Quick Fix: How to Be More Confident in Yourself

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Day 7: Transform Stress into Courage and Confidence

Want to learn a trick about how to be more confident in yourself quickly?

So far, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about theory, concepts, and creating habits.  They all encourage confidence to face stressors and take back control of our life.

That’s great and if you take what I’ve shared to heart, it will benefit you greatly over time.

But these ideas and strategies take time to implement and time to see results.

Sometimes you need a little “quick fix” that makes you feel more courageous and gives you an instant boost in confidence.

That’s what the stress hacks I’ll be sharing with you throughout the rest of the challenge are about.

We’ll start today with something that only takes a minute or two to work – the Power Pose.

What Is A Power Pose?

A power pose is a particular way to stand or sit that gives you an instant boost in confidence.

Research done on power poses even suggests that your body language or the pose you strike influences your hormones.

In particular the poses I’m about to share with you give you a boost of testosterone if you hold them for about two minutes.

You can strike these poses standing up or sitting down.  You can use them anytime you need that little extra confidence boost.

How to Be More Confident in Yourself  Instantly?  Strike A Power Pose!

The easiest power pose in my mind is the “Wonder Woman”.how to be more confident in yourself

Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips.

Look at a picture of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman to get the perfect image of this pose.

When you’re at your desk, lean back in your chair. Next, put your hands behind your head, and put your feet up on your desk for another strong power pose.

If you don’t want your feet on your desk or are in an environment where that isn’t possible, try this.  Lean back in your chair, keep your knees apart and rest your arm on the back of the chair or put it behind your head.

Simply standing up tall, or standing at the table during a meeting with your hands on the table, leaning in slightly can have a big impact.

The most important thing is to not hunch over and don’t cross your arms in front of your body.

Learn How To Gain More Self Confidence & When To Strike A Power Pose

You can strike these power poses whenever you need to.

It’s a good habit to spend two minutes in the morning doing your favorite power pose. This will set a confident tone for the rest of your day.

Strike a pose throughout the day any time you feel stressed and  less than confident.

You can do these poses just about anywhere for a quick confidence boost.

Head to the bathroom if you feel silly standing like a superhero in the middle of the room.  🙂

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