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How to Use Social Media for Business Without Getting Distracted

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Social media is wonderful, but it can also be dangerous.  It’s essential to learn how to use social media for business  without getting distracted.

Picture this:

You log on to post an important piece of content and get led astray by a cute cat video. You’re there to check your engagement and you get caught up in a political discussion. It’s time to see how much your followers have grown and you find yourself zoning out and scrolling down your feed for an hour.

Does any of that resonate with you?

I get it. You need to use social media for your business, but how do you do it without getting distracted, wasting time and falling victim to   business owner stress? The key is to take control and focus.

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How to Use Social Media For Business? Choose Your Platforms Well!

First, carefully choose which platforms you’ll use. You don’t have to use them all and you may find that some are more distracting than others. Choose sites where:

– Your audience is there and actively engaged
– It’s a profitable use of your time

Cut out the sites that are more distracting than profitable.

Create Boundaries

Establish boundaries between personal and professional use of social media. Create separate accounts for your business and keep off personal accounts during your working time.

For example, you might have a personal Facebook account and a Page for your business. You can check this Page when you’re working, but avoid your personal account. You may use LinkedIn for professional networking but Twitter and Instagram to communicate with friends.

Log In With an Objective in Mindtoo much email

Each time you get on social media, do it with a specific objective in mind.

For example, when you get on Facebook, you’re logging in to check today’s post’s engagement or research your followers. While you’re there, don’t do anything outside of that objective. If you see a video you want to watch, save it for later.

Establish certain times of day when you’re allowed to log in and set time limits. You might set up a 15-minute check in the morning, for example. Set a timer and close the window when the timer goes off.

Learning how to use social media for business can skyrocket your productivity, because you will be much more focused.  The result will be that you can much MORE done, in LESS time, with LESS distraction!

Prioritize Activities

Along with setting limits, establishing priorities for social media it one of the best things you can do in learning how to use social media for business effectively and strategically.

For example, you might have a 20-minute block of time designated for social media. During this time, you first need to post a piece of content you wrote.

Next, check comments.

Third, search for some specific information. Your lowest priority item might be to scroll down your feed. This way, you allow yourself some time to read content, but you make sure you get the important work done first.

Use a Second Monitortoo much email

A second monitor sends you messages without you actually logging in to the platform.

You can sign up for email notifications that let you see what’s happening without getting sucked in. When you’re notified that there’s something important, then you can log in and check.

Use a Dashboard

Use a social media dashboard that allows you to organize and monitor activity across platforms. You can take in everything that’s going on at a glance, which saves you time.

Identify Distractions and Get Rid of Them

Learning how to use social media for business will help you manage your time better, so you can improve productivity and increase your profits. You can control social media. It just takes some conscious effort. Take a look at how you use these sites and see where you’re wasting time. Monitoring will show you what’s distracting you the worst, and you can then remove it.

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