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Reduce Lower Back Pain from Stress With These Easy Techniques

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There are many tips, tricks and techniques to lower back pain from stress.  Many of them, your doctor will never tell you about.

Maybe you’ve already considered putting heat on your back and trying to exercise when you can.  You’re not a fan of medication or perhaps (like me) you have a sensitive stomach.  That means continually popping pills every time your back hurts is not an option.  So now what?  You’re just out of luck?

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Fortunately there are many small tips, tricks and techniques you can consider to lower back pain from stress.  Since these tips and tricks aren’t exactly what you would call exact medical science your doctor will probably never mention these things to you.  But the fact is, they work!  And one of these tips may be just want you need to finally fix your lower back pain from stress.

The Basketball Trick For Lower back pain from Stress

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Your muscles are cramped and stiff and nothing seems to work.  You can stretch and stretch but they’re just not loosening up.  Now what?

Get yourself a basketball and put it on a flat surface such as your living room floor.  Make sure you’ve moved the furniture out of the way, and lay down on it and roll it around the area of the back.

Sound strange?  A basketball is nice and stiff, unlike a volleyball or Pilates ball or other type of ball, and so it presses against those muscles.  As you roll yourself on the basketball it’s forcing those muscles to be loosened just like a good massage. 

It can also work to increase the blood circulation in the back which of course helps to get the muscles healed on their own.

You might find that you eventually push the air right out of the basket ball as you do this daily. You can either pump it back up or buy a new one but this is a small price to pay for getting some relief on your back. 

And remember, you need to use a basketball and not something soft that’s going to collapse under your weight.

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Inversion technique for lower back pain due to stress

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Since the back muscles need to work when you’re standing or even sitting, you need to get all the pressure off that area of your body in order for the muscles and nerves to heal themselves.  How can you do that?

Some doctors prescribe their patients a system of counterweights for you to hang from.  These things work but can be difficult to use and somewhat dangerous if you live alone.

Another idea is to put yourself in a chair or position that gets your feet up and relieves the pressure from your hip area.  If you can purchase a recliner get one that reclines far enough that your feet are higher than your hips.  Putting yourself on a couch where you can drape your feet over the arms of the couch can also help.

Remember that you need to alleviate the pressure on the area of your hips so your legs and feet need to be that high to do so.  A footstool is not going to do the trick.

Prop-up yourself while sleeping

The body can go through many distortions while sleeping.  Doctors estimate that a person changes positions some 32 times during the night, or once every 15 minutes!  Since we’re not conscious of these changes it’s no wonder that we may contort ourselves into something painful without realizing it. Or, we may tense up during sleep and not allow ourselves to relax in any way.

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Elevating your feet can help to alleviate the lower back pain from stress.  It can also keep you in a position that is more at ease during the night.  It’s very hard to curl up into a tense little ball when your feet are propped up!


Massage and Hot Stones For lower back pain caused by stress

What doctor would tell you to go get a massage?  If your doctor tell you that, give her or her a medal, and send her phone number to everyone you know!

Very rarely do doctors recommend treatment options as easy as massage and hot stone therapy.  They’re taught in medical school that many problems have deep roots and need to be addressed with their particular methods – surgery, medication, physical therapy, and so on.  But a good massage and hot stone therapy can go a long way toward helping to alleviate the tension in your back.

Stretching your muscles on your own is very beneficial.  And if that is all you can afford at the moment, then that is good enough for now.  But, sometimes muscles need some outside influence in order to force them to relax and to stop knotting up.  A good massage can go a long way toward helping those muscles loosen up.

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Hot Stone Therapy May be Just Right For You!

lower back pain from stressHot stone therapy is also effective because those hot stones increase that blood flow up and down the entire spine.  Don’t be afraid of the phrase “hot stones”. They are not really boiling hot or else they would hurt your skin. 

These are stones that are smooth and polished and soaked in hot water or steam.  They’re just warm enough to help your spine relax but not so warm that they’re going to hurt.  Because they’re placed in a line up and down the spine they can help your entire back to relax. After that hot stone therapy you will walk away feeling loose and energized.

Don’t wait around for your doctor to recommend a good massage.  And remember that you want this to be from an experience masseuse, not some school or amateur.  So check around and consider the cost of a massage as an investment in your overall health.

Get a Back Support Bra To Help with Lower back pain from stress

A posture bra  can also help alleviate lower back pain from stress. These back support bars have a large back with crisscross seams to keep the back upright and relaxed.  If you try to slouch you feel resistance from the back panels.

Try Pilates for stress related lower back pain

Most are familiar with the form of exercise called Pilates. It typically concentrates on building up the muscles of the stomach and midsection, or what is called the core.  Pilates uses the body’s own weight as resistance and can be quite a workout for those who are just starting out.

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When the stomach muscles are well developed they can assist in holding up the posture and in making the body mobile.  That may be one reason that Pilates work for stress related lower back pain. The stomach supports the upper body and when the stomach muscles are underdeveloped the back works that much harder.

You can easily try Pilates right in your own home with a DVD.

Fortunately, Your Doctor May recommend this!

Today, your doctor is more likely to recommend exercise rather than bed rest for treating lower pack pain from stress. Understandably, if it hurts to move, you could be afraid to even lace up your walking shoes.

You may feel like you’re trapped. Obviously, you know that becoming stronger and more flexible will eventually provide relief, but it’s difficult to begin the healing process.

You may be surprised at all the safe activities you can choose from to get effective low-impact exercise that’s good for your back.

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Try These Back-friendly Guidelines for Working Out

  1. lower back pain from stressIncrease circulation. Blocked arteries may be causing discomfort in your lower back. Cardiovascular training such as walking will increase blood flow.

  2. lower back pain from stressTarget your back. As long as your doctor approves and your pain is less than severe, you can begin exercises that will strengthen your back. Training for flexibility and strength will speed up your recovery.

  3. lower back pain from stressEnjoy the effort. Changing your mindset makes any back condition easier to bear, especially if you’ve been sedentary up until now. Distinguish between moderate exertion and overdoing it. It’s usually okay to keep moving as long as you feel no acute strain. Find activities you like and invite a friend to join you.

Safe Exercises for Your lower Back

  1. Take a walk. Most doctors encourage walking for patients with lower back pain from stress. Walking offers many of the benefits of running with lighter impact, especially if you stick to soft surfaces.

  2. Jump in the pool. Water is also great for allowing you to move around without jarring your spine. You can jog or do water aerobics in the pool, or just swim laps.

  3. Buy an exercise ball. Want an inexpensive and fun prop that will turn ordinary activities into effective exercises for your lower back? Sit on an exercise ball while you’re watching television or talking on the phone. Depending on your workplace, you may even be able to use it at your desk.

  4. Try a new machine.
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    Treadmills can be hard on your back, but there are many other options. Take a look at elliptical machines or recumbent bicycles that provide many of the same benefits with less strain.

You can reduce lower back pain from stress, and have an active, fulfilling life.  In fact, strong muscles and good posture will lessen your symptoms and reduce future flare-ups. With regular exercise, you’ll be keep stress at bay, minimize lower back pain from stress, and resume doing the things you love.

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