Top Secret: How to Improve Your Confidence Level Quickly

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Day 20: Transform Stress into Courage and Confidence

Do you want to learn how to improve your confidence level?

Have you heard of random acts of kindness?

It’s the idea to do something nice and kind for someone else without a lot of advanced planning or expecting anything in return.

I’m sure you’re already doing random acts of kindness here and there.

Think about the last time you’ve done something nice for a neighbor, friend, or even a total stranger.

How did you feel after you did something kind? You felt pretty good about yourself, didn’t you?

You’ve felt proud and accomplished. And most importantly, you started to feel better about yourself.

The truth is, random acts of kindness can be extremely effective in helping you improve your confidence level.

How to Improve Your Confidence Level With Random Acts Of Kindness

Doing random acts of kindness is a great way to reduce your stress levels and boost your self-confidence.

It makes you feel important.

It makes you feel like you’re part of the community, no matter what that community may look like or consist of.

We are social creatures who benefit from cooperation and working together for the common good.

Feeling good about showing someone else a kindness is programmed into our to improve your confidence level

Take advantage of this fact by being kinder and doing random things that benefit others.

It’s a nice way to boost your self-esteem and benefit your community at large.

 7 Quick Tips to Help You Perform Acts of Random Kindness

  1. Start by keeping your eyes and ears open.
  2. Pay attention to the people around you and your environment.
  3. Offer to help bag and carry out the groceries for the elderly shopper in line with you at the grocery store.
  4. Help the young boy in your neighborhood study for his big math test.
  5. Offer to run an errand for a sick neighbor or stop by with some pre-made meals. Use these durable meal containers. They microwave nicely and are very durable.
  6. Pick up the trash you come across on your daily walk.
  7. Offer to babysit for your friends with little kids who haven’t been out on a date in months.

When you start to pay attention to “kindness opportunities” throughout your day, you will start to notice them everywhere.

They don’t have to be anything big.

Something as simple as holding the door open for someone else, or handing a glass of ice tea to the mailman on a hot day.

It won’t take you more than a minute, but that simple act of kindness can brighten the other person’s day and make you feel good about yourself.

My challenge for you today is to start paying attention to the random acts of kindness you can perform.

Do your best to do something nice for someone else every single day.

Not sure where to start?

3 Simple Acts of Kindness You Can Perform Today

  1. Send an email or text to a friend letting them know you’re thinking of them.
  2. Make a phone call to check on a friend or family member.
  3. Send out a fun card, or buy stress relief gifts for someone who looks like she could use it.

Give it a try and see for yourself how good these kind acts make you feel.

You’ll  be convinced that this is how to improve your confidence level quickly.

Apply them daily and discover  how they boost your self-esteem and help you reduce your stress.

How High Is Your “Kindness Opportunities” I.Q?

Use the comment box below to complete one ( or more) of these statements by filling in the blanks:

  1. It is important to do kind things for others because…
  2. Someone once did __________ for me, and I felt __________
  3. I can show kindness to others by
  4. I can show appreciation for my parents/spouse/children by…
  5. If everyone in the world did just one kind thing each day…
  6. Something nice I could do for one of my colleagues is…
  7. The last kind thing I did for someone was…
  8. When I’m having a bad day, doing something nice for someone makes me feel…
  9. One way I could show kindness to my next-door neighbor is by…
  10. Helping people in small ways is important because…
  11. If I could do any one kind thing (with no limitations on location, money, or resources) for any one person in the world, I would…
  12. I could volunteer in the community by…

I would LOVE to hear from you… share your view on how to improve your confidence level by random acts of kindness!

Sharing is Caring
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