leaving the rat race for the simple life

Leaving the Rat Race for the Simple Life – Everything you Need to Know

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Succeeding in life can seem like an uphill battle. You’re probably striving for the same things as everyone else. And the one who reaches the goal is the one who fights the hardest. This has come to be known as the “rat race.” Leaving the rat race for the simple life is an option many are considering.

Especially now with social media, there seems to be a certain standard as to what’s an acceptable measure of success. But think about it.

Don’t you think it’s time to take a step back from the rat race of life, ignore what the world is saying, and pursue goals based on what’s important to you – not someone else?

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If leaving the rat race for the simple life is something you want to do, then you need to work hard, find a way to save money and start working on a passive income stream.

That’s the first step to escape the 9-5 grind and start a business you can really build your life around.

Consider these ideas as you start aligning your actions with your own goals to get out of the rat race:

Set meaningful goals to leave the rat race behind.

leaving the rat race for the simple life

Aim to achieve things that will bring you personal satisfaction.

What would make you happy? Is it something you can realistically achieve?

Set smaller goals that lead up to the larger goal. This will help you feel like you’re making progress as you accomplish each step.

Avoid comparing yourself to others.

leaving the rat race for the simple life

It’s extremely difficult to successfully compare your situation to somebody else’s. No two lives are exactly the same.

Instead, evaluate your current life and see how close it aligns to the life you want to live. Then, work on the areas that may be lacking based on your personal standards.

Are you pushing yourself hard enough? Are you doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals?

Comparing your situation to somebody else’s isn’t productive for either of you. The other person is busy enjoying their life, while you’re beating yourself up because your life is different from theirs.

Live your truth.

It doesn’t matter if your college friends are all married with kids. That doesn’t mean you should be living the same way! It simply means that your timing is different.

Take a moment to consider what you’ve done that your friends haven’t. Each person’s plan is unique.

Take a relaxed approach to achieving your goals. As long as you put in the work, it will happen. Believe in yourself and your goals.

Find happiness in simplicity to quit the rat race.

leaving the rat race for the simple life

Some of the greatest joys in life are the simple ones. Yet, it’s easy to overlook their impact.

Instead of striving for complex victories, start with the simple ones. You’d be surprised at how happy they can make you.

Maybe you love going out for ice cream on a Sunday afternoon. Or maybe you enjoy coloring to relax on the weekends.  As trivial as it sounds, this may bring you more happiness than buying a brand name handbag!

The absence of complexity often leads to a stress-free existence. You might think you want a vacation home and a portfolio full of great investments. But, it’s okay if those things aren’t in your life because you can avoid the added pressure of having them.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever be truly happy if you continue competing in the rat race. At the end of the day, happiness is what you’re aiming for.

Forget about competing against the world. Instead, compete against yourself. Push yourself to do more. You’ll soon realize that you can achieve more success than you ever imagined.

Simplify Your Life and Discover Greater Happiness

How much does it take to be happy? Americans have more than just about any other society in the world, yet we are far from the happiest country, based on surveys.

Clearly, owning a lot of stuff isn’t the key to happiness. However, we’re programmed to believe that we need to continuously upgrade our lifestyle. That’s why escaping the rat race and leaving corporate life is so challenging.

Until your perspective changes, getting out of the rat race will be merely a dream and it will be challenging to find the happiness you seek.

Consider these ideas and you’ll see how easy it is to be happier with less:

Has buying something ever made you happier?

leaving the rat race for the simple life Think of all the things you’ve wanted and ultimately acquired. After the initial rush wore off after you purchased the item, were you any happier?

You can’t buy your way to happiness. In fact, accumulating stuff tends to create stress.

Start by getting rid of the things you don’t need.

leaving the rat race for the simple life A great first step is to sell, give away, or throw out the stuff you don’t need. Pick a room and be honest with yourself.

It might be hard at first to let go of the fondue pot you last used six years ago, but you’ll feel great about having more free space.

Less stuff means more free time.

leaving the rat race for the simple life When you own fewer things, you have more free time to use as you please. When you own more than you need, you’re constantly maintaining, moving, dusting, or cleaning those items.

You have to move the stuff in the garage around just to get to your mower. You never seem to have enough room in your dresser or closet, yet you “have nothing to wear.” Can you relate?

Fewer obligations mean more free time.

Simplifying your life by eliminating unnecessary obligations will also give you more free time. Work on simplifying your obligations.

Your time is your most important resource. How are you spending it?

Understand the motivation of marketers and media.

leaving the rat race for the simple life TV movies, radio, and most websites primarily exist to make money. Every ad you face is an attempt to get you to buy something. The primary way this is accomplished is by convincing you that you need it, even if you don’t.

Think of them this way: every ad and commercial are trying to separate you from your money. They’ll do just about anything to get you to buy something. Understanding this will allow you to be happier with less.

The desire for more is never-ending.

You might think you’ll finally be satisfied with a 4,000 square-foot home, but you’ll eventually want a bigger one. Owning a pool might be your dream, but once that urge is satisfied, a new desire will take its place.

This is human nature. Recognize that you’ll always want more, but also recognize that it’s a trap.

It doesn’t matter how much you accumulate; you’ll always be left feeling the same way in the end. You can prove this to yourself by examining your past.

How much do you own? How much of your time is currently spoken for? Do you believe that having and doing even more will bring you greater happiness?

Give yourself a chance to experience a simple life and see for yourself!

Start by removing all the unneeded items from one room and get them out of your house. Also, drop one commitment that isn’t adding to your life. Ensure that you’re using that free time wisely. Then, evaluate after a few weeks.

