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Mom Burn Out? Read This to Turn Things Around

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Preventing mom burn out protects your overall health and your career. However, if the way you work changed radically over the past year, your old defenses may not be enough.

How do you know if you’re burned out?

Some of the most common mom burnout symptoms include depression, irritability, and lack of motivation. You feel tired and unable to control your circumstances.

Your physical health can be affected too, putting you at increased risk for heart conditions and diabetes. These are all typical parental burnout symptoms

If you’re feeling down and your productivity has dropped, you can recover.  Want to learn how to recover from mom burnout?  Try the 14 strategies below to bounce back from mom burn out.

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Fighting Mom Burnout During Work Hours

  1. mom burn outEvaluate your expectations. Mom burnout is often caused by pushing yourself too hard for too long. Look at your to do list and see what you can eliminate or delegate. Focus on your top priorities.

  2. Set goals. Working towards something you want to achieve provides instant inspiration. Make daily and weekly goals, so you’ll keep building momentum.

  3. Limit distractions. Burnout makes it difficult to concentrate. Create quiet spaces where you can work at the office or at home. Turn off your phone and stay away from social media websites and apps where you tend to lose track of time.

  4. socialize to avoid mom burn outFind allies. Do you feel isolated or have more conflicts with your coworkers? Burnout can take a toll on your relationships. If you feel safe, talk with your boss or a trusted colleague about what you’re going through.

Having a support system is essential for surviving mom burnout. If you are a work from home mom, it’s even more important to reach for support.

     5. Have fun. Brighten up your workday. Join the party planning committee. Pass along a funny joke or an intriguing news story.

     6. socialize to prevent mom burn outPace yourself. How many hours are you working a week? Research shows that excess overtime lowers your performance. You’re more likely to succeed with a 35-to-40-hour week.

     7. Take time off. It may help to get away from your routines for a while. If possible, use your vacation days to visit family and friends in another city. If you’re short on leave, try a spa day at home or check into a local hotel for the weekend.

     8. Be patient. Burnout often builds up gradually and it may take a while to turn things around. Give yourself credit for making an effort. Appreciate signs of gradual progress.

Fighting Mom Burn Out Outside of Work Hours

  1. Address root causes. While there are many things you can do to cope with burnout temporarily, lasting change depends on resolving the source of your troubles. Maybe it’s an event at work, or maybe it has more to do with your disposition or personal life.

  2. make sleep a priority to avoid mom burn outSet boundaries. Remote work blurs the line between business and leisure activities. Try to keep office items out of your bedroom. Let your job know the hours when you’re unavailable.

  3. Sleep well. Go to bed on time, so you can wake up feeling refreshed. Stick to a consistent schedule, even on weekends and holidays.

  4. exercise to prevent mom burn outWork out. Physical activity relieves stress and gives you more energy. Design a balanced program of cardio exercise, strength training, and stretches.

  5. Learn to relax. Manage daily tensions with stress-relieving activities. Listen to instrumental music or work on your hobbies.

  6. Consider counseling. If your burnout symptoms persist, you may benefit from working with a professional therapist. Some employers have extended mental health benefits as a result of COVID-19. If you’re on a limited budget, contact a community hotline to explore low-cost services.

Burnout can seem overwhelming, but you probably have more options than you think. Change your daily habits and ask others for help if you’re struggling. Taking constructive action will help you to regain your balance and increase your job satisfaction.

Prevent Mom Burn Out with Simple Strategies from Psychologists

Feeling burnt out as a mom? Mum burnout can happen at any time to anyone, so it’s important to prevent it. Psychologists have simple strategies for recognizing issues that can lead to mum burn out and giving you methods to deal positively with them.

Mommy burnout is a state that is best described as complete exhaustion. You may feel as if the world is ending, and you’re completely overwhelmed by everything and everyone.  Mummy burnout can occur at work or at home.

Try these techniques to stop motherhood burnout in its tracks.

Find a creative outlet.

find a refreshing hobby to avoid mom burn outCreativity is one of the best ways to prevent burnout.

Do you have a creative outlet you can use to make your life easier? Do you love to draw, paint or play the piano?  Maybe you always wanted to try your hand at gardening? Even spending some time coloring can help you relax and prevent mom burn out.

It’s important to find a creative way to release energy and fight stress.

Find time for yourself.

make time for youDo you spend all of your time working and taking care of family or friends?

It’s crucial to find time for yourself in your busy schedule.

Carve out some time each day to relax and do something you enjoy. Chores, work, family obligations, and everything else can wait.

One of the main reasons burnout happens is because people keep pushing themselves and don’t take enough breaks to regroup and heal.

Psychologists recommend spending some time away from your to-do list. For example, you may want to eat lunch away from your desk in a more relaxing environment that truly gives you a break.

Reach out to others.

spend time with friendsPrevent burnout by talking about your concerns or worries with others. Do you have someone you can trust, so you can share the issues that weigh you down?

Communicating your concerns can help you discover new solutions to your challenges. The support a friend or loved one provides can help you avoid burnout.

It’s tempting to avoid others during a burnout, but talking about the issues can help you solve them faster.

Dig deep into your mind and soul.

Look inward. Why are you burning out? What is truly causing the stress in your life?

It’s important to look inside instead of just focusing on external issues.

Are you being a perfectionist? Are you taking on too much work or home responsibilities? Do you need to learn to say NO more often? Evaluating your life can lead to crucial burnout solutions.

Focus on the positive.

Burnout can occur because your focus is lost and misdirected to negative emotions and thoughts.

Consider your daily thoughts and feelings. Are you focusing on the negative aspects of every situation? How can you change this, so your thoughts are on a more positive path?

You may want to create lists of positive actions and thoughts throughout the day to stay on track. You can keep a notebook of inspirational ideas to help you avoid negativity.

