Over the counter medicine for anxiety and stress

Using Over the Counter Medicine for Anxiety and Stress? Read This Now!

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For years, women (and men) have been struggling with more and more of stress over a typical work week.  With both parents working, and many struggling to afford and maintain a typical household, anxiety soars. Turning to over the counter medicine for anxiety and stress seems like the quick fix everyone is looking for.

Even children are experiencing more stress than in the past now, unable to cope with the normal routines of childhood, mixed with a strong tie to technology and never-ending stimulation.

It’s no wonder that use of over the counter medicine for anxiety and stress and prescription medications are on the rise.  In addition, more people are seeking counseling or other therapies to help them achieve a sense of peace and calm. But amid all of this bad news, there’s positive news on the horizon, also!

Whenever gardening is mentioned, it can be overwhelming for some individuals. They picture a large plot of land filled with rows and rows of vegetables. The task can sound more daunting than stress relieving.

But once you learn how many stress relieving gardening tips for beginners there are, and how many health benefits it provides you, you’ll be on the fast track to becoming a gardening enthusiast. And fortunately, it can all be done without any hesitation or fear of being able to handle what all it entails.

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How Gardening Improves Your Health from Head to Toe

Over the counter medicine for anxiety and stressGardening is going to help you from head to toe, inside out – and it won’t just be a benefit to you personally, but to your loved ones as well. Your bounty can help provide benefits for your spouse, your children, and anyone you share the harvest with.

First, you have to understand exactly what all can happen when you start growing your own plants. That can be fruits, vegetables, herbs or even flowers.  It’s going to assist you in getting a good night’s sleep, in building a stronger immune system, and in helping you handle stress better. You can start with something as simple and an indoor AeroGarden.

Let’s start by taking a look at the problem with stress relievers that come from a factory, and not nature.

The Problem with Over the Counter Medicine For anxiety and Stress

If you have stress in your life, you’re not alone. There are millions who suffer from stress. Unfortunately, the go-to answer seems to be to rely on medication in an effort to relieve the stress. The problem with using this approach to deal with stress is that the medication is a temporary fix.

Stress Relief Isn’t All You Get with Medicine

It’s true that there are numerous medications on the market today that are designed to treat stress. You can get a prescription from your doctor today and, depending on the medication he prescribes, you can feel relief from the stress almost instantly.

That’s what most people focus on. The quick relief only, and not what else they might be introducing into their body. When you get a prescription or any over the counter medicine for anxiety and stress, you always get a pharmacy information insert with it.

Most people don’t even bother to read those. But this information is there for a reason. It’s there to warn consumers about the side effects of taking certain pills. You’ll always see the disclaimer that the doctor has decided that the benefits of the medicine far outweigh any side effects.

Which doesn’t sound so bad, so most people go ahead and take it. Then comes actually having to live with the side effects and those can be a deal breaker. These well known stress relief medications are known as anti-anxiety drugs.

They’re designed to work on your nervous system. They’re powerful drugs that can work quickly to make you feel calm. But the problem is that because they impact your nervous system, you won’t function at 100%.

The Downside of Taking Medicine for Stress Relief

Over the counter medicine for anxiety and stressThe prescription or over the counter stress relief medications can cause you to feel sleepy during the day and can also rob you of energy. You’ll feel lethargic as if you’re a beat behind. Other side effects of the medications include slowing down your ability to react.

While that might not seem like a big deal, it can impact your ability to drive a car as well as react in any emergency situation. Because the medications affect the brain, you may start to notice that you have trouble speaking clearly.

You won’t be able to concentrate as well and you can experience a lack of clarity in your thinking. Some people refer to this as “brain fog.” Taking medicine for stress relief can give you problems walking because it can cause you to feel like the room is spinning.

You might experience problems with dizziness and feel like you’re going to pass out. Other side effects include things like trouble recalling events due to struggling with memory retention.

You might also feel sick to your stomach and have a loss of appetite. Some people also experience problems with comprehension and struggling with feelings of depression is also common on stress relief medications.

Dependency on Over The Counter Stress Relief Medications Can Be a Problem

Like many other types of drugs, anti-anxiety medications do have the potential to become addictive. In fact, one of the known side effects of many stress relieving drugs is developing a dependency on the medicine in order to function.

This happens because the medications give you those feel good sensations or reward pathways within the brain that you would get from taking drugs like heroin. You might not have a substance abuse history in your family and you might be someone who has never become dependent on a drug in your life.

However, because of the way anti-anxiety medication works on the brain, you can easily cross the line because over time, the effectiveness of the medication lowers. So what happens then is that people end up taking more and more of the drug because their tolerance level has increased.

They have to take a higher dosage of the medication in order to get any relief. This is why most anti-anxiety prescriptions are written for short term use only and are heavily monitored by doctors.

Over time, what happens is that anti-anxiety drugs have been known to build up in your system. When that occurs, you actually end up with too much of the drug in your body. This can lead to a state of being medicated beyond your body’s ability to metabolize it fast enough.

What’s worse is that when your doctor has to raise your dosage, the likelihood of having a build up in your body increases as well. People who are on even small dosages of anti-anxiety medications to treat stress can end up with numerous side effects.

Easy to Spot Signs Of Stress Medication Dependency

These side effects can give off the same symptoms you would see in someone who had too much alcohol to drink. You would find it difficult to function in your professional and private life.

Signs of dependency on anti-anxiety medications are pretty easy to spot. You’ll feel tired and won’t have the energy to do much. Feeling confused and unable to concentrate are signs of dependence.

So is developing trouble walking without shuffling or stumbling when you move. Red or glassy eyes that appear vacant is a sign. So is trouble speaking and having trouble understanding simple questions.

Over the counter medicine for anxiety and stressChanges in mood or sudden mood swings are yet more signs of dependency. You become easily irritated and feel upset at the thought of not being able to take the medication.

Being unable to sleep, or feeling wired or edgy, is also a sign of dependency. Going from one doctor to another in an effort to get more of the pills is also a sign you’ve become addicted.

On top of becoming physically dependent on stress relieving medications, you can also become psychologically dependent on them. When this happens, it’s easier to rely on the over the counter medicine for anxiety and stress than try to make changes to eliminate stress.

Don’t let this happen to you!

You’ll want to start relying on this natural method of getting rid of stress instead of popping pills if the matter isn’t warranted.

Of course, your doctor will be beneficial in helping you make this decision, but it’s worth testing the gardening process to see how much it impacts your stress levels.

And if your weight or nutrition habits contribute to your anxiety, then gardening for food can pinpoint those problems and help eliminate them, too.

Fresh, beautiful vegetables and fruits can improve your health and help you whittle your waist as you engage in the process.

Win, win, win..in every possible way!

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