how to be successful as a single mom

How to be Successful as a Single Mom & Not Burnout

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Being a single parent may be common today, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Many single moms are experiencing dangerous levels of stress, and they don’t see any way around it. That’s where learning how to be successful as a single mom comes in.

Chronic stress is harmful to your body, mind and spirit.

As a parent, you need to find positive ways to deal with the stress so you can be healthy for both your children and yourself.

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With a little bit of planning, help, and effort, you can juggle being both the parent and provider of your family. You can learn how to be successful as a single mom by mastering the strategies below.

Plan ahead to survive as a single mom

how to be successful as a single mom
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The best thing you can do when you’re a single mom is to plan ahead. You’ll find that the things that often cause the most stress can be managed or outright eliminated when you plan ahead.

Prepare meals in advance and freeze them until you’re ready to use them.

Have everyone put out their clothes the night before and their shoes by the front door so getting the day started will be a breeze.

Involve the kids to be happy as a single parent

how to be successful as a single mom You can’t do everything by yourself, so get your kids involved in getting things done.

Any help that your kids are able to contribute will save you a lot of time and stress each day. Plus, it’s teaching them the importance of responsibility and contributing to the family.

Teach them age-appropriate tasks like cleaning their room, doing laundry, and taking out the trash, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms.

Depending on their age, kids can also help with making the grocery list, planning meals, cooking, and so on.

Know your limits to be a success as a single mom

When a friend, co-worker, or family member asks something of you that you know you can’t do, say no.

It may not make the other person happy, but knowing your limits is an essential step in figuring out how to be successful as s single mom.

Setting boundaries can prevent you from being overworked or overcommitted unnecessarily.

If you don’t respect your time, who else will?

Create a support system to be successful as a single mother

how to be successful as a single mom When you have people that you can turn to, you’ll be able to release stress in a positive way.

When you need a bit of reinforcement, it helps to know you can pick up the phone and call in backup!

Your support system might consist of family members and friends who are willing to listen to you vent or even help you around the house.

Make time for yourself to be happy as a single mom

how to be successful as a single mom Schedule at least 10 to 15 minutes just for you into each day.

This time can even be for something simple, like painting your fingernails, taking a hot bath, or reading for pleasure.

Your alone time will refresh and revive you!

These are all very simple, yet effective, ways to deal with the stress of being a single parent.

These tips won’t do away with stress altogether, but they’ll help you manage it in a way that will allow you to get things done and enjoy your life and kids.

Your kids will only be small for a short time, and you don’t want to waste these years in a stressed out daze. Instead, take advantage of the here and now by incorporating these stress management tips into your life. It’s easier than you think!

Use This Self Reflection Affirmation to Succeed As a Single Mom

I graciously overcome the challenges of being a single parent.

Being a parent is by far the most rewarding role I have yet to experience in life. As joyous as parenting may be, it also presents challenges to a single parent.

I am the sole breadwinner for our family. I am both mommy and daddy. I am there at every game and parent teacher conference, yet manage to earn a fulltime living and keep a tidy home.

At times, I feel worn out and overwhelmed. I feel stretched thinner than a rubber band.

I feel as if the day needs 40 hours instead of 24.

But raising my babies is definitely worth the struggle. Seeing their faces after a long day validates that my hard efforts are indeed worthwhile.

Sure, my life would certainly be easier if I had a partner to share the bills with. However, I would much rather raise my children alone than do it in bad company!

I refuse to feel sorry for myself, because I have a fine life. I am blessed with healthy, lively children. Every night, I put food on the table for our family and we have a sturdy roof over our heads.

I have stopped comparing my life to others, because there is simply no comparison.

Instead, I focus on learning how to be successful as a single mom based on my circumstances.

I am no longer jealous because my friend has granite countertops, heated floors, or a larger backyard. I am glad that she can afford such luxury. However, my family is very content with our humble abode. 

Today, I recognize that I am doing the best I can. My best is good enough and fulfills my needs and those of my family perfectly well.

Self-Reflection questions to ask yourself as a single mother

  1. Do I carve out enough time for myself? Try these low-cost activities!
  2. If I am struggling financially, can I seek a higher paying job?
  3. Do I spend enough quality time with my children in my free time? Use this magnetic monthly calendar to plan ahead.

How to be successful as a single mom?

Use online courses to get ahead!

The world of single parenthood, comes with its own set of challenges. Playing the role of both mother and father can be tough.

As a single parent, you want to do what’s best for your child, but you want to continue to better yourself. But you probably feel like you only have time to do one or the other.

The good news is that you can do both!

You can join the long list of single mothers who have taken online courses. What could be better than learning a skill online, without having to spend time commuting or in the classroom? Then, you can still be there for your child.

Follow these steps to get started with your online classes and begin a new career path:

Choose a suitable career

Now that your situation has changed, you may need to change your career. Choose something that still allows you to spend time nurturing your child.

When you’ve completed your studies and have secured a job, ensure your schedule allows for family time. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to be able to earn enough money to provide alternate care in your absence.

Watch do-it-yourself videos

how to be successful as a single mom The internet is one of the best resources today. You can learn how to do almost anything by watching online videos. Unless it’s a skill that requires special certification, you can build your knowledge online.

Do-it-yourself videos on sites like YouTube can help you earn while you learn or while you’re waiting on your certification.

Let’s say you’re interested in becoming a computer technician. You can learn quite a bit from online videos. Then, you can start small and offer the services to your family, friends, and neighbors.

Enroll in an online degree program

enroll in an online degree program Many colleges now offer full undergraduate and graduate degree programs online.

You can stay in the comfort of your home as you get certified in a specific skill or earn a degree.

You can fulfill the requirements of the course by listening to online lectures, blogging with classmates, working on group projects via video chat, submitting your work electronically, and communicating with your professor through email.

Choose a program that allows you to have flexible hours. Once you set your school hours, you can designate other time to spend with your child.

Try to find a program that offers scholarships or financial aid. There are some institutions that offer monetary assistance for those in specific situations.

Use your computer to find a job

how to find a job onlineOnce you’ve completed your coursework, you can start job hunting online. There are many career networking sites. is one of the most popular.

Plus, corporations often list job openings on their websites. Many companies even conduct online interviews.

It has become common practice to submit an online application. You might have to think  outside the box.

Is there an opportunity out of state? Go ahead and apply. It might mean a new start for you and your kids.

You can even mention in your application that you’re willing to work from home or a remote location. Some businesses are cutting down on overhead by outsourcing the work or hiring freelancers. And wouldn’t it be great to get to work from home and spend even more time with your children?

You can be a successful single mother!

Being a single mother doesn’t necessarily mean life gets harder. It just means you have to learn how to be successful as s single mom and make the most of your time.

When you’re the only one financially supporting your family, it’s important to find a career that will let you do that. Taking online courses is a great solution.

Online courses allow you to go at your own pace and still dedicate time to being a good parent. Enroll in an online course or degree program today! It’s the best of both worlds.

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