It’s important to recognize negative emotions and what causes them before burnout occurs. You may have to set boundaries with people who are creating the negativity in your life. You may have to say no more often and reject more work or responsibilities to stay balanced.

By focusing on the positive, you can reconsider your life goals.

You can prevent burnout by following the advice of psychologists and taking time to relax.

Put these tips to use each day and you’ll feel better.

Working Moms: Get Dad to Pull His Weight Around the House

mom burn outIn most households, it takes two to raise a family, pay for the bills and keep the house in good shape. For the home to run smoothly, it’s necessary for both you and your spouse to pitch in.

You work a full-time work schedule, and so does your husband. Therefore, it makes sense for the two of you to work as a team to complete the household chores.

Gone are the days where you have to put the kids to bed, clean the entire house, and clean up after your husband all by your lonesome.

These days, your husband may be as mindful about household chores as you are!

Every man is different.

Some men intentionally plot to minimize their workload around the house by acting oblivious, while others truly are oblivious. And some do what needs to be done without being asked. Your husband likely falls somewhere between the three.

What has worked for your sister and your brother-in-law may not be the right approach for getting your husband to pull his weight around the house. Every man is different.

Approach your husband according to his personality. Be sensitive and caring when approaching him for help. Consider his personality and motivations carefully, and approach him with a loving spirit.

Give a little push.

mom burn out“You need to train your man to do what you want” is a common saying amongst wives.

But a gentler approach in love is a much more respectful and effective approach. Provide him with a push in the right direction and respond in a positive way when he makes an effort.

It’s important to realize that no one likes to be nagged. Be tactful in your approach.

Try saying something like, “Honey, my back is killing me. Vacuuming the floors every week is really taking its toll on my back. Would you mind taking over this chore?”

Make a list.

Sometimes, men simply have little idea how many things must be done to run the household. With a little more perspective, many men jump at the chance to help carry the load.

Make a chore chart for your family and hang it prominently in the kitchen. Give every member of the family a colored star (such as Maggie has blue stars next to her chores and Tommy has red) and be sure to include both you and dad within the chart.

Chore Chart
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Be specific.

Ask your husband to help out with specific chores. He likely has a different definition of what “helping out” means, and you can effectively come together by spelling out exactly what you need.

If you’re vague in your description, he may think that loading the dishwasher and wiping the counters every night is enough. Meanwhile, you were hoping that he’d vacuum and fold laundry twice weekly. Communication is the key to a smoothly running home.

Call in the big guns.

 If all else fails, let your husband know that you mean business.

Take it upon yourself to get quotes from local cleaning services and ensure that he’s home when you’re doing the walkthrough of your home with the consultant.

Once he hears that it’ll cost your family $400 per month to pick up his slack, he’s likely to be more willing to help.

Men and women often have very different ideas of the chores that need to be done in order to keep your household operating smoothly. By following these strategies, you’ll finally be able to get your hardworking career man to work hard at doing his part at home as well.

With everyone pulling their weight, the household will run smoothly and everyone will be happier.

From Mom to Supermom – Tips for Avoid Working Mom Burnout

Life is a balancing act for many people, but this is especially true for working moms.

Trying to juggle your career, duties as a wife, and the responsibilities to your children can be challenging and overwhelming. However, you can wake up each day looking forward to the upcoming challenges with excitement!

Try these tips to effectively cope with the pressures and demands of your incredibly busy life.

Separate your family time and office time.

Set proper boundaries to provide adequate attention to each of your roles. No scheduling solution is perfect, but the effort alone will pay big dividends in your stress level and effectiveness as a parent, wife, and career woman.

When you’re in the office, concentrate on work. Similarly leave work at work when you come home for the evening and give your family your undivided attention. You’ll get more done in less time and feel less stressed. 

spend time playing with the kidsMake plans with your kids for the weekend.

Allow your kids to choose the activity they wish on the weekend. This communicates value to your children and lets them know that they’re important to you. During this time, focus exclusively on them and enjoy your time together.

enjoy dinner together to relax and reduce stressEnjoy dinner together as a family.

Discuss your day and enjoy family togetherness over your evening meal.

Switch off your cell phones, iPods, and any distracting gadgets during time spent with your family so work cannot interfere.

Show your children what you do.

Let your children know about your career, why it’s important to you, and why it’s important to them. The more they know about where mom spends her day, the more accepting they’ll be of your absence while you’re at work.

Take your kids to the office whenever possible and familiarize them with your work. Let them see your workplace first-hand and learn all about what you do.

Introduce your kids to your colleagues’ children.

This way, you can form a common link between work and family and more easily maintain your work/life balance.

make time for fun family activitiesFind hobbies that you all enjoy.

If your children are passionate about something that you also enjoy, this gives you an outlet to experience regular quality time with them and rejuvenating recreation at the same time.

Get to know your child’s friends.

Organize a sleepover and get to know who your kids hang out with. Get to know their friends’ parents. Take an active role in encouraging your children to hang around with positive people that can fuel their growth.

spend time with family having funGo on a family vacation once a year.

Choose a destination that you and your kids all agree on. Make sure the vacation offers something enjoyable for everyone.  Make a bucket list of places you would like to go as a family, then start planning and documenting everything about the trip.

Most importantly, leave office work at the office. This communicates to your children that they are valuable to you.

Hire a maid for the household work.

If the pressure at your office is too much or your time is spread too thin, hire a maid for the household chores. Do whatever it takes to spend lots of quality time with your children.

Hire someone to do the mundane work so you can do the most important work of all: being a loving parent to your children.

By following these tips, you can bring sanity to a world that was once filled with constant chaos.

You can juggle your career and family life without burning out if you make decisions that are consistent with your values, plan your time carefully, and use your resources on the priorities that are most important.

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