How to avoid stress during holidays

How to Avoid Stress During Holidays (& Stay Relaxed)!

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Who else wants to know how to avoid stress during holidays?

We can all agree that the holidays are a stressful time, whether you’re calm and collected or high-energy.

But did you know that your spouse, or any guy for that matter, is not feeling the same stress as you?

Even though he may nod his head in agreement, the blatant truth is that the holidays don’t affect men in the same way they affect women.

This is primarily because the majority of the holiday tasks are the responsibility of women!

What tasks?!?!

Where do I start?

The shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the organizing, the greeting cards, the arrangements and the packing for families that travel.

Need I go on?  You can probably add much more to that short ( and non-exhaustive list).

If you ask your spouse what the holidays mean to him, he’ll probably say things like eating, drinking, socializing, party-going and relaxing.

Quite a different list than yours.

How to Avoid Stress During Holidays:  Just Ask Your Grandma

Like most situations in the world, men and women don’t have varying attitudes by accident.

Holiday stress has always been placed on the women, and this continues for today’s modern families.

If you look back even one generation ago, you’ll find that fewer women worked out of the home.  In those “good ole days” things like cooking and cleaning were solely their responsibility.

If you ask your own mother, grandmother or great-grandmother, they’ll nod in agreement that it was their duty to cook, clean and take care of the children.

Learn to Avoid Stress During Holidays

When the holidays rolled around, everything that came along with these special occasions were also the women’s responsibilities.

While the men worked, it was the women who took control of the holiday meal preparations, but that’s not all!

Women also took care of the the gift shopping, the gift wrapping, sending out holiday cards and arranging for guests to come.

Even when the holidays were being celebrated ( as is the case with ME), it was always the mother’s job to keep the day running smoothly.

How to Deal with Stress During Holidays: Why Today’s Women are Different

This may seem like a far cry from today’s modern families, but this same concept still exists.

Women today are much more focused on how to avoid stress during holidays.

The difference is that many women today have full-time careers and don’t have the same time and energy to spend on a holiday.

Because many families are dual-working, partners share some of the responsibilities at home.

When it comes to the holidays, however, it can be difficult to know who does what.

And while it’s true that men are taking on more responsibility at home, it’s still women who take on the brunt of household chores.

Another point to keep in mind is that men simply don’t care about the same things women do.

Even if you were to leave the details of the holiday up to your spouse, he wouldn’t have the same interest as you.

Would those cute greeting cards be mailed out? What about the holiday tree? Will it be carefully decorated? Would your children have coordinating holiday outfits to wear?

Women take more interest in the holidays, which makes them more likely to take on the brunt of the responsibilities.

How Modern Women Can Change the World – or at Least Stress During Holiday Season

Unfortunately, we are not living in the same world we were years ago, and chances are, you have a job in addition to the many responsibilities at home.

That’s why is so important to learn how to avoid stress during holidays.

You must prioritize.

As much as you may want to take on the holiday, you can easily become burnt out in the process, leaving little to be desired during this special time.

Instead, you must organize, prioritize, make a list and streamline everything on your list.

The good news is that modern women have a lot of tools at their fingertips.

Today,  there are many websites, magazines and recipe books dedicated specifically to women in the 21st century.

When you use these smart tools, you can have the holiday that you’ve dreamed of while keeping your expectations realistic.

Take advantage of online calendars, meal planners, interactive gift lists and smartphone apps that will streamline  and organize your tasks.

They can keep you in-the-know about the latest products, shopping guides, holiday sales, popular meals and more.

Also think about ways you can streamline tasks.

What types of stores are nearby your work? Can you make a quick stop on your break to pick up gifts?

As a working woman, don’t feel bad about spending a few extra dollars on professional gift wrap; you deserve it.

Or, take advantage of online shopping during your break time, and look for sites that offer free shipping and low-cost gift wrapping.

Remember not to compare yourself to others, as not all women carry full-time jobs and may have more time to prepare their holiday meal.

How to Beat Holiday Stress the SMART way!

Finally, don’t be afraid to set some ground rules.

Setting ground rules are a crucial part of learning how to avoid stress during holidays.

Many times, family members take advantage without knowing.  Especially older family who may not realize that it’s not just the holidays you have on your plate this year.

If things need to change, do it now.

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Be firm but understanding.

Modern women ( especially modern moms)  have to be a bit more demanding sometimes, so be assertive and speak up!

The goal is to wipe away some stress and enjoy the day just as much as everyone else in the family.

This time is just as special to you, and you deserve the holiday season to be with your family and savor in life’s special moments.

Want more guidance, support, tips, and resources to beat stress? Download my 50 Simple Stress management activities and start implementing them today!


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