Do you feel better or worse?

If you’ve climbed the ladder of success and still feel like something is missing, try living with less in your life!

8 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life

You want more free time, fewer obligations, and less clutter in your life. Who doesn’t? This doesn’t have to just be a wish. You can simplify and reclaim your life.

It has been said that life is more than long enough, as long as you’re not wasting time. You’re wasting time if your life is more complicated than it needs to be.

Use these easy techniques to create a simpler life that’s more meaningful to you:

Know your priorities.

List your priorities
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Who and what are most important to you? What do you want to accomplish with your life? What are your goals?

If you understand your priorities, it’s easier to simplify your life, because you know what matters and what doesn’t.

This includes identifying your daily priorities each day. Life is simpler when you know exactly what you want to get done each day. Make a list each evening for the next day and stick to it.

Start at home.

Go from room to room and consider everything. What do you not use? What do you not need? What do you not love? If you don’t use, need, or love it, strongly think about getting rid of it.

If you’re resistant to removing something from your life, ask yourself why.

Track your activity for one weekday and one weekend day.

leaving the rat race for the simple life Record how you spend your time each hour.

For example, at 9:00 am you might write: 8:00-9:00: 15 minutes answering email. 15 minutes surfing the internet. 30 minutes driving to work.

Do that for the whole day and tabulate how you spent your time. You’ll likely see a few activities that are taking up your time without providing much value to your life.

Be ruthless in controlling these time-wasters.

Assess your commitments.

This includes regular social activities, committees, clubs, and other commitments. Compare these to your list of priorities and goals.

If a commitment doesn’t help you accomplish what’s most important to you, consider quitting.

Create routines.

leaving the rat race for the simple life Routines are just a series of habits. You can have a routine for cleaning the kitchen or completing a report at work.

Routines simplify the amount of thinking you have to do. You can use your intellectual resources for other things.

A few other examples include a morning and evening routine for yourself, a yard work routine, an after-school routine for children, or an exercise routine.

Assess the people in your life.

Are all the optional people in your life adding something worthwhile to your life? Are you still dragging around an old high school friend or two that you don’t enjoy spending time with anymore? It’s not always easy to eliminate people from your life, but it may help you.

Don’t be afraid to say “no.”

leaving the rat race for the simple life Before adding new commitments to your life, remember to review your priorities and goals. Be willing to decline any offers that complicate your life unnecessarily.

Be brave and tell a few people “no.” It will do wonders for your self-esteem and support simplifying your life.

Give yourself the gift of freedom and simplify your life.

Once you’ve completed the process, repeat it again every few months. The first round will produce a lot of benefits, but you can simplify your life even further.

Buddhist monks are allowed little more than two robes, a spoon, a bowl, and a pair of sandals. How simple can you make your life?

5 Methods to Simplify Your Life

We only have so much room in our lives. Whether it is our mental space, physical space, or calendar space, everything we do, everything we buy, and everyone we spend time with takes up this space.

When you simplify your life, you will have more time, space, and energy to do the things you actually want to do!

Try these methods to simplify your life:

Declutter your house.

leaving the rat race for the simple life The environment you spend time in has an effect on how you feel, both physically and psychologically. If you’re wasting time looking for misplaced items or feeling overwhelmed when you open a cupboard, a change is in order.

Once you start to organize your belongings, you’ll start to feel more productive and energetic.

Start with one room and then ask yourself whether you feel better or not.

Lose those negative mental habits.

leaving the rat race for the simple life Negative mental activities, such as feeling sorry for yourself or dwelling on the past, can carry a lot of psychological weight and leave you feeling drained.

You can clear this mental clutter by focusing on healthier thoughts, for example, gratitude, self-compassion and realistic self-talk.

If you catch yourself thinking negatively, stop yourself by taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that it isn’t helpful. Then, switch your thoughts to something that makes you feel happier.

As you practice this technique, it becomes easier and easier until focusing on the positive becomes a habit.

Cut out toxic people.

leaving the rat race for the simple life We all have that friend or family member who only sees problems and never any solution. These negative people can take up valuable space in your life.

Avoid cutting people out of your life just because they are going through a tough time. However, it is important to set boundaries too.

Even if you don’t spend too much time together, if the time you do spend together leaves you feeling exhausted, then sometimes the best thing to do for your own mental health is to sever your ties.

Take control of your money.

leaving the rat race for the simple life When you don’t control your money, your money begins to control you, instead. When that happens, it takes up too much space in your life.

Make the decision to take charge of your finances, create a budget, and stick to it.

Once you have done this, making future financial decisions will be much simpler, and you won’t be spending as much time and energy worrying about your money.

Prioritize your time.

leaving the rat race for the simple life Time is your most valuable resource.

When you consider how much of your time you spend complaining, scrolling through social media, or just waiting for something to happen, you’ll find that you’ve been wasting many precious moments.

Instead of letting timewasters take up your space, make a schedule and do the things that matter most to you!

Make time for yourself to go for a walk, play with your children, or watch the sunset. Many simple things in life make up some of our most valuable moments. Don’t let the clutter cut these precious experiences out of your life!

Life can be complicated at times, and while it may feel as though simplifying things is overwhelming, the effort to make these changes will be well worth it.

Start off by subtracting one negative thing from your life each day. Get rid of some stuff you no longer need, try to clear some mental space, and make a little room in your calendar for yourself.

As your life becomes simpler, you won’t have as many stresses, and you’ll find yourself enjoying your life again – a joy that you may have lost little by little as your life got more and more complicated.

Simplify your life and bring back your joy!

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