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Self Care Ideas for Moms Who are Always Stressed

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If you are a busy mom who feels overwhelmed by stress and you want some self care ideas for moms, you are in the right place.

If you have been struggling with a lot of stress lately, you might have what is referred to as chronic stress. Unlike acute stress, it is less about specific stressful situations, and more about your body’s constant response to everything. You tend to experience stress more easily and it never feels like it goes away.

Why You’re Always Stressed

This can be hard to deal with, but don’t worry; there are ways to remedy it as long as you can discover why you have so much stress in the first place.

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Work and Responsibilities

self care ideas for momsThe first reason you might have a lot of stress is from your job or other responsibilities. While in many cases there isn’t much you can do about this, it is good to be aware of it.

You might have burnout from working too much and need a break, or you may be saying yes to helping too many people and need to start saying no and setting some healthy boundaries.

Financial Issues

self care ideas for momsMoney and finances are probably at the top of the list for causes of stress and anxiety. It can be so easy to stress about money, from not being able to afford bills, to struggling with building up an emergency savings. It’s time to hit the reset button and start working on a total money makeover.

You might have had some investments fall through recently, or aren’t sure how to meet financial goals. No matter how minor they seem, your finances could be a big trigger for stress.

Personal and Relationship Problems

self care ideas for momsThink about the relationships in your life and how they might be affecting you. Again, it can seem so small, but have such a big impact on your stress levels.

While romantic relationships like a spouse are included in this, it can also be with your kids, parents, other family members, in-laws, friends, or even co-workers.

Health Causes of Stress

self care ideas for momsHave you had some health issues lately? Those might be causing more stress than you think.

People often stress about health when it is something causing physical pain or a mysterious illness. It can also be other people’s health issues that are causing your own stress.

You Don’t Have De-Stress Techniques

Lastly, the continued stress you are experiencing could be because you are ignoring it and hoping it will just go away on its own.

In most cases, stress is going to stick around, even if the stressor has been resolved. You need to find healthy ways to cope and reduce your stress if you don’t want it to continue.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Self-Care Ideas

Not everyone has time for self-care on a daily basis, but there are also many options for practicing self-care on either a weekly or monthly basis.

Here are some self care ideas for moms you can use regardless of how much time you have.

Daily Self-Care

self care ideas for momsWith daily self-care, you are looking more at daily healthy habits to incorporate into your routine. Anything you do for yourself can be considered self-care, so keep that in mind.

This might mean taking good care of your body, such as drinking more water, eating a nutritious diet, and getting some exercise in.

Other forms of self-care to do daily include writing in a self care journal, reading from your favorite book, or doing something creative. You might just use this time to take a break outside on your patio, or sit in silence and meditate for a few minutes.

Weekly Self-Care

For weekly self-care, you can think about it as the time for the pampering activities.

You will probably have a little more time to dedicate to self-care since it doesn’t happen as often. This is when you can schedule activities for the weekend or a day off from work.

self care ideas for momsMaybe you have a little more time in the shower, so you can do a deep conditioning hair treatment, or put on a face mask while relaxing in a hot bubble bath. You might have time to go for a nail appointment or get a massage if it fits into your budget.

Weekly self-care can also include some things that you do for your home, like cleaning or decluttering.

Think about tasks outside your regular tasks that benefit you in some way, like organizing a space that has been causing you a lot of stress.

Monthly Self-Care

Whether you only have time once a month for self-care or want to add an additional monthly activity, there are plenty to choose from.

self care ideas for momsThis can be when you start a new creative project or take an art class in your area, or you go with your family on a hike at a nearby park.

Maybe you choose to take one weekend a month where you travel somewhere for a weekend getaway, or it is when you meet up with friends for coffee.

As you can see, self-care ideas for moms come in many different forms. It should be something you do for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do, or that gives you time to dedicate to your own needs.

How to Fall Asleep When You Have Overwhelming Stress

Having chronic stress is hard enough when it comes to getting through your day, but it can be even worse when it comes time to go to sleep.

Many women with overwhelming stress discover that it is more severe in the evening, and makes it harder to fall asleep without the anxious thoughts consuming them.

Here are some tips for relaxing at night and getting to sleep even with high levels of stress and anxiety.

Why Stress and Anxiety Can Be Worse at Night

There are many reasons why your anxiety might be worse at night, but it is often because you are less distracted by work and home responsibilities. It is the same reason stress or depression can be felt a little more intensely in the evening.

