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Overwhelmed by Clutter? Use These Tips to Dramatically Reduce Clutter

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Feeling overwhelmed by clutter? You’re in the right place! Keep reading to learn decluttering tips to help you change the way you think about clutter and how to deal with it effectively.

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Start Decluttering  By Finding A Home and Place for Everything

How does anyone ever figure out how to organize and store items where they can be located and used when needed without spending half a day searching? There is a method that can be tailored to the needs of the individual. It works with their psyche to help them locate a home for every item to put away and prevent clutter.  The key is to start small, start with one thing and soon you will have a clutter free home.

No Last-Minute Decision Making

Having a home for each item makes it easy to put things away and even easier to find. It takes two seconds to decide where to put it after use, and two seconds to figure out where to find it when you need it.  You likely have some items already with a home. Maybe you have your coffee pot set up in an area with coffee, sugar, creamer, and so forth right there ready for use. Yet, you also know where to put it away in its “home” neatly.

Think About Your Kitchen

Almost everyone organizes kitchen dishes and silverware in their place. The challenge is to extend the concept of kitchen organization to the rest of the house.

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Like with Like or Set Up Stations & Zones

For example, plates and bowls are stacked together. Glasses go in a cabinet near the dishwasher and coffee cups go on a rack by the coffee maker.

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Any related items are stored with each other because putting like items together helps you identify a place. If you think of each area as a zone or a station, it makes things easier to decide where the home is located.

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Give Yourself Permission to Save Money by Avoiding Duplicates

When similar objects have a particular storage place, it helps you see your inventory at a glance. For example, you’ll know when you need more duct tape, as long as you keep the tape in the same drawer or home.

Containers are great for providing “homes” for a group of loose items. Each drawer should have like items in it. However, a small tools drawer can contain both hand tools and different types of tape such as plumbing tape or duct tape. Simply by using small boxes to separate the collections into groups.

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It Only Takes 5 Minutes (decluttering)

Keeping your house free of clutter is a full-time job and it can be really hard. However, if you create habits and systems for cleaning and storing your stuff, you’ll have a lot less clutter. Getting rid of clutter and keeping your home clutter free is easy with the five-minute tips below

Set Up Stations & Zones

When you have things organized in zones or stations it’s easier to keep things clean because each area is set up to stay clean. For example, a coffee area in your kitchen. It may have a cabinet for the cups or a cup tree, sweeteners, creamers, and coffee choices all in spot. It should also have a trashcan nearby to throw any garbage easily.

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One Task at A Time

Don’t focus on cleaning an entire room at once if you don’t have time to finish in a day. Instead, choose one task to do at a time. For example, maybe tonight for five minutes you want to remove all leftovers from the fridge or clean out that drawer in the entryway.

Control Counter Clutter

One of the areas that shows clutter first are your counters. Try to clean off counters right away and have NO laying zones so that it doesn’t get built up again. Sometimes countertop home signs will help until your family is used to the new no-clutter zones.

Keep Labeled Boxes

Use customizable labels  on storage boxes. If everyone in the home has a labeled storage box, you can toss their stuff in it. Then you instruct them to clean the box out each day when they get home and put it back so you can use it again.

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Buy the Right Storage Solutions

As you set up zones and stations, determine the type of storage and organizing solutions you need for each area.

For example, if you have a comfortable chair, a table, and a lamp that you use often, you’ll want to make sure it’s set up, so it’s easy to clean. Put a small trashcan under the table and put an easy to remove and clean covering on the table.

One Season

You need to have a plan to keep clutter down daily. But you can also create a calendar for all the chores that need to be done seasonally, (or daily, weekly, monthly, etc.…) you’re going to be more likely to get it done.

Create a Decluttering Chore Chart

Got lots of family members in the house? Perfect!  They can all do their share to help you keep the house and your environment decluttered.

