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Must Read Books For Women – Take Charge of Your Health & Happiness Now!

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Every woman wants to be happy, healthy, and successful. The key to that happiness is found within each one of us. But it does not happen automatically.

It takes effort to cultivate happiness and making changes for it to be able to flourish. You have the power within yourself to lower your anxiety, get rid of stress and find happiness.  That’s where these 5 must read books for women come in handy.

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Must Read Books For Women #1: 10% Happier

In the book 10% Happier, by Dan Harris, you’ll learn exactly how you can lower anxiety, get rid of stress and find happiness. The author is a news anchor who made changes in his life after millions of viewers witnessed his on air panic attack.

Like the author, everyone has a voice inside of them that narrates their life. Harris subtitles the book, “How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works.”

This inner narrator is often not kind and possesses the ability to take control of your life, if you let it. Some internal voices that narrate to you are highly critical.

They constantly berate you by telling you that you don’t have what it takes. That you’re not good enough, will never be able to achieve your dreams and so on. This critical voice has the power to keep you stuck in life as long as it’s heeded.

Listening to that inner voice often results in self-defeating behaviors that give weight to what’s being said. Your inner narrator can also cause you to lash out in anger, to be quick to react emotionally.

Don’t Let Your Inner Narrator Harm You

It can lead to habits that are unhealthy such as emotional eating or using recreational drugs. People who experience the critical inner voice and feelings want a quick escape. They often push themselves at a frantic pace to try to escape that noise.

They can become workaholics, adrenaline junkies or sink into depression. In the book, the author talks about the problems he struggled with because of his own internal track. The good news is that the voice that holds you back in life isn’t really in control.

You have the ability to take charge of your life.  Tis is one of the must read books for women that can show you how to do that.

You’ll discover how to gain focus and find the happiness that you’re seeking. But that’s not all. You’ll learn the keys to setting yourself free from listening to the negative voice track in your mind. You’ll learn how to be mindful in all that you do, from work to eating.  Mindful living helps  you to be fully present in your life.

Must Read Books For Women #2: How Not to Die

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Many women believe that if you get a certain health condition, you might as well give up. They may feel that there’s nothing you can do to improve your health. Because of that mindset, many people live with certain conditions and diseases like a death sentence.

Having a condition doesn’t mean that your hands are tied when it comes to your health. It also doesn’t mean that you can reverse that health issue. In the book, How Not to Die, you can learn how to improve and take control of your health.  That’s why it’s one of the must read books for women that I highly recommend.

Studies have shown that the way you eat can have a significant impact on your health. By choosing to eat a healthy diet, you can keep health conditions at bay. But that’s not all. You can improve your life and the book, How Not to Die,  can show you how to do that.

Many people want to change their diet and they want to have a lifestyle that supports good health. The problem is,  they just aren’t sure how. This book can show you how to make these changes. And guess what,  they’re a lot easier to make than you might think.

It was written by a physician who covers the main causes of disease as well as the ones that are affected by diet. You’ll learn how diseases like heart, lung or digestive cancers can be helped by changing your diet.

Change The Course of Your Health Journey

You’ll also discover how you can improve your health if you  have condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Even if you’re currently taking medications for one of those conditions, the diet and lifestyle you choose can have an impact. The advice given can often do more good for your body than traditional methods such as taking medication can.

There’s a reason that this works for thousands of women and can work for you as well. Many diets help you to lose weight, but they fall short in other areas. Mainly, they don’t address the issues associated with the types of foods that you eat.

They don’t help you because they don’t give you the knowledge you need to overcome ongoing diseases. The book is on my list of must read books for women because it’s thorough. It covers which foods you should have in your diet that will help you with your condition.

But it also lets you know which foods you need to avoid because they can impact your particular health issue. By learning how to eat – as well as which lifestyle changes you need to make – you can add years to your life.

Along with an in depth look at the foods you should and shouldn’t eat, this 576-page book called How Not to Die also covers drinks as well as exercise for a total health makeover.

Must Read Books For Women #3: The Anti Inflammatory Diet and Action Plans

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Studies have shown that auto-immune conditions continue to be on the rise. Environmental as well as the types of foods eaten factor into the escalating epidemic of these disorders.

You can control inflammations that are controlling your life and you can prevent that struggle from being one that you have to deal with to start with. You do this by following an anti-inflammatory diet that you can learn about in the The Anti Inflammatory Diet and Action Plans book.

Inflammation occurs within the body for a number of reasons but you can control this by changing the kinds of foods that you eat. Most people know that certain foods do cause inflammation flare-ups.

But knowledge without action is useless. The author can show you how to take action and give your body the relief from symptoms that you deserve. You need to know how to eat in a way that works for you and the tools in this book can help you to create a diet plan that specifically suits your needs.

Pick What Works For You

You’ll be able to pick which one of the 4 meal plans you want to follow. These meal plans can be altered to fit your life. It offers more than 130 different recipes and is suited even for people who want to follow a specific type of diet.

If you’re someone who follows a vegan eating lifestyle, you’ll find that the information can be helpful to you. There is an emphasis on a vegan diet. There’s also a diet where the focus is on eating according to the Mediterranean eating plan.

