Why Hardworking Women Use Reflexology for Relaxation [7-IMAGES]

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This post contains affiliate links to help hardworking women find reflexology products for relaxation.The growing popularity of reflexology for relaxation proves that many hardworking career women understand how important their feet really are.

Healthy feet enable you to stay physically active and practice good posture, which can protect you from headaches, back pain, and other health issues all over your body.

Reflexology is an ancient healing art that applies strategic pressure to feet, hands, and ears. The underlying theory is that these areas correspond to various systems throughout your body.

For example, when you massage your heels, you’re also helping to align your pelvis.

Studies show that reflexology for relaxation can be effective for relieving anxiety and physical discomfort. With that in mind, see how you can use these tips to enhance your health and well-being by just rubbing your feet.

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How to Practice Reflexology For Relaxation

1. Create a peaceful setting.

Play soft music and combine your reflexology with aromatherapy. Light a candle and rub on fragrant skin lotion. Sit or lie down anywhere that’s comfortable such as your bed or a chair. Place a cushion behind your knees to avoid hyperextension.

2. Be gentle.

Reflexology for relaxation is safe for most women as long as you avoid pressing too hard. Take care around bones and joints. Stop if you feel a cramp. Learn appropriate techniques before trying to use your knuckles or props which can be more intense than using your fingers and thumbs.

3. Loosen up.

It’s a good idea to stretch first. Wiggle your toes. Lift your feet up starting at the ankles.

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4. Twist around.

Give your feet a hug to wring out tension and make your feet more flexible. Wrap your hands around the middle of your foot, and turn them slowly in opposite directions. Repeat the wringing a little higher, and a little lower until you cover your whole foot.

5. Stroke your feet.

Place your palm on top of your foot, and stroke it from toe to ankle. Repeat on the bottom side. You’ll stimulate your circulation and raise your energy levels.

6. Consult a professional.

Chiropractors, reflexologists, and physical therapist are some of the many health care practitioners who offer reflexology. Schedule a session to receive more extensive treatment and learn methods you can practice at home.

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Additional Foot Care Suggestions

1. Exercise your feet and toes.

When was the last time you gave your feet a workout? Take turns walking on your heels and your toes. Try lifting each toe separately and lowering it back down.

2. Wear comfortable shoes.

Do your toes have enough room to move around? Properly fitted shoes can protect you from blisters and provide adequate support for your arches.

3. Take a break.

Prolonged standing or other strains can leave your feet hot and throbbing. Try elevating them on a pillow or plunging them into a herbal bath.

4. Stay hydrated.

Your feet need moisture to fight dry skin. Drink water throughout the day. Dab on moisturizer daily, especially if you feel a blister starting.

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5. Talk with your doctor.

While reflexology is safe for most adults, your doctor can advise you about conditions, such as pregnancy or diabetes, which may make you more sensitive to touch. Your doctor can also refer you to a podiatrist or other specialists when needed.

Savvy business and professional women use reflexology for stress relief. You can too!

Reflexology for relaxation can help your body relax and heal itself. It’s a quick and easy way to reduce stress, enhance your posture, and strengthen your immune system.

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