Set up a chore chart that changes each day so that everyone in the family has at least one five-minute decluttering chore. Clean a drawer, put away the dishes, clean a counter, etc.

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Want a clutter-free house? You can have it! You simply need to make it a habit to clean up right away. Keep your zones in their own lanes, control counter clutter, and of course use the right solutions that you need.

Remember to schedule your tasks seasonally so that you don’t forget things. Enlist the help of your entire family so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed by clutter.

Overwhelmed with too much stuff?

If you spend any time watching TV or surfing the internet, you likely have discovered the world of minimalism.

Even if you aren’t a minimalist, you will enjoy and benefit from having an environment that is more organized and clutter-free. It’s healthier and less stressful for you and your entire family. One of the easiest ways to cut down on clutter is to reduce your stuff.


overwhelmed by clutterIf you’ve gone an entire four seasons (a year) without wearing something and it’s not for a special occasion like a graduation, wedding, or funeral you will want to get it out of your space.

You can donate it, give it to a friend, or throw it away. Maybe you forgot you had it. In that case, you can try to organize the things you want to use better so that you’ll remember to wear it.


overwhelmed by clutterYes, socks get their own category. Have a sock box, filled to the top with socks that don’t have a match? Don’t wait any longer…get rid of whole box! If you can’t stand to throw them out, put the “single” socks in your cleaning area and use them to dust or scrub things and then toss them out.

You only need about ten pairs of socks to keep your feet clean and dry between laundry days. So don’t worry about not having enough socks for the week.

Feeling the need to declutter in the Kitchen?

overwhelmed by clutterYou probably chuckle thinking about it, but you likely have tons of kitchen gadgets that you don’t use.

If you’ve had a household set up for a few years, it’s natural to accumulate a variety of kitchen doo-dads and other things, especially during gift-giving occasions.

However, keep these under control by applying the “clutter” rule. If you have not used it in the past year, it’s time to get rid of the item.

Overwhelmed by Toys?

Each year you should try to remove toys from your child’s toy collection that are broken, outgrown, or that you have discovered are dangerous.

As you’re going through these things, don’t allow your emotions to get the better of you. Having extra toys around stifles creativity. Just like other types of clutter, toys collect germs and dust.

If the toy hasn’t been used in the past 6-12 months, it’s time to put it in a toy box and pass it on.

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Makeup& Beauty Products

Your makeup drawer or shelves can easily collect clutter. You buy stuff you think you’ll like then you find out it’s not really the right shade. You hate to throw it out because you can use it in a “pinch.”

However, that time never comes! Instead, those “in a pinch” items get stuffed out of sight, and you forget you have them. The products have a shelf life so; throw it away after a few months.

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The biggest tip here is to get rid of things you are not using. You can give it away, donate it, or sell it.  However, if you do choose to keep it know when and how you’ll use it and store it so that you can easily find it when needed.

Often when we’re not using things, it’s due to misplacing them and then merely forgetting we have it. You can do better by reducing your items and not buying more if you’re not going to use it.

How to Declutter Fast?

Get your family to help! Conquering a home full of clutter requires everyone to pitch-in, take responsibility and most of all take the appropriate action to fix the problems.

Often, the problems aren’t because of one person but with the mindset and habits that affect the whole family.

The entire family must work together as a team to eliminate the clutter, develop organized environments, and support each other in maintaining a clutter-free, healthy, and happy home.

Create a Chore Chart

You’ already read about using a chart that you post in the family room or an area like the kitchen where everyone will see it can also help. If you can rotate the chart and leave a space for marking off things that were done that’s even better.

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For a chart to work, it should list work for everyone in the family to do based on their age and ability.

Create a Chore Jar

You can post a chart, but for some families having a chore jar works best.

Put a small chore on each slip of paper in the jar. Each day, when family members get home, you each pull a chore from the jar and complete the task.

When the chore is finished for the month or week, that chore paper should be placed into next week’s or next month’s jar.

