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How to Find Inner Happiness Every Day

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Everyone wants to be happy. Even animals are instinctively driven toward comfort and away from discomfort. Of course, you want to be happy, but the real question is how to find inner happiness?  What if being happy is simpler than you think?

There are many simple and easy things you can do each day that will increase the odds of feeling happy. You’ll enjoy doing them! They’re self-rewarding behaviors.

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Discover How to Find Inner Happiness with These Ideas

  1. How to find inner happinessListen to music that you love. There aren’t many things that can influence your emotions faster than hearing a song that you love. You can find just about any song you please online for free these days. Set aside a few minutes each day to listen to a song or two that boosts your mood.

  2. Be grateful. It only takes a moment to think of the good things in your life. You probably have food to eat, a friend or two, or a place to sleep that’s out of the rain. In fact, you probably have more than that. Remind yourself of the good things you have instead of focusing on the things you lack.

  3. How to find inner happinessSpend some time outdoors. Sit in the sun, take a walk, or work in the garden. Your mind, body, and spirit need a little sun and fresh air each day. It can do wonders for your outlook on life.

  4. Think happy thoughts. Your thoughts lead your emotions. If you think about something stressful, you’ll feel stressed. Think about something that makes you happy and you’ll feel happier. What are your happiest memories? There’s no harm in spending a few minutes thinking some happy thoughts!

  5. Make progress. Studies have shown that one of the most powerful ways to increase happiness is to make progress toward a goal. It could be doing one extra push up, learning a new word in Italian, losing a pound, or learning a new scale on the piano. It doesn’t take a lot of progress to feel good.

Spend Quality Time With Those You Love

     6. How to find inner happinessSpend time with others. Back in the day, it was hard to find time to spend by yourself, but we’re more isolated these days. We chat with people online, text, and spend a lot of time alone. It’s important to have a meaningful face-to-face conversation once in a while.

     7. Forgive quickly. It’s very challenging to be happy when you’re holding a grudge. Forgive quickly and easily if you want to be happier. That doesn’t mean you have to give the other person another chance. Forgiving someone doesn’t have to include the possibility of a repeat performance.

     8. Be optimistic. An optimistic perspective produces a happier mood than a pessimistic perspective. It’s important to be realistic, too. Foolish optimism might feel good in the moment, but the pain is on its way. Have a hopeful, but reasonable, outlook on life.

     9. Exercise. If you’ve been sitting all day, going for a long walk or a bike ride changes how you feel for the better. Being sedentary is hard on your mood. A little exercise can definitely boost your happiness.

     10. How to find inner happinessRelax. Relax at least once each day. You could close your eyes and sit in the sun. Read a book. Take a nap. Do a little gardening. It’s up to you. Stress is an obstacle to happiness.

You don’t need a million dollars, a yacht, or a full-time housekeeper to be happy. A few simple behaviors done on a daily basis can move you closer to feeling happy each day.

What are you prepared to do today to enhance your happiness? Make a plan and add to your positive emotions.

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Why is Finding Inner Happiness is So Important

Happiness has more importance than just feeling good. Happiness is also important to your health, longevity, success, and relationships.

The importance of learning how to find inner happiness is often discounted in a culture obsessed with material success. But it’s hard to purchase something that will make you happy in the long-term.

Your happiness isn’t just important to you. It’s also important to your friends, family, and your employer.

Consider these ideas to find inner happiness

How to find inner happiness

  1. Happy people are healthier. Happier people get sick less frequently and less severely on the average. Happy people visit the hospital less frequently. A bad mood is bad for your immune system, too.

Happy people are less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. Your physical and mental health is at greater risk when you’re not happy.

Healthcare is very expensive. Happiness can be a great way to save a lot of money.

     2. Happy people live longer. Several studies suggest that the happiest people live up to 10 years longer than those that are the least happy. Also, since happy people are healthier, they also tend to live longer, too. Happiness can do more to boost your lifespan than just about anything else. It’s free, too.

     3. Happy people are more resistant to stress. Unhappy people are more easily overwhelmed when stressed. Happy people are better able to handle stress, and the effect that stress has on them is decreased. Being happy makes you more capable.

     4. Happy people are more successful. It’s worth asking if successful people are successful because they’re happy. Or are they happy because they’re successful? It’s likely a little of both. Happy people are more productive, have better relationships, and handle stress better.

