanted to create or an idea book.

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Sports and Outdoors

great gift ideas for womenWhile you don’t traditionally think of women when it comes to sporting goods, many women enjoy outdoor recreation.  If you know a woman who enjoys adventure, you might want to get a gift related to recreation.  Those are great gift ideas for women.

For example, if she plays tennis a new set of tennis balls or a new racket or even a fun racket cover would be great gifts.  If she’s into exercise or fitness, a new watch that measures her heart rate or a pedometer might be great gadgets.

You might even want to get her the newest fitness DVD set on the market.  But just be sure you know it’s something she wants and that you’re not making a negative statement about her physique.

Gifts for the Chef

great gift ideas for womenIf you know a woman who really loves cooking, there are virtually endless items you can choose.  You might find a gourmet kitchen gadget she would like.

You might also consider giving the gift of a cooking class in her area.  Accessories such as aprons, oven mitts, and kitchen towels are always in demand for someone who cooks often and can make great gift ideas for women.

A set of exotic spices and herbs could also be a fun gift.  In addition, you might consider items to improve her bar such as a shaker, wine opener, jigger, or a nice set of wine glasses or beer glasses.

Smart Kitchen

great gift ideas for womenSmart technology has managed to find its way into the kitchen, where it’s making cooking way easier and more enjoyable for people all the time and it makes a fantastic gift for the home chef in your family.

By using simple interfaces and smartphones, more people than ever are able to be self-reliant and cook for themselves. This new technology has made cooking more efficient and less likely to turn out wrong, so smart kitchen gadgets make great gifts for women who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

One great smart kitchen device to save time and stress in the kitchen is the Instant Pot 7-in-1 Smart Cooker. This pot acts as seven different pots, including a rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, and more.

You can control it easily using your phone or the simple interface on the front. The app allows you to view user submitted and preloaded recipes, and set your pot’s settings according to the recipe.


great gift ideas for womenStationary is another gift that many women appreciate.  The art of writing things out by hand is getting lost in the electronic age.  But many women still enjoy writing letters, keeping lists, and sending and receiving thank you notes.

A personalized stationary set is always a good gift.  You can also find cute stationary sets with note cards, blank books, and even decorative pens.

Bath and Body Care

You can also give the gift of relaxation and luxury with bubble bath, rich lotions, and other body care products.  If you have a woman in your life that enjoys taking time to nurture herself, these are great gift ideas for women…all year long!

It’s a good idea to get high quality products that your gift recipient will really enjoy and avoid the inexpensive generic sets.  Their fragrances aren’t as strong and the lotions are not as moisturizing as higher end products.

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Great Gifts for the Boss Lady

great gift ideas for womenWhen it comes to buying gifts for the boss, it’s important not to overdo it.  You may love your boss, but giving an excessive gift can make you look bad to other coworkers and even make your boss uncomfortable.

Some good choices include personalized stationary, a gift basket of gourmet food or wines, a beautiful plant for her office, a nice picture frame or some delicious gourmet dark chocolate gifts.

If you do give your boss a gift, try to do it privately so that other coworkers don’t feel obligated and so that you don’t look like you’re trying to show off in front of everyone.

Choosing a Gift Card

The rules for giving a gift card to a woman are the same as giving one to a man in your life.  It’s not an impersonal gift as long as you consider the woman and choose a gift card that she can really use.

For example, you might get a gift card for her favorite manicure salon or for her favorite restaurant.  If she’s a movie buff, tickets are great gift ideas for women.  As long as you choose a gift card for a place she actually frequents, you’ll be doing so in good taste.

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