When you don’t have your normal distractions at night, your mind starts to calm down but it also means you are focusing on what was bothering you. You aren’t busy with the kids or work, so suddenly everything causing your anxiety or stress comes bubbling up. This can make it very hard to get good sleep.

Write in a Journal Before Bed

self care ideas for momsIf you have a lot of anxious thoughts in the evening, try writing them all out in your journal.

This is a way to create your own calm and release them your worries instead of just dwelling on them as you try to sleep. Write for as long as you need to until you feel like you got it all out.

Use Aromatherapy During Your Bedtime Routine

aromatherapy for self care
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When you are starting your nighttime routine, consider using some aromatherapy, such as essential oils. You can get a diffuser for your bedroom with scents that calm you, like ylangylang, lavender, and chamomile. There are also aromatherapy candles that can be used instead of essential oils.

Get a Weighted Blanket

Lastly, use a weighted blanket to ease some of your anxiety. These have proven to be very effective at reducing stress and anxiety. It feels like a warm, comforting hug when you are in bed and trying to sleep.

How to Wake Up Without Stress

If you are like many women, the way you start your day sets you up for the rest of the day. This can mean the first things you choose to do in the morning actually impact how stressed you will feel throughout the day.

To avoid waking up with stress, here are some things to change when it comes to your morning routine.

Don’t Look at Your Phone

limit using your cel phone in bedOne of the best things you can do for yourself is to avoid looking at your phone and notifications when you first wake up in the morning. This is bound to lead directly to more stress and anxiety.

Try to remember to turn off your notifications in the evening, so that the next morning, you see nothing pop up on your phone aside from your alarm.

Meditate for a Few Minutes

Meditation and mindfulness can help you destressBefore getting out of bed, just sit in the silence for a few minutes and meditate.

You don’t want to fall back asleep so sit up in bed and maybe remove your covers. Then just close your eyes and let your thoughts come in slowly, getting into a mindful state before your day begins.

Write in Your Journal

journaling can help you relaxAn excellent activity for the morning is to write in a journal.

Morning journaling is often different from journaling in the evening. With the morning, you can plan to write about 2-3 pages of just whatever is on your mind. This is a stream of consciousness form of journaling, where it isn’t about a specific topic. 

Instead you just want to get all those morning stresses and worries out of your head so you can clear your mind and focus on your day.

Listen to Calming Music

soothing music can help you relax When you need a little more relaxation to avoid stress in the morning, try listening to some calming music. For you, this might mean something low and melodic to feel relaxed as you start your day.

Others prefer something more upbeat to get energized and ready to tackle their to-do list. There is no right or wrong answer here, as long as it helps reduce your stress.

What is Your Ideal Self-Care Routine?

Self-care is more than just a trend offering a way to practice more self-love and pay attention to your own needs. But it can be hard when deciding not just what activities to add, but how to create the perfect self-care routine for you.

Here are some tips to help get you started.

How Much Self-Care Do You Currently Get?

To find your best self-care routine, you first need to figure out if you get any of it right now. Remember self-care doesn’t have to be anything specific. All activities you do for you and you alone could be included in this category.

Think about anything you choose to do that could be considered optional.

Driving to work and making lunches for the kids are included in your responsibilities, but maybe you do a face mask every night for skincare. That can definitely be included in your self-care routine even if it is more of a habit now.

What are Self-Care Activities You Are Interested in?

To start with your routine, you also need to know what activities you want to add and how long those will take. Maybe you saw a YouTube video of someone with some good self care ideas for moms and you wanted to try them.

Or maybe you have been neglecting your creativity and want to add some fun art projects to your routine.  Write down a list of any self-care activity you can think of that you want to add to your new routine.

What Do You Enjoy Doing the Most?

If you are still unsure of what self-care might look like, consider what you enjoy the most in your life.

Think of the last time you felt happy, relaxed, and carefree.

Were you inside your home doing something by yourself or were you outside being social? Was it something relaxing, creative, or adventurous?

All of these details matter when trying to figure out what would truly bring you joy.

What Does Your Current Routine Look Like?

Lastly, consider your regular daily routine and how you can fit some self-care activities into it. Remember it doesn’t need to take a long time. Even as short as 10-15 minutes is enough time to fit in some of these self care ideas for moms.

It might be just long enough for a quick walk before dinner, taking a bath once a week instead of a shower, or sitting on your patio in the morning for your cup of tea (or coffee) before getting ready for the day.

Which one of the self care ideas for moms mentioned appeals most to you?

Make  a plan to implement it, starting today!

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