Over40? Easy, Effective Solutions to Conquer Chronic Stress (Part2)

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We covered solutions to stress #1 and 2 last week.  Today’s post is part 2 in a 3 part series on easy, effective solutions to stress that women over 40 can use to conquer stress.

Today we will cover solutions #3 and 4.

If you embrace and apply these solutions to stress  you should see some immediate benefits in alleviating tension and stress in your professional and personal life

Solutions to stress #3 – Accept what you cannot change.

Acceptance may be a very difficult concept for many since we just want that stressor to be out of our life for good and may feel that we deserve to have those things removed or changed.

But when it comes to people and many different circumstances, are you sure that you deserve to have changes made?

Your extended family doesn’t owe you an explanation as to why they’re tense and anxious during family get-togethers. Furthermore, they don’t need to change their opinions and viewpoints to match yours.

A colleague may have many things that he or she is struggling with and doesn’t have the skills, knowledge about solutions to stress, or the ability to cope with his/her own stressors.

Your partner or spouse too is entitled to his personality quirks and ideas and opinions.

And even if what you’re concentrating on actual faults, remember that you have faults too.

If someone demanded perfection out of you, there’s no way you could deliver and you may resent that person for their attitude – and rightly so.

Along the same lines, for you to expect others to change, even faults, simply because you demand it be that way is incorrect and unfair.

Acceptance is the key!

Acceptance may take a lot of work and patience on your part but it gets easier  if you remind yourself of all those thoughts we’ve just mentioned above.  I promise!

Acceptance was one of the solutions to stress that was hardest for me.

I was expecting perfection of myself, and from others.

When I finally accepted that I am not perfect, and stopped holding others to the unreasonable standard of perfection, things changed, for the better!

It will also help if you concentrate on the good aspects of any person or circumstance.

  • What do you like about your job or colleagues?
  • Do you family members have any good qualities? If so, what are they?
  • What things do you and your partner have in common still that you enjoy together?
  • Could you consider those traits of your partner or mother-in-law or sister as just being quirks? Look at it as part of what makes them so interesting, rather than just being bothered by them?

Once you accept what you cannot change, you may notice a dramatic reduction in your stress levels since you’re no longer bothered by that internal conflict.

Solutions to stress #4 – Concentrate on the positive.

Chances are that whatever is giving you stress is not the entire picture of your life.

No doubt it’s only one part; even if it’s a large part, it’s still just one part.

So you need to learn to concentrate on the positive and the relaxing aspects of your life so that you don’t allow the stressors to overwhelm you and completely take over.

Remember the following about concentrating on the positive:

Sometimes you need to create positive events in your life in order to concentrate on them.

Get up off the couch and get out there!

  • Do some volunteer work or join a bowling league.
  • Pick up the phone and call a friend to see a movie.
  • Plan a nice weekend away with your partner or a fun trip for the family.

Planning quick getaways is easy, effective, enjoyable and can be one of the solutions to stress.

  • Tune out the negative to concentrate on the positive. Often we let stress override our experiences even when we should be enjoying ourselves.  Learn to leave stress at the office or at home.
  • Learn to meditate. Remember that meditation just means prolonged and concentrated thought, so pick something positive and really concentrate on it.

Repeat an uplifting phrase that you find encouraging.

Think of how much time and emotional energy you spend on negative thoughts, and try to concentrate on the positive ones for at least as long!

Often positive experiences and thoughts are right there, you just need to allow them first place in your life and learn to concentrate on them.

You also need to learn to keep the stress and tension from overriding these positive experiences and thoughts.stress-management-activities

I’ll continue with part 3 of this 3-part series next week, so look out for my post next week.

But…in the meantime, I don’t want your education on easy, effective, enjoyable stress management activities to end here, so I’ve created a FREE  guide to teach you my 50 TOP stress management activities.

Click here to download it NOW! It’s FREE.

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