How to Make Courage a Habit to Unlock Self Confidence

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Day 3: Transform Stress into Courage and Confidence

Today I have great news for you.  We are going to dig deep into how to make courage a habit.

In yesterday’s post, we talked a little about the relationship between stress, courage and self-confidence.

One aspect of that was that we can use courage to do things that scare us a little. That in turn boosts our feeling of self-worth and confidence which in turns help to conquer our stressors.

In other words, we can reduce stress and increase self-confidence by being courageous or doing something that takes a little courage more often.

Why is this such great news?

Because courage is a habit.

It’s something that’s completely in our control and a habit we can cultivate.

All it takes is a little awareness and the drive to make it happen.

We just need to get the ball rolling for a little while.

Over the course of this 30 day series is a great time to do that.

Start with Small Baby Steps…

If you can take small steps towards courage every single day for the remainder of this challenge, you’ll be well on your way to creating this new positive habit! It can help you face your stressors without losing steam.

It doesn’t have to be anything big.

Small acts of courage will work just fine to build this habit.

Remember that as you take each next step your self-confidence will increase.

That bravery will make it easier to take another courageous move. Remember, it will become easier with each day as you practice this new habit.

You may be wondering exactly how to make courage a habit.

Habits take practice so try not to let 24 hours go by without doing something that’s outside of your comfort zone.

We’re creatures of habit and comfort and we don’t like to venture outside of our comfort zone unless we’re forced to.

To make courage a habit, you have to actively look for daily opportunities to practice. What can you do to make that happen?

How to Make Courage a Habit?  Start by Making A List!

how to make courage a habitSit down right now and start making a list of things you can do to be courageous.

Start by thinking of things that challenge you to face your stressors.

Keep adding to this list as you go along. Refer back to it often and use the items on the list to keep you moving forward.

How To Build Courage? Look For Opportunities To Be Courageous!

Start paying attention as you go about your busy day.

Get in the habit of not shying away from challenges and stressors.  Instead,  embrace them and do the things that scare you anyway.

You’re probably encountering a lot more challenges throughout your day than you realize.

How To Become Courageous? Make Friends Who Will Challenge You!

Step out of your comfort zone and make friends, or spend time with people who will challenge you.

Encourage your loved ones to help you face your stressors!

Step out of your area of comfort on a more regular basis.

Ask for their assistance to help you fight the fear.

How To Build Courage to Face Stressors? Get A Coach!

Last but not least, you can get a coach.

Find someone that can help you in the area you need help in.

In life, business, sports or anything else you can think of, coaches are great at forcing you to test your limits, face your fears and help you to find your inner courage.

I would love to help YOU find your inner courage!

Here’s a mini-coaching opportunity!

Use the comment box below to share your answers to these two questions with me:

  1. What courageous action from the past are you most proud of?
  2. How can you use THAT courage to help you get to where you want to be?
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