stress and lower back pain

Reduce Stress and Lower Back Pain in 5 Easy Steps!

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So you have stress and lower back pain and just want the proven tips of how to fix it? 

Okay, we’ll do our best to sum up home treatments in these 5 easy-to-do steps.

Step 1 – Relax!

stress and lower back pain

Stress causes the body’s muscles to tense up and contract and to stay that way.  You probably already know this if you’ve experienced a sore neck, shoulders, and headaches because of your stress and tension.

Chronic stress can affect your lower back muscles too.  Many women who have lower back problems are under constant stress and pressure. They are always frustrated, angry, and negative.  These negative emotions have a direct connection to the lower back pain you are feeling.  Your lower back will also tense up when you’re stressed or anxious.

You can’t always remove stressful situations from your life, but you can learn how to handle it effectively.  You can choose to deal with the stress in a more productive ways than to let it affect your body in this way.

Aromatherapy and other stress relievers

stress and lower back painWhat helps you to relax?  For some it’s aromatherapy and essential oils, while for others it might be a soak in a hot tub, a good book, or a long talk with a friend.  You might also consider a hobby that helps relaxes your mind.

stress and lower back painIt could be woodworking, knitting, adult coloring, creating scrapbooks, gardening and landscaping, or whatever else you enjoy and can use to take your mind off of things. 

You might also need to set aside time for these activities the same as you would anything else in your life.  Grocery shopping doesn’t just happen, but you need to specifically set aside one evening or a few hours one day to get it done. 

The same with laundry, housekeeping, and visiting the in-laws.  These things need to be planned even if it’s just a mental note of when it’s going to happen.

So it is with your relaxing activities.  Make a plan or mental note of when you’re going to indulge and then do it.  Don’t let anything else interfere, and make it a regular habit.

Step 2 – Exercise

stress and lower back pain

When we’re in pain what we usually want to do is go back to bed and stay there until the pain is gone.

When you’ve injured your back severely then sometimes bed rest is needed but usually everyday back pain needs exercise, not rest.  Physical activity will increase the blood flow to the lower back muscles and cause them to loosen up. 

When muscles are kept inactive and tense they just hurt even more.  Consider the illustration of keeping your hand clenched around something – it just hurts more as time goes on.

Inactivity is much the same for your lower back.  When you allow it to stay clenched then those muscles are just going to hurt all the more.

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You don’t need to do anything strenuous when you have stress and lower back pain. And,  of course impact and jarring it is just going to make it worse.  But walking, biking and swimming are good exercises.

Alternatively, you can use an elliptical machine at home or at your gym.  Anything that gets you active without putting pressure on your back should do the trick.

Step 3 – Lose Stress-Related Weight To Alleviate Lower back Pain

stress and lower back pain

This may be the most difficult of all steps, but may also be one of the most important and most effective.

Your body simply cannot keep moving around excess weight without there being an injury or stresses and strains.  Even professional bodybuilders work out for only so long before putting the weights down. But when you’re 20, 30, or 50 pounds overweight your body never gets to put that weight down.

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Excess body weight also puts undue stress on the knees and ankles.  When these are worn out your back works harder to make up for that deficiency in carrying your upper body and in moving you around.

Stress-induced weight has no benefits.  On the contrary, there are many health concerns with excess weight.  Lower back problems and pain are only one of those concerns.  If stress is causing you to gain more and more weight, then you have many reasons to consider losing that weight as soon as possible.

Step 4 – Try Home Remedies

Use a basket ball for a lower back massage

It’s time to buy a basketball.  No, not so you can challenge your kids to some hoops although there’s nothing wrong with that.  But rolling your back on that basketball can do a lot to loosen it up and work those muscles. 

You can also get a heating pad to use at the office, invert yourself in a recliner, and prop your feet up.

A long hot shower or hot bath, some aromatherapy, and other home remedies can be very effective too.  The secret is that that usually they need to be done regularly for them to be successful.

