money management to reduce stress

Money Management to Reduce Stress

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This post contains affiliate links to help our readers learn about money management to reduce stress!

I want to talk to you about money management to reduce stress.

The demands of our jobs and family life sometimes cause excess levels of stress, but the leading cause of stress for most women is money.

When we feel that we are not managing our money properly, stress levels tend to rise astronomically. Here are a few tips for stress-free money management.

Keep Regular

First, it is important to deal with money on a regular basis. Many people avoid thinking about their financial difficulties, and this can lead to even higher stress levels. By accepting the fact that you have to deal with money issues, it may be possible to begin lifting the burden of stress.

Set a Goal

Next, make a goal about your money. If you have debt that you would like to pay off, make it a goal to put a dent in your debt through the year. If you would like to save up for a down payment for a new home, you may wish to make that a goal. Motivation is a powerful tool that can help us gain the courage necessary to deal with our monetary issues.

Be Realistic

Once you feel comfortable making decisions about your financial situation, it is important to sit down and be realistic about what you can do. Having goals is a wonderful step, but these goals must be attainable for them to be effective at reducing stress. If you do not have enough money coming in to meet your goals, you may need to reevaluate them.

You may also need to make some tough decisions about how you spend your money. While many of us enjoy going to the local coffee shop, we may not be able to afford spending five dollars every day on chilled coffee. Small changes add up over time, and making a few difficult decisions to cut back on spending may be enough to significantly reduce money stress levels.

Fortunately, learning money management to reduce stress has several benefits.  Reducing our stress in relation to financial issues often helps us spend less money. By being proactive and reducing how stressed money makes us feel, it’s definitely possible to spend less while reaping the benefits of a stress-resilient life.

In addition, stress may lead to more appointments with the doctor, which further increases stress and can cost a considerable amount of money. Since stress is at the basis of many medical problems, and medical problems cost money, it’s important to get a grip on your money management so that you can reduce the amount of stress that surrounds the subject of money.

There are solutions for money stress

Whatever your financial state is, take solace in the fact that there are solutions available to help you get out of debt and to ensure that your debt level does not continue to rise.

Since money mismanagement is one the leading causes of stress, and finances are the topic that most women get stressed about on a frequent basis, you can bet that I’ve written a book about it and how you can reduce your stress by managing your money effectively.

THIS BOOK is proactive in the sense that it really gets to the bottom of why finances can make us so stressed, it sooths your stress around the idea of money and it also offers practical tips to help you start managing your money effectively.

Be sure to check it out if you often find yourself stressed about money, finances, and money management! You’re going to love it!

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  1. Micheila Montgomery says:

    Thank you for this, Darlene, your blog is a wake up call for my life! Just today I have been feeling SO stressed about my finances. I have a large medical bill that has been looming over my head for so long. Worrying over it keeps me up at night. I am excited to check out your book on managing money effectively and I am writing down my goal to get this bill paid off. I am going to spend some time tonight with my husband getting like minded on how to do this. Thank you so much!

    1. Darlene Berkel says:

      Thanks for sharing Micheila. I struggled with financial stress for yours, mostly as a result of high credit card bills. You clearly are on the right track by writing down your goal to get that medical bill paid off. Be as specific as you can be, i.e. give yourself a realistic time frame for paying off the bill. You will start to feel the stress and worry melt away as you make payments each month toward your goal. If you want accountability, feel free to post your progress here in the comments each month. Your success would be a great inspiration for others who are struggling with money management to reduce stress too.

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