Stress Management Interventions for Women Professionals

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Being a female professional is stressful.

Not only are there the pressures of home life that you have to deal with, there are also the pressures of your career.

And while your professional life may be rewarding and necessary, that doesn’t mean it does not cause you stress.

Here are three (3)  of the best stress management interventions for female professionals:

Stress Management Interventions #- Scale back.

How often do you load your plate with way more work than you can handle? It’s natural for women to want to help other people.

We’ll say yes to extra work and extra tasks if we think it will help the people around us, not realizing that it actually stresses us out.

 We’re constantly being told to ‘say yes more’ and to embrace every opportunity that life throws at us. In fact, there is even a popular book and a popular film called Yes Man which is all about saying yes to things and living life more fully as a result.

And this is a very nice idea in theory. In practice though? It’s actually commonly counterproductive and can even end up being destructive!

In books like Yes Man, the main character finds himself accepting all kinds of exciting opportunities; going on adventures, meeting new people and learning new skills.

That would be nice – but in reality it’s often not how these things pan out.

Instead, we find ourselves saying yes more often and ultimately that just means we overload our life with social and professional obligation. .

The result?

We get very tired, we spend lots of money and we have less time to spend doing the things we love with the people we love most.

It’s time to use one of the best stress management interventions known to man…scaling back!

This is where saying ‘no’ comes in.

The problem is that saying ‘yes’ to one thing, ultimately is the same as saying ‘no’ to another.

Saying ‘yes’ actually limits your options more than saying no!

When you say yes to a night out for instance, you are actually saying no to a night in – and to a different night out.

When you say ‘yes’ to helping someone move, you actually say ‘no’ to working out that evening, or spending time on your new side business.

One of the best stress management activities for the overworked, over-committed, over scheduled professional woman is to scale back. Cut unnecessary activities from your life and do less.

Consider that you’re probably already as packed as you can be with your routine and with your energy levels. You can’t fit anything new in on top of what you’re already doing daily.

So the only solution? Something has to give!

You might give up a class or you might say no to some of your invitations to socialize, to do some work assignment that is not part of your core duties.

But something has to give. It’s time to scale back in order to save your sanity and your health.

Stress Management Interventions #2 – Get rid of toxic people.

There are people in your life right now who are negative, contentious, have very thin skin, complain a lot, never move outside their comfort zone, are pessimists, are under achievers, who never get excited about future projects, and are energy vampires!

These toxic folks will tell you that you cannot do something or that you should not do something that you really want to do.

If there is anyone in your life with that level of toxicity, now is the time to get rid of him/her.

You need to act on these stress management interventions urgently!

Toxic people will only make your life harder and make it more difficult for you to achieve what you want to achieve. Tweet This!

I avoid toxic people like the plague, both in my professional life and in my personal circles.

Each day, I endeavor to surround myself with positive people who bring good energy into my life.

Be selective with your choice of friends.

I choose my friends very carefully.

My focus is for those who possess virtues like love, forgiveness and honesty. In addition, I stay far away from those who breed negativity and display traits like greed, anger and jealousy.

I realize it is easy to get caught up in such negativity, so when I find myself around negative people, I politely excuse myself from the situation.

When I surround myself with positive people, life is more peaceful and fulfilling. I spend more time embracing the goodness of others instead of focusing on their faults and trying to tear them down.

I do my best to only speak about others when I have something good to say. Keeping the right company ensures that I stay along that path of living well with others.

Implementing these kinds of stress management interventions in your personal and professional life is  essential to a stress-resilient, harmonious life.

Here is my advice to you!

Endeavor to live a clean, healthy life, devoid of the negativity of toxic people.

Focus on the positive and leave the negative behind.

Personal and professional relationships are too precious for me to drag others through the mire or let them do that to me.

Stress Management Interventions #3 – Get a stress resilience coach.

Are you not sure what stress management interventions are going to work for you?

It’s time to step back and get some help.

A stress resilience coach can help you look at your life, look for areas that you can scale back, look for people you might need to cut off, and overall craft a less stressful, more productive life that you will actually want to live!

If you’re wondering about hiring a stress resilient coach, consider these benefits:

Your life will become more balanced.

We all tend to emphasize certain things and fail to give others enough emphasis. A stress resilience coach will force you to give adequate attention to all the areas of your life, help you identify your primary sources of stress and the stress management interventions that may be best suited to you.

You’ll be forced to stretch yourself.

Have you ever noticed that some people never change? They’re the same today as they were ten or more years ago.   Building a stress resilient life starts with making vital lifestyle changes that support a healthier, happier, YOU!

Life is about learning and applying that knowledge to get better results. If your life is always the same, you’re either not learning or not applying what you’ve learned.

You’ll work through your challenges with an expert to support you.

Dealing with challenges can be intimidating. Having an expert in your corner can make all the difference. Two heads really can be better than one. Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement and support. It can be a great way to get unstuck.

You’ll have someone that is just as excited by your personal and professional successes as you are! Have you ever done something that fills you with pride, only to find out that your family, friends, or significant other seems less than impressed?

Having someone cheer your successes creates momentum. Momentum allows you to accomplish even greater accomplishments.

You’ll solve challenges you didn’t even realize you had.

Typically a stress resilience coach can help you identify your specific sources of stress and stress management interventions to minimize (or eliminate) your biggest stressors .

But through the process of coaching, you’ll find that there are other issues that might be just as important. There’s no place to hide with a good stress-resilience coach.

Do you recognize yourself in any of points listed above?

Have you been trying to get rid of toxic stress, constant overwhelm, and improve your life but been unable to? If so, a stress resilience coach can most likely make a huge difference in your life.

Consider your desires and your ability to bring them about on your own.

If you feel you could use some help, seeking the help of a stress resilience coach might be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

I would be happy to help you on your stress management journey.  Start by downloading my FREE Guide: 50 Best Stress Management Activities, right NOW!

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An Inspirational Quote For YOU!

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Just know that I am here for you and if you are ready to scale back and get rid of toxic people in your life, I would love to help! Get in touch with me here.  I  would love to hear from you.

Use the comment box below to share your thoughts with me on these two questions:

  1. The Pareto Principle is the idea that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. Which 20% of your activities cause 80% of your stress?
  2. Which 20% of your friends cause the most pain?


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