 Don’t think that one session of aromatherapy is going to cure your pain or that one hot bath will either.  But if you’re in the habit of doing these things on a regular basis you may find that those muscles get worked and the tension is relieved.

Step 5 – Get A Massage For Stress Induced Lower Back Pain

get a massage to relax and alleviate body pains

A good massage is a wonderful indulgence but for many with back problems, a massage can be a lifesaver.  An experienced masseuse can know which muscles of the back need to be worked on and just how to go about doing that in an effective way. 

Remember, they go to school for this kind of thing!  While they’re not doctors they certainly have training and experience in getting muscles to loosen up and to alleviate pain.

When you do go for a massage be sure to tell your masseuse that you’re struggling with stress and lower back pain. Describe the area and the pain itself.  This can help her understand what she needs to work on and that she also needs to be gentle with you as well.

And try that hot stone massage as well.  Those hot stones can improve the blood circulation and flow and help your entire back relax and be healthy.

If regular professional massages is not possible for you, a heat massage office chair pad  or  DIY home massager  may be just right for you!

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Put it all Together To Alleviate Stress Induced Lower Back Pain

Maybe a massage doesn’t quite do it for you, and neither does a hot bath.  The real key to getting relief from your constant and chronic stress and lower back pain is to put all these things together.  Stretch for a few minutes when you get up, and do some aromatherapy every night. 

Make regular physical exercise a part of your everyday self care routine, not something you do sporadically or when you can “fit it in.”  Regular exercise will also help you to reduce stress, lose some weight, and feel great! 

But of course this won’t do you any good if you gain it back, so make sure whatever changes you make are permanent.  Track your progress for the new, healthy, you.

Stress and lower back pain is often caused by a variety of factors, so using a variety of remedies can be the solution to it on a permanent basis.

What NOT to Do To Lower Stress and Back Pain

As important as it is to know what you should be doing to help your reduce stress and lower back pain, you also need to know what NOT to do.  Consider some common treatment methods that people often use that actually make the situation worse.

Sleeping on the floor

Sleeping on the floor can cause body pains

It’s unfortunate that many people with stress and lower back problems have a tendency to sleep on the floor or a flat surface.  They think that this gives them more support than their own bed or a cushion of any type. 

In reality this might relieve the pressure in some areas of the back but cause more pain in others. The problem is that the flat surface is not giving support in the curved and contoured areas of the back.

If you find that sleeping in your bed causes you to wake up stiff and sore, it’s time to shop for a new mattress.  Some have found that putting a firm piece of foam between the mattress and box spring keeps it from sagging in the middle so that they have better support.

 Usually when your mattress is lumpy and old your back starts to hurt because it needs to tense up to support the body during sleep.  By having a better sleeping surface you’re bound to have less pain in the morning – but the floor is not that sleeping surface! 

Staying in bed for three days

working in bed can worsen back pain

It used to be that when you went to see your doctor for back pain she would tell you to  stay in bed for three days and rest.  Many doctors are now realizing that in some cases this can actually do more harm than good.

One typical cause of back pain is when the muscles cramp up due to stress.  The muscles are trying to protect themselves.  It’s the same way an armadillo curls up in its own shell when threatened!  But as long as those muscles are all curled up, you’re going to be in pain.

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Doctors now are realizing that while you want to relieve stress and pressure on your lower back, you don’t want to stay in bed and inactive for any length of time.  Being inactive means that your metabolism and your blood circulation both slow down.  This means that the vital blood and healing agents that your body needs to fix itself are not going to reach those lower back muscles.

Today doctors are often advising patients to rest for a few hours and apply heat to their back. But that’s not all.  Doctors also advise to get active again in something with no impact or that is very gentle but that does get you moving.  

Taking a slow walk regularly or swimming is a much better idea if you want to reduce stress and lower back pain naturally and quickly.

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