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How to Control Anger Outbursts & Skyrocket Your Happiness

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Are you angry all the time?  Do you fly off the handle at little things?  Learning how to control anger outbursts can dramatically increase your health and happiness.

When you’re angry is it virtually uncontrollable? Perhaps you go into an almost blind rage, yelling and screaming and cursing and maybe even getting physical as well?

If so, you’re doing a tremendous amount of damage to those around you, especially if they’re children.  A child’s sense of security and well-being is tied in to how the adults in the home act and when they are uncontrolled, a child’s entire world is turned upside down.  And of course, not knowing how to control anger outbursts can affect your job, your spouse, your neighbors, and so many others.

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How Anger Affects Your Health

But have you ever considered how anger affects you, especially your physical health? 

People that are always angry and that have no self-control often suffer from ulcers, digestive disorders, headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, vomiting, acid reflux, interrupted sleep, severe weight gain or loss, dizzy spells, thinning hair, acne, dry skin, elevated blood pressure, heart disease, and heart attacks.

There are many reasons for these physical problems but those reasons are very much tied to anger and the physical reactions it brings about in the body.  Unfortunately many of these problems are very serious and some are potentially fatal.

Elevated blood pressure, heart disease, and other cardiovascular diseases can bring about an early death.  Interrupted sleep can actually cause brain damage and a buildup of toxins in the blood.  It can also mean falling asleep during the day at inappropriate times such as when behind the wheel of a car which then can have tragic results.

Can’t Control Anger Outbursts? You’re Hurting Yourself!

Obviously there may be other problems that can cause these health problems but if you can’t control anger outbursts, have a temper problem and also notice problems with any of these other conditions, chances are they’re related. 

Anger outbursts bring about a chain reaction in the body that elevates the heart rate and produces adrenaline in very unhealthy ways and in unhealthy measures.  Most of the systems of the body also overreact, including the digestive system and respiratory system.  This overreaction on their part can cause damage when left unchecked.

There are many reasons to consider learning how to control anger issues, but the damage your temper does to your health should be at the top of the list. 

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You deserves to live the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible and if anger is in your way, isn’t that a good enough reason to learn how to control anger outbursts?

How to Control Angry Outbursts?  Hop on the Treadmill!

When you’re angry do you feel like working out?  Of course not!

how to control anger outbursts with exercise
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Probably the last thing you want to do is get on the treadmill or go for a walk around the block.  When you’re mad or upset you probably want to stay and fight it out with whoever and whatever is causing your tantrum.

But regular exercise and physical activity can do a world of good for dealing with angry outbursts and for controlling your temper, not just when you feel yourself getting angry but at all times.  How so?

There are actually many reasons for this.  One is that exercise and physical activity can help to build self-esteem.  As women, we  feel better about ourselves when we  take care of ourselves, and we usually have a better attitude and approach to things when e feel better inside. 

It’s not that anger is always caused by low self-esteem but having confidence can certainly help when facing stressful situations and people.

fresh air is a natural stress busterAnother reason is that exercises releases endorphins, those “feel good” hormones that promote a sense of calm and well-being.  Endorphins help to energize you but also help you to feel better all over. 

Many who exercise report being calmer, sleeping better at night, and having more energy as well.  All of these things can help you better deal with stressful situations and with things that might typically make you angry and upset.

How to Deal With Anger Outbursts? Make Exercise Part of Your Self Care Routine!

how to control anger outbursts with walking for stress reliefExercise can also give you some time to yourself so that you can relax and get away from the nagging voices you hear at work and the discord you may have in your family. 

Sometimes just having some time to yourself where your mind is free to roam can make it easier to pay attention to conflicts at home or at the office, which can drain your energy and give you stress, which may trigger anger outbursts.

Being physically active is also a way to get away from conflict itself.  It’s best to walk away when you sense an argument or fight coming on.  And often, when you take a few minutes to walk around the block or go for a bike ride, you come back and realize the conflict is not worth that argument.  Things are resolved much easier.

There are many health benefits to exercise but being able to better control your temper and your anger is an added benefit.  If you struggle with controlling your anger issues, consider becoming more active.  It can help you feel better about yourself and to manage stress and temper overall.

How to Control Your Anger Issues? Work on Acceptance!

If you’re always angry and your temper flares easily, have you ever considered that it’s not really the other person or situation that’s causing your anger?  What’s really happening is that you’re choosing to react to those situations and circumstances with anger. 

You might not immediately agree with this since many who have problems with anger and temper assume that it’s just an uncontrollable reaction, like jerking your leg when your knee gets tapped by the doctor. 

But anger or temper may be the result of how you filter circumstances and situations and your own attitudes toward them.  If you perceive something as being unfair or unjust, as being a personal attack on you, or as being done purposely to hurt you, it’s possible to get angry.  If those things were correct then perhaps anger is even justified.

Often however things happen that cause temper that have nothing to do with you and that aren’t being done purposely to hurt you.  Many things simply happen for reasons that have nothing to do with you at all.

If you struggle with anger and temper problems you may need to work on acceptance and tolerance.  We’re not talking about accepting abusive behavior or of accepting something like unemployment or a weight problem.  Anything in your life that you can change for the better should be changed as much as possible. 

Stop Angry Outbursts by Learning to Accept Things You Can’t Change

But there are many things that could make you angry that are just not going to change.  Traffic jams probably won’t go away any time soon, politicians will probably always be corrupt, taxes will always be too high.

Since things like these are probably not going to change any time soon, why let them make you angry?  Why respond that way? 

Acceptance and tolerance are difficult concepts to learn and they take time as well, but in the end, they’re much healthier than severe anger and temper tantrums.  And since temper and anger aren’t going to change those circumstances and situations, why choose them over acceptance and tolerance?

Anger is natural and everyone gets angry from time to time, but allowing it to run rampant is not healthy for you and those around you.  Instead, work on breaking the stress and anger cycle.  Work on improving your reactions. Tolerance and acceptance are two of those reactions that can be better for you and everyone around you.

How to Deal with Anger Outbursts? Take Care of Yourself Physically!

As you learn how to control your anger issues, it’s a good idea to pay extra attention to  physical issues as well.  Just like being tense can make you feel bad physically, taking care of yourself physically can also help your mental and emotional outlook. 

Here are some suggestions to help you through this:

relax at home with  a DIY massage
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  • Get a massage. If you can’t afford a professional one, invest in a DIY home massager and treat yourself to a massage in the comfort of your home.
  • Relax yourself before bedtime by taking a hot bath or shower. The warm water increases blood circulation which in turn relaxes those tense muscles.  You don’t need to overdo but just spend a few moments feeling the warmth of the water wash over you.
  • Mind your diet as well. If you eat foods that are bad for you you’re going to feel bad!  This means junk food (chips, pretzels, etc.), sugary foods, fried foods, pasta, and so on.  Fill up on foods that help to fight stress. Also, be careful of your portions as well so that you don’t feel bloated and will be less prone to digestive issues.
  • Be careful of your daily routine in taking care of yourself. Create a self care night time routine that works well for you!  Don’t fall prey to being lazy when it comes to self care. If you look good and smell good, you’re more likely to feel good.
  • Try a gentle stretching routine. This will help muscles to relax and will increase blood circulation.  You’ll also feel more energetic as tension is decreased and strength is increased. 

Ready to Control Your Anger Issues?

Yes, anger and temper will affect you physically in many harmful ways.  Your general feelings of fatigue and other irritations can be a direct result of your fits of temper.

If nothing else convinces you to learn how to control anger outbursts, your physical, mental, and emotional health certainly should!

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