How to be Confident in Yourself

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Day 25: Transform Stress into Courage and Confidence

It’s time for another stress hack.  Today you’re going to learn how to be confident in yourself.

These are short little actionable tips that you can implement right away to slash stress, grow your courage and build self-confidence.

Today is another great example of how a simple idea and a shift in thought and perception is all it takes to give you that confidence boost you need.

It’s one of those hacks that works better the more you use it.

Give it a try starting today and then make an effort to use it regularly.

The stress hack is simple.

Make yourself a promise and then make sure you keep it. That’s it.

If it sounds simple, it’s because it is.

But like some of the other hacks I’ve shared with you already, it’s more powerful than you may think.

How to be Confident in Yourself , Starting Today!

By making yourself a promise, you’ll accomplish several things.

The first is that you define what you need to do.

You can’t make a promise if you don’t know what you’re promising.

The second is that you are committing yourself to taking action.

To keep the promise, you have to do to be confident in yourself

Which brings us to the last part of the hack.

You have to make sure that you keep the promise you made yourself.

By getting in the habit of doing that, you won’t let yourself make up excuses or put things off.

So, start right now by making yourself the promise to give this a serious try.

I want you to promise yourself that you will keep the promises you make to yourself.

It’s an important part of this hack and it will help beat stress and build your self-confidence.

How To Be MORE Confident in Yourself

Think of it this way.

Who do you feel is more reliable and who are you more confident in?

The person that makes big promises, but doesn’t always keep them, or the one that will keep his promise no matter what when she’s given her word?

It’s the second one.

It’s no different when you’re dealing with yourself.

With this one little commitment and shift in thinking you can greatly boost your confidence in yourself, and in your ability to live a stress-resilient, happy life.

Best of all, each time you keep another promise to yourself, you’re reinforcing that confidence.

Let’s look at an example of this stress hack in action.

Let’s say there’s something you want to get done in the morning.

This could be going to the gym, getting the kids ready and out the door for school, writing in a journal, or a specific task for your job or business.

Define what it is you want to do and then set aside time for it each morning.

Then make yourself a promise to get it done each and every morning for a week.

Write it down and commit.

Stick to your promise and after the week re-evaluate.

Is it working?

Is there something you need to change?

Make those tweaks and then make another promise to yourself to do this task every morning (or Monday through Friday) for another week.

Then, rinse and repeat.


You are well on your way to learning how to be confident in yourself and to living a life of happiness and fulfillment!

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