How Does Emotional Stress Affect Blood Glucose Levels

How Does Emotional Stress Affect Blood Glucose Levels?

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It’s well known that when you have to deal with stress, it can lead to physical symptoms. One crucial question for diabetics is: How does emotional stress affect blood glucose levels?

You might feel more tired than usual or start having stomachaches or headaches as a result of the stress. 

Does stress affect blood sugar levels?

So exactly how does emotional stress affect blood glucose levels?

When you have diabetes, stress has an impact on the way that your body is able to use insulin. Having diabetes means that the cells within your body don’t react the way that they should to the production of hormones.

As a result of this, you lose insulin production. When you throw stress into the mixture, it also adds to the insulin resistance that your body experiences.

On top of that, the same reaction to stress that’s causing your cells to not be able to react properly to insulin also makes your blood glucose numbers go higher than they should.

When this happens, you can experience swings in your glucose. Stress makes your body undergo many different changes.

Your blood gets pumping because your heart rate increases and you can stay in this state of elevated glucose levels until either the stress is dealt with or you add or increase medication.

How can diabetics relax?

Dealing with stress is a part of living in modern society. You’re always going to have things occur that trigger your stress hormones. But the key to preventing insulin issues when stress happens is by controlling the stress response.

There are different avenues that you can take to not only manage the stress, but to change how it affects your glucose levels. Some people focus on using one technique to handle stress while others use a variety of techniques together.

Use whichever stress management coping skills work for you.

Some of the top ways that you can get rid of stress is through relaxation and guarding your thoughts. When you allow your thoughts to dwell on stressful things, your body will react and show signs of stress.

Use relaxation activities to stop stress from having an impact on your insulin needs.

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how does emotional stress affect blood glucose levels You can take up adult coloring, journaling or gardening.

Some women have found it helpful when they feel stressed to simply go for a walk. Getting out in the fresh air and walking often works to clear your mind and free your thoughts from stress.

Breathing exercises are also helpful. You can learn how to use deep breathing to inhale and exhale to relieve stress and even to prepare for situations you think might get stressful.

Choose relaxing activities to stabilize blood glucose levels

how does emotional stress affect blood glucose levels Make sure that you don’t sit around. When you’re under stress, it can be bad to sit around with nothing to occupy your mind. This can allow the mind to focus on the stress and you’ll end up feeling bad physically.

Then the stress will cause your glucose to rise. Try to be as active as possible. Join a walking or exercise club. Get involved in a hobby that requires you to move such as taking up tennis or golfing.

Make sure that you have a day just to pamper yourself.

 If you’re like most people, your days are filled with things to do and you have an ever-growing list of things that you have to finish.

Having things hanging over your head can make you feel stressed.

Give yourself a day off where you spend it doing something that you really want to do, not something that you have to do.

Read a book. Take in a movie, go window shopping or go sightseeing. Get involved in relaxation techniques that are known to eliminate stress. These might be ones such as journaling.

Do you have too much on your plate?

Sometimes we have stress because we simply have too much on our plates.

If you’re like most women, you have certain things that you prefer to do yourself so that you can know that they’re done right.

It can be difficult to learn to let go and allow others to help, but by sharing your load with others, you can help alleviate insulin issues.

While you can’t help some of the stress that comes your way, there are some kinds of stress that you can prevent.

how does emotional stress affect blood glucose levels If you know that an unimportant discussion is going to end in an argument, then don’t take part in the discussion.

Little issues can become big irritations that can lead to stress.

Rather than allowing that to happen, avoid frustrating things that you don’t have to deal with.

This can as simple as making sure you don’t interact with that colleague who gets on your nerves.  It can also mean refusing to let yourself be pushed into taking part in activities with others that you don’t really like being involved with.

Choose relaxation to manage blood sugar levels effectively

how can diabetics relaxHead to a spa for the weekend, plan your own silent retreat weekend, or make an appointment for a massage.

Studies have shown that getting a massage is a great way to reduce stress and lower the hormones that can cause your blood glucose numbers to rise.

Make sure that you get plenty of exercise too. You’ve probably been told how exercise benefits someone with diabetes. It’s true.

Getting physical can cause you to lose excess weight, which can make your body become more sensitive to insulin.

It can also help you be able to sleep better at night. It improves your oxygen rate and strengthens your muscles.

But on top of that, exercising gets rid of stress by flooding your body with feel good hormones.

So you feel better physically and emotionally. When you get rid of stress, this allows your body to be able to use the insulin in the right way – which will also help you feel better physically and mentally.

How Does Diabetes Affect a Person?

Many people who are diagnosed with diabetes have often had the disease for years before the symptoms become noticeable. Once you have a diagnosis, you need to know that diabetes isn’t a disease that can be ignored.

If you don’t keep good control of the disease, it will impact your most basic standard of living through complications.

Even those who do practice tight management of their diabetes will still experience an impact – but it won’t be as harsh.

When you struggle with diabetes, you can fall into the mind trap of thinking that what you do won’t really matter, especially if you don’t see immediate results.

You may be tempted to just live however you want to live regardless of the consequences. Without making sure your diabetes is under control, it can lead to higher blood sugar levels.

This can make you experience more days of not feeling well. You can develop terrible headaches and may often have to seek medical care for the headaches. You may end up calling out of work.

This can lead to a loss of income. Diabetes can lead to experiences such as becoming physically unable to do the current job that you have.

This can result in you having to drop hours at work or even having to completely stop working.

It’s much better to use the Care Touch Kit to regularly monitor your glucose levels and take good care of yourself so that you can enjoy the best quality of life!

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Can diabetes cause extreme fatigue?

You might struggle with fatigue if your diabetes isn’t well managed.

does stress affect diabetesThis can lead to you not really wanting to engage in the social activities that you once did. You can become isolated, which in turn can lead to anxiety and depression.

Also, you might find that you’re no longer able to take care of your home the way that you once did.  You may no longer be able to perform other daily activities that you could always do before.

Diabetics who struggle with fatigue and depression will see an impact in how well they take care of themselves.

They won’t have the same level of self-care, which will lead to further complications.

What eye problems does diabetes cause?

Diabetes can lead to problems with the eyes.

Many diabetics experience an increase in eye floaters that can make reading or driving a vehicle too difficult to do.

A loss of independence can affect your most basic standard of living by making you dependent on others.  This loss can trigger a grieving process, which can also lead to depression.

Scientific studies have shown that people who make sure that their diabetes is well managed, will have a better standard of living than those who don’t.

So how does emotional stress affect blood glucose levels? Stress can be a major barrier to effective glucose control and substandard glucose control can adversely affect a basic standard of living. 

Manage your stress and take care of your condition so that you can feel better about yourself and enjoy the highest quality of life, despite your diabetes diagnoses.

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