You can also chose the Paleo diet or the time-saving one. The book teaches users about long term inflammation in the body and how food causes that inflammation to flare up or to be controlled.  Knowledge is power.  That’s why I added this book to my shortlist of must read books for women.

Some foods can trigger an inflammatory response while others soothe it. You’ll learn how to eat healthier for your condition. There are step by step instructions on what to do and how you can be successful in reducing or eliminating your chronic inflammation.

The categories covered include beverages, the meals you’ll eat throughout the day as well as snacks. These categories are broken down by meats and poultry – including seafood.

Even condiments are covered. You’ll also learn about the kind of desserts you can have that won’t cause an inflammation flare up. Common symptoms of inflammation will become a thing of the past for you. You can get rid of body aches, headaches, and other side effects that go along with the condition.

Must Read Books For Women #4: The Vitamin E Factor

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Sometimes the solution to a problem is right in front of you, but it’s often overlooked. That’s the case with Vitamin E. Though it holds the answer to many of life’s health questions, it’s often not considered – not because it’s not a helpful vitamin, but because as a society, people have been trained to seek prescription relief first.

But the benefits of vitamin E, as explained in the book, The Vitamin E Factor, can help to combat many chronic health conditions and diseases. This almost 400 page book starts with an introduction to vitamin E because most people don’t know that much about it or the health benefits that it offers.

They may have heard how it can help keep the skin soft and young looking as well as how it can help people slow down the aging process. But the vitamin is much more than an anti-aging aid, the book explains.

Boost Your Immune System and Fight Off Disease

This vitamin is vital for keeping your immune system strong and for providing you with powerful antioxidants to keep you in peak health. These antioxidants found in vitamin E have been found to help with a host of conditions that traditional methods may not be helping with.

One of these conditions is diabetes. Because diabetics are often at higher risk for heart disease and heart attacks, taking vitamin E can reduce those risks. The reason that it can help reduce that risk is found in the fact that vitamin E is known to lower the levels of bad cholesterol that diabetics usually have.

There have been some studies on how using vitamin E can protect eye health and prevent common eye conditions that are associated with aging. The book covers other conditions the vitamin helps with – such as cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Another condition covered in the book is autoimmune diseases. These conditions can take a toll on a person’s health and the author explains how the vitamin can help with that.

Also found in the book is an in-depth look at what the vitamin E family is and how it can work for you. This family consists of 8 different compounds divided into the two categories of tocopherols and tocotrienols.

These compounds are also found in the foods that you eat that contain the vitamin. The book goes into some detail on the alpha-tocopherol compound and explains why it’s useful for your body.

You’ll also learn about the difference between natural vitamin E and synthetic forms and which one is better for you. The absorption process of the vitamin is explained as well as vitamin E deficiency causes.

Must Read Books for Women #5: Younger Next Year

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Aging is something that happens to everyone. But how you age and what you do about it is totally up to you. Most people think that aging is in completely out of their control. They believe they can’t slow down the effects of it on their body so that they actually look and feel younger.

But the truth is that you can. In the book, Younger Next Year, you’ll learn how. What readers love about this book is that it’s packed full of information on how you can experience aging better than ever before – but it’s not boring or dry.

It’s scientifically sound, but written in a conversational way that makes the knowledge easy to understand and implement in your life. There’s a good reason this book is a bestseller.

2 Reasons This Book May be JUST Right for You

This is hands down one of the must read books for women for 2 reasons. First, the information on how you can rewind your biological clock is practical and helpful.  Second, the humorous way in which the material is covered makes it a book that you will enjoy reading over and over again.

Unlike some must read books for women that are written from the perspective of someone who’s never walked the lifestyle, writer Chris Crowly has – and knows what he’s talking about. The book opens with a part on taking control of your life rather than allowing your life to just happen to you.

It discusses what aging is and what it isn’t so that you’ll be able to recognize the normal signs of growing older. The book goes over the information about what happens within your cells as they age and how you can slow the cell changes by turning back your biological clock.

With humorous insight, the author talks about what happens when you let your body go and settle for the aches and pains that you don’t have to put up with. You’ll discover that changing how you age is as simple as changing your mindset and getting up off that couch.

You Are in Control of Your Physical & Mental Health

Through the easy to read chapters, you’ll understand how your health is impacted by your physical level and mental outlook and how staying active is key to keeping age related issues at bay.

From couch potatoes to moderate exercisers to aerobic exercise, each level is tackled. If you’re someone who thinks, “Aerobics? At my age?” then the book is especially for you.

You’ll learn how to gear up for exercise in a way that you never thought possible. You’ll discover the aging lies people tell themselves and how to change that. While it’s the humor that helps to make this book a real page turner, you’ll learn how to gain energy, how eating and metabolism play a part in the aging process and how getting started is the key to successfully turning back the clock.

It will help you discover everything about setting goals, strength training and nutrition. By following the lifestyle instructions provided, you can eliminate half of the sickness, health conditions and injuries that are commonly associated with aging.

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