     5. Happy people enjoy stronger relationships. Would you rather be around someone that was happy most of the time or someone that was not? Being happy can boost all of your relationships, including those with your spouse, family, friends, and coworkers.

Think about the happiest people you know. They tend to have great friendships and intimate relationships. They are close to their families, too.

Unhappy people are often alone and have challenging relationships when they do have people in their lives.

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Happiness boosts personal productivity & efficiency

How to regain happiness

     6. Happy people get more done. Happy people are more productive and are better employees. Think about how much better you take care of your home when you’re happy versus those times you’re unhappy. If you have an open position at work, consider happiness as a factor when hiring.

     7. Happy people have more friends. Of course, they have more friends. Happy people attract others. We enjoy being around people that are in a positive emotional state. We avoid those that aren’t. If you want to have more plans on the weekend, be happier!

     8. Happy people are more creative. A happy mind is more open to new ideas and concepts. A happy person is more likely to have a useful creative idea than someone that is unhappy.

If you’re struggling to find a solution to a problem, put yourself in a happy state first. You’ll be much more likely to find the answer you need.

We often postpone happiness for a later date. We decide that we’ll be happy after we finish school, buy a house, save a certain amount of money, or find the person of our dreams. This is a mistake. Being unhappy harms yourself and everyone else in your life.

Do yourself and everyone else in your life a huge favor and make finding inner happiness a priority!

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Happiness versus the Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness, in one form or another, is the focus of every living creature. We all want to be happy. That’s why learning how to find inner happiness is so important.

Interestingly, there are many different ways we choose to pursue happiness. A corporate-raiding billionaire and a preschool teacher are both pursuing happiness in their own way.

While there are great differences between the lifestyles of happy people, there are many things they share in common, too.

Why is pursuing happiness directly is ineffective

  1. Happiness isn’t a thing that can be pursued. You can pursue a specific model of car or 6-pack abs. You can’t pursue happiness because it’s not a tangible thing. Happiness is the result of living life in a particular way. The particular way is different for everyone, but there are guidelines you can follow.

  2. Happiness is internal. Happiness is already inside of you. It’s your natural state. It’s not something you need to find out in the world and capture. You only need a few circumstances in your life to permit it to be experienced.

  3. wealth and happinessPossessions don’t lead to happiness. You can’t buy your way to happiness. Have you ever purchased anything that made you happy six months after you purchased it? Buying things can be pleasurable, but the pleasure is temporary.

  4. Fun doesn’t lead to happiness. Fun is a temporary distraction. Riding a roller coaster is fun. Eating a bowl of ice cream is fun. Fun is a great diversion from the monotony of everyday life, but it won’t make you happy.

What does a person need in order to be happy?

  1. health wealth happinessSufficient financial resources.  It’s been well established that happiness doesn’t increase with income once a level of roughly $75,000 is attained. However, it does increase up to that income level!

A sufficient income allows you to fund a comfortable lifestyle and pursue your most important hobbies. It’s not easy to be happy if you don’t have a roof over your head or enough food to eat.

     2. finding inner happinessRelationships. Meaningful relationships and interaction with others are important parts of happiness. There are few people that can be truly alone in life and be happy. This is one of the core reasons highly successful people are often miserable. They frequently lack meaningful relationships.

     3. Feeling needed. We like to feel needed. We like to believe that our existence matters to someone. Volunteering is a simple way to fulfill this need. Caring for a pet is another way to feel needed.

An optimistic view on your future is essential too!

     4. Positive expectations. When you have a positive outlook on your future, it’s much easier to experience happiness in your life. Optimistic and hopeful people are more likely to be happy.

Knowing that you’re taking a great vacation in a few months is another type of positive expectation that can increase the level of happiness you feel. What do you have to look forward to in your life?

     5. The feeling of progress in your life. A little progress can unleash a lot of happiness. Even if you still have 100 pounds to lose, losing just three pounds this week feels pretty good. Set a few goals and make progress toward them. You’ll feel great.

     6. A lack of things that make you miserable. This is important. Happiness isn’t just about attaining a set of criteria in your life. It’s also about not having negative things in your life that block happiness from shining. Ask yourself what the worst parts of your life are and fix the things you can.

Having all of these in your life is no guarantee that you’ll be happy, but it comes close. Can you imagine all of these items in your life and still not being happy? It isn’t very likely.

Avoid chasing after happiness directly. Instead, learn how to find inner happiness and create the right environment for happiness to appear.

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