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How to Practice Self Care For a Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

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Learning how to practice self care may be easier than you think.

Do you wake up at the very last minute and runs screaming out the door into your car and all the way to work? If that’s you, you’re starting your day with a massive amount of stress.  One simple thing you can do is to start waking up earlier as a form of self care.

how to practice self careHow to Practice Self Care – Quit Screens Before Bedtime

One reason why it’s hard for some women to wake up is technology. They they spend too much time on devices before going to sleep. Scientists have studied the effects of electronic devices on sleep and the conclusion is clear.  It’s not a good habit to view electronic devices in bed.

Many women who love viewing electronic devices in bed have reported remarkable decreases in sleep and sleep satisfaction. This is bad for many reasons. Mainly, because the amount of rest you get affects your body negatively.  

Instead of going to bed with your devices, you should set them to “do not disturb” mode, or turn them off completely. This will allow you to have a better quality of sleep. A better route to take would be to try reading something soothing before you go to sleep. That way you’re engaging your imagination, which is a lot easier to deal with than the effects of screen light radiation.  

Have Good Bedtime Care Habitshow to practice self care

Are you relaxed before you go to bed? Staying away from technology helps. But there are lots of other things that you can do to get good rest and reduce stress.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to do some stretches 1 – 2 hours before bed time. That will help keep your body flexible, and maybe even get your heart rate up for a few minutes. After you cool down from some light movement, your body will be more relaxed and ready to get into bedtime modes. You can push this further by taking a nice soothing bath. That will help to further relax your body, and put you in a calmer state of mind.

how to practice self careChoose a New Alarm Tone

Once you’ve gotten into better habits of resting, you are already learning how to practice self care.  Now, you can begin to find ways to wake yourself up earlier. One of these ways would be to try using a new alarm for your wake-up time.

If you’re well rested, you’ll be a lot less likely to hit the snooze button. That only results in the bad habit of leaving at the last minute. In fact, it would be a good idea to stop using the snooze button entirely. Hitting the snooze button may make you feel more tired when you’re jarred out of sleep multiple times each morning.  

Get to bed at a descent hour, sleep until you need to get up, then get up right away so that you don’t waste precious time.

Make Changes in the Roomhow to practice self care

One really easy way to force yourself to get up would be to change the orientations of your room. Try putting your alarm somewhere you can’t reach it.  That way,  you have to physically get your body out of bed to shut it off. Once you’re on your feet, it’ll be easier to just take yourself to the shower.

You might even want to make setting up a shower time outfit part of your night routine before bed. That way you’ll be reminded of the plan that you had for the day, take your shower, and spend your time getting ready early.

how to practice self care

How to Practice Self Care – Have a Schedule for Your Morning!

A great way to make sure that you take care of everything you need in the morning would be to make a schedule for your morning hours. This takes the guesswork out of what you need to be doing with that part of the day.

That allows you to start with confidence and the expectations that you’ve set for yourself. As you check things off the list, you’ll be able to start your day with a feeling of accomplishment, and the knowledge that you’ve already taken some of the stresses of the day off of the table.

Give Yourself Timehow to practice self care

The most important part of getting up earlier, is the time that you’ve set for yourself. This is the part of your day where you will focus on some kind of positive message like a positive affirmation, reading something soothing, or doing positive self-talk.

This will allow you to start your day feeling refreshed and protected as you meet the challenges that are presented.

Treat Your Body with Kindnesshow to practice self care

Today, a lot of women feel a hefty amount of stress because of the way body image has dominated media. Some have even gotten to the point that they develop eating disorders because of how they feel.

What a lot of women really need, is to focus on being kinder to themselves and their bodies. You may feel that you’re already being kind, but are you really?  Do a self-analysis and see if you treat your body with kindness using the factors below.

Your body is a temple. It’s a very powerful vessel.
You should always take care of it.

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The BEST Way to Practice Self Care – Get Lots of Resthow to practice self care

The first and easier way to treat yourself better would be to make sure that you get as much rest as you need each day.

Proper sleep and rest are important for your body. Your body needs those periods to conserve energy, and make some repairs to your cells.

If you don’t get all of the rest you need, then your body will begin to fail in small ways. You will also begin to feel tired all of the time. As you become weaker, you will see a breakdown in the quality of your work, and relationships around you will begin to suffer.

Much of this is due to the fact that it’s hard for you to feel completely connected to others when your mind hasn’t been allowed to rest properly. Studies have connected lack of sleep to a rise in apathy in some people.

As your apathy increases, you will begin to connect less and less to those around you until you are completely isolated. So it’s extremely important to get enough sleep consistently.

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how to relax after a stressful dayWant to Practice Self Care? Let Yourself Have Fun

Do you ever feel guilty when you take days off or try to do fun things with friends and family? A lot of women are in fields of work that force them to produce more and more work for their company. This culture of overworking yourself isn’t healthy and can lead to all forms of burnout.

The apathy that comes from being sleep deprived can also play a heavy role in diminishing your ability to enjoy things.  So practicing self care must include sufficient rest AND allowing yourself to have fun.

When you are properly rested, you’ll be in a better state to have fun. When you treat yourself with kindness and self care, you can get rid of a lot of the extra stress that you’ve been holding onto each day.

Make Sure You’re Hydrateddaily habits to stay healthy

How much water do your drink in a day? Hydration is something that a lot of women overlook. Have you fallen into the habit where you’ve replaced water with different types of soft drinks?

Those drinks are made of mostly sugars and chemicals that were created in a lab. They don’t provide enough pure water to help your body sustain many of its basic functions.  If you’re not drinking sufficient water, you may already be dehydrated to a level that can make you feel more stressed and ill.  Investing in a good water bottle would fix that problem instantly.

how to unplug for rest and relaxationGet Away from Technology for a Minute

Technology these days has been very good at absorbing nearly all of the free time that people have. Everyone is constantly being bombarded by adverts for games and new apps that boast a user-friendly environment and a new lease of life, but is this really true? Studies have shown that constant engagement with apps can actually cause a lot of stress in some people.

Social media has made it difficult or a larger number of people to feel content with their daily existence. This doesn’t mean that social media is a bad thing, but it could mean that a lot of women should use social media a lot less.

To help yourself feel better, it would be a good idea to step away from social media and unplug regularly so that you can focus on more pursuits that involve your well-being.

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Pay Attention to Your Bodytips for busy women to relax and unwind

Self-awareness isn’t always something that comes naturally. Sometimes it can take a well-crafted effort for you to learn how to practice self care and treat your body with more kindness.

This is partially because the world at large expects people to live for their desires more than their needs. Once you have made the choice to get better acquainted with yourself, you can begin to practice self care and mindfulness more effectively.  Also, you recognize the signals that your body puts out to let you know what it really wants and needs.

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