How to Build Self Confidence And Courage to Combat Stress

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Day 2: Transform Stress into Courage and Confidence

Today let’s take a look at how to build self confidence and courage.

There is a connection between stress-resilience, courage and self-confidence.

Wondering why we are discussing how to build self confidence and courage to combat stress so early on in the 30 day series?

Trust me, there’s an important reason why we’re exploring this topic on day 2.

How to Gain More Confidence in Yourself  & Face Your Stressors

Take a moment to think back on a time when you were really stressed and scared to do something but you gathered up your courage and did it anyway.

  • Maybe it was walking away from a bad situation.
  • Perhaps it was working through a problem that seemed impossible at first glance.
  • Maybe it was overcoming worry and anxiety, facing your fears, and coming through ok at the other side.
  • Maybe it was overcoming a big physical or mental challenge like  acing a big exam.

It doesn’t matter what it was, as long as you think of something that was extremely stressful and took courage to do.

How did you feel after you did whatever that courageous thing or act was.

You felt pretty amazing, didn’t it?

Maybe you were a bit exhausted from the effort, or relieved that you made it through to the other side.

Mostly though, that adrenaline started pumping through your system and you felt incredibly proud of what you’d accomplished.

That in turn made you feel elated and good about yourself and your own ability to do other courageous things.

In other words, you conquered the stressful situation and gave yourself a big boost of self-confidence.

That right there, is the first connection between stress, self-confidence and courage.

How to Build Self Confidence And Courage. It Easier Than You Think!

how to build self confidence and courageWe can beat stress and boost our confidence and feeling of self-worth by getting into the habit of doing courageous things.

Establishing that habit is something we’ll work on throughout this 30 day series.

There’s also a second connection.

Once you’ve gotten that boost of self-confidence, you start to feel more courageous and are ready to tackle the next stressor on your list.

In other words, self-confidence and courage work in a self-propelling cycle or spiral.

Do something courageous like facing your stressors head-on and your self-confidence increases.

As your confidence goes up, it will be easier to do something courageous.  

It will be easier to take concrete steps to eliminate stress in your personal and professional life. And on and on it spirals.

This is an important concept to grasp and it’s something that you can use to your advantage.

What it means is that by simply getting in the habit of doing something that scares you or that seems hard at first glance, can put this self-propelling spiral of increased self-confidence into motion.

That’s how having the courage to face stressors can boost confidence and help you hack stress down to its root.

From there on out, every little thing you do that’s either courageous or increases your confidence in yourself, will make it easier to keep going and keep improving on both counts.

The only hard part is getting started, and frankly, that isn’t all that hard or scary, is it?

Here are 3 of the best stress management interventions for busy women.

I would love to help you build confidence and courage to combat the stress in your life.

Let’s get started right now!

Answer these 2 crucial questions using the comment box below :

  1. What specific strcssors are you struggling with right now?
  2. What can you do to face your stressors today that takes a little courage?



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