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SMART Women Use Reflexology For Stress Relief

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This post contains affiliates links to help you find tools  and reflexology products for stress relief.

Reflexology is a form of natural treatment.  Reflexology for stress relief is excellent for reducing stress, anxiety, and even depression in the body. This form of treatment uses your feet as the primary area of focus.

How Does Reflexology For Stress Relief Work?

The viewpoint is that the foot has pressure points which connect to different parts of the body. For example, there is an area near the arch of the foot that connects to the bladder, while another part of the foot may relate or connect to the nasal passages.

If you are new to reflexology, but you want to try it for your stress, here are four ways you can use it.

#1. Direct Stress Reflexology

The first stop on your self-induced reflexology foot stress relief journey is just under the ball of your foot. This pressure point deals directly with your diaphragm and with your stress.

If you never do any other reflexology technique for your stress, this is the one to focus on. By applying pressure to this area, you can get an immediate relief from your stress. This is not a long-term fix on its own. You will need to combine it with other areas strategies for stress relief. But for a quick fix, reflexology for stress relief is an excellent addition to your stress relief toolkit. When you combine it with other pressure points, you will see more long-term effects.

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#2. Digestive Stress Reflexology

When stress begins to take over your body, your digestive system suffers. You can change your diet and start on some foods and supplements that can help prevent or reduce digestive issues.

In addition to these methods, you can use reflexology pressure points to help with your digestive system as well. The point for this reflexology for stress relief treatment is located near the bottom of your foot around the center of the sole of your foot.

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#4. Energy Related Reflexology

Your energy can be directly affected by stress as well. That’s why you feel so drained and depleted after a stressful day at work.

Sure, you can focus on energy boosting foods and supplements, but they may not always work for very long.

The reflexology for stress relief pressure point for your energy is located is located on the inner edge of your foot. Focusing on that pressure point keeps your energy flowing

Specifically, you should find the center of your sole and move to the inner edge of the foot. This is where your adrenal pressure point is located and where your energy can be affected by reflexology.

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#5. Water Retention Reflexology

Water retention can lead to bloating and bloating can lead to pressure and pain. That pressure and pain can make stress even worse to deal with.

If this is an issue for you, then consider the reflexology pressure point connected to your water retention. This pressure point is located at the top of the foot and helps release tension in the urinary tract.

These are just some beginner methods of using reflexology for stress relief.
If you aren’t sure how to do it, seek out a trained and certified reflexologist.

She can come up with a routine treatment plan for your stress needs and help you learn some methods to use between visits.

You can also buy a pair of reflexology socks or massaging insoles that point out the pressure points on your foot.

Want to treat yourself to a foot massage when you are at home, shopping, at the beach or just out and about?

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