Natural Stress Reducers: Conquer Life’s Challenges Without Losing Steam

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If you are facing a major life challenge, you might feel the stress piling up on your shoulders.

When you face a major life crisis like the death of a loved one,  diagnosis of disease, divorce, downsizing, etc, your natural inclination might be to see a doctor and ask for medication to help you cope.  Before resorting to pharmaceutical treatment, why not try these natural stress reducers first.

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These are the exact 3 strategies I use to keep stress under control when coping with a major life challenge. Darlene

1. A Healthy Diet Makes The Best Natural Stress Reducers

Eating a healthy diet is not just important if you want to keep your body healthy and if you want to live a long, full life. It is imperative if you want to reduce your stress level triggered by any major life transition.

Getting the nutrients your body needs is the only way that you will have the emotional and physical strength to shake off your stress and cope with life’s ups and downs.

When you are struggling with a major life challenge  it can be tempting to indulge in comfort foods. Instead, stick to a healthy diet and you’re much more likely to  build stress resilience to survive any personal storm.

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How I Coped with a Major Life Challenge

I recently lost my sister to lung cancer.  She was 41 years old.

My aged parents (my mom was  67 and my dad was 71 at the time)  experienced intense grief.  But my mom was showing clear signs of stress as a result of the grief. She was struggling with  insomnia, lack of appetite, feelings of guilt etc.

It’s simply unnatural for a mother to have to bury her child.  Tweet This!

I had to help her to see that health matters more than anything when coping with grief .  We had to convince her that we wanted her  to spend as many years as possible with her five remaining adult children.  Furthermore her many grand children, including the only child of my deceased sister, needed her too!

To achieve that, she would need to focus on healthy habits and natural stress reducers.  Things that promote her physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Taking good care of yourself is essential as you progress thru major life challenges. Tweet This!

I made sure that my mom was eating a nutritious diet as well as juicing on a daily basis. We also incorporated other natural stress reducers into our daily routine. Things such as finding time to relax and getting sufficient sleep.

natural stress reducers

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2. Walk or Do Other Light Exercise For Better Natural Stress Anxiety Relief

Exercise is one of the best natural stress reducers in the world. Tweet This!

Getting your heart beating a little bit faster and your metabolism up is essential.  That will help burn off the hormones that are causing you to feel stressed out, depressed, and emotionally drained.

Take some time and do a little bit of light exercise.

I walk five (5)  times a week for 25 – 30 minutes each time, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Psychologists encourage walking if you are feeling depressed, anxious or stressed. Health coaches and personal trainers often start with a walking program as a beginning point for developing an exercise program.

Why walking?

Well, it’s one of the best natural stress reducers and you already know how to do it, so only a few refinements are needed in technique.

Walking for stress relief is great at almost any age and it’s especially helpful for bereaved parents who are coping with the death of a child.

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3. It’s Okay to Talk.  It’s Okay to Cry For Natural Stress Relief

Just talking about what you are feeling is one of the best natural stress reducers you can use to cope with major life challenges.

Studies have shown that putting your feelings into words is a great way to process those emotions. It’s crucial to talk about difficult emotions that are part of the changes and transitions you are facing.  Talking it out can help you come to terms with the anxiety and sense of loss you may be feeling.

Look for opportunities to share, whether you seek out a therapist, a support group, or just talk to a friend or close family member over the phone. Journaling is another effective way to get your grief out of your heart and on to paper.

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Crying is Extremely Therapeutic.  

It’s high on the list of natural stress reducers. In fact, it beneficial for anyone coping with major life challenges…myself included.

You might remember back when you were a kid how your mom always told you to stop crying.

You’ve told your own kids at some point, “Stop that crying, it doesn’t do any good”. I know as a child, I’ve been told” “Stop crying or else I’ll give you something to cry about!”

Seriously, if a child is crying, it’s a clue he’s already got something to cry about.

Depending on the era you grew up, your parents might have handled kids crying in some pretty creative ways.

Many experts believe crying has some usefulness in our lives.  They recommend that crying be included as one of many natural stress reducers.

Did you know that crying has a scientific name? It’s called “lacrimation.”

Most people haven’t heard of it.

Even so, every person on earth has shed tears at some time in their life. Crying is one experience that every human being has shared.

Crying is a healthy expression of emotions.

The act of crying has a calming effect on your body and ranks high among other natural stress reducers that are beneficial.

Go ahead and put  these stress management activities to use in coping with life challenges.

Eat healthy, walk or do light exercise, talk to others, and cry if you feel like it – you’ll feel calmer afterward and be ready to confront your day with renewed passion, motivation, and zest for life.

Just know that I am here for you and I would love to hear from you!

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Use the comment box below to share your thoughts with me on these two questions:

  1. Are you facing a major life challenge? How are you coping?
  2. Which strategies will you use to find the inner strength to make your way through this difficult time in your life?


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  1. Ann Abbitz says:

    I absolutely love this! And I agree, to be medicated when you’re grieving is counter-productive. When a dear friend lost her eldest daughter a few years back, she was immediately put on medication…..and was in a zombie-like state for the next couple of years. Once I was able to convince her to get off of them, she was actually able to grieve properly and start healing, though as a parent, you can really heal when your child passes. But she was able to come to terms with the loss and see the grandchildren and her son-in-law were still around and needed her. She’s been doing so much better now, and stays off any meds.

    1. Darlene Berkel says:

      The pain of losing a loved one can seem unbearable, and I can imagine that medication could dull that intense pain. I just got the tragic news that a good friend lost his only daughter over the weekend in a case of domestic violence. She was 22 years old and 6 months pregnant with a baby girl!! That is a tragic loss. My heart goes out to all parents who are coping with the death of a child.

  2. My niece made me inhale her stress relief mist and I can vouch that it works! Thanks for affirming that for me. But I also can will try walking. I don’t get out often, but maybe I can get a DVD and walk at home. Thanks for sharing these with me.

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