Support Accountability

Once you have the jar or chart, you need to hold each person accountable for completing tasks and taking action to change personal habits. This means you need to check up on the progress to ensure it’s working.

If you don’t support people by checking with them, things may not be getting done in an effective way. Don’t assume.

Reward your family and yourself for jobs well done. The accountability will make a huge difference in your ability to experience success at keeping your home decluttered.

Explain Why

overwhelmed by clutterFor most people, if you explain the “why” of doing something, they are better about wanting to do it and doing it well.

Talk to your family at a family meeting about dust mites, cockroaches, and illnesses. Explain how clutter can cause all of that. More than likely those who are old enough will be right on board to keep the house clutter-free.

Finally, another way you can get the family to help is to hire someone to help you all get the house more organized so you can start fresh.

It’s so much easier to keep something clutter free than to start from scratch cleaning up a disorganized mess, finding where and how to store things, and so forth.

If you get professional help, it’ll get done faster and be easier to maintain.

Overwhelmed by clutter where do I start?

There are things you can do in 1 to 3 minutes to get started decluttering a little bit at a time.

For instance, there are many times in the day where you have to “waste” one to three minutes. Usually, it’s a commercial on TV, or heating up water in the microwave, or waiting for water to boil.

These small moments you have each day can add up to a decluttered home doing one small thing over time and making progress gradually.  Let’s look at the things you can declutter in one to three minutes.

Sweep Around Litter Boxes

Even if you don’t need to scoop the poop, cats get litter stuck to their feet and tend to track it throughout the house. Take a couple minutes to sweep or use a robotic vacuum to clean up around the cat area several times each day.

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Sweep Around the Pet Food Bowls

Pet food tends to fall onto the floor as your pets eat and sometimes when you fill their bowls. Your pets don’t always eat it off the floor so that means you probably have little pieces of food that make their way into other areas of the house. Sweep around your pet’s food bowls several times a day to keep things neat.

Clean Leftovers Out of The Fridge

Make it a habit to look for one item that needs to be thrown out, each time you open the refrigerator. Even if you just find a leftover container, toss out the old food and put the container in the dishwasher. This quick trick will make a huge difference over time.

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Pick up Garbage from One Room Fast

Grab a basket and run around picking up stranded garbage. A cup here, a tissue there, old mail, and so forth tend to get left in odd places around the house. Picking it up quickly makes it go away.

Wipe Out the Microwave

 If you’re waiting for a commercial to finish, go spray the microwave with cleaner, then the next commercial wipe it out so that it’s sparkly clean. Don’t forget to dry it totally.

Wipe Off a Surface or Clean up a Desk or Table Top

Even if you only have a moment, you can wipe down a surface clearing it of dust. For example, wipe down one windowsill per commercial break. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by paper clutter, organize, put away or throw out a few pieces of paper during a commercial break.

Toss Stuff in a Box

Get storage bins to keep in the family room out of the way that is labeled with names. Alternatively, you can keep the labeled boxes in other rooms in the house. Take a few minutes to grab one of the boxes and empty it into the right room. If it’s empty, add stuff that needs to be put away.

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Sing a Song

If you have kids instead of acting like doing chores is the worst thing ever, turn on the music, sing songs, and dance. Enjoy those two minutes so that you teach your kids that cleaning is fun.

How to tackle overwhelming clutter?

Families are accumulate lots of stuff and can be messy. It’s okay. You can keep it under control if you work toward doing that. You can declutter, get organized and clean up easier if you have the right storage solutions. Dealing with clutter does not have to be overwhelming if you know how to tackle clutter systematically.

If you are overwhelmed by clutter and mess, use all the tips above to start taking action now! Dealing with clutter at home will help you feel more relaxed and at peace.

In addition, you can also clean more thoroughly, if you have the right tools and cleaners for the job. Thankfully, you can get these things you need without breaking the bank.

Before you know it feeling overwhelmed with clutter will be a thing of the past!

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