Do It Yourself Treatment For Stress You Need To Master

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This post contains affiliate links to help our readers find the best tools and treatment for stress!

Some busy women feel that they do not  have the time, resources, or finances,  to get professional help with stress. They struggle day in and day out with the toxic stress that invades their life.

If that sounds like you , keep reading because there is a treatment for stress that does not require you to see a doctor and take a pill.

Taking control of your life and finding the type of stress therapy that works for you can strip stress out of your life. The result? You will start feeling healthier and happier, with more time and energy to do what you love.

You know the symptoms of stress. It can take over your life if you allow it. But…developing your own treatment for stress may be challenging.  I can help! Darlene

Read on to discover the 5 DIY treatments for stress which I highly recommend. Tweet This!

Using one or more of these stress therapies can ensure that chronic stress does not ruin your health and steal your happiness.

Aromatherapy: The Ultimate Treatment for Stress

Many people are skeptical about the power of aromatherapy. It is not pseudo-science. Aromatherapy utilizes very real neural pathways in the brain to calm the body and ease the stress of the mind.

Humans have no more powerful sense than their sense of smell. It is infallible and it is deeply linked to our emotions.

Certain smells can trigger very real physical reactions.

There are smells that can tell the mind and the body that it is time to calm down and destress. Darlene Tweet This!!

Aromatherapy is a wide and varied field. There are lots of different ways you can incorporate calming scents into your day for calm and stress relief.

Solved! Do It Yourself Treatment For StressOne of the best ways is with an oil diffuser that can work as a necklace. I also use oil diffusers in my bedroom and living room and add Lavender oil to create a soothing environment.

I’ve also used scented candles, though they cannot be left burning unattended.  Place them strategically in different rooms or at your desk at the office, they offer consistent stress relief solutions.

EcoTherapy: The New Treatment for Stress

While ecotherapy isn’t necessarily new, it is just now getting the recognition that it deserves.

Its basic tenets include going out into nature and communing with it. Understanding your role in the world ecosystem, and participating in activities that help care for the planet.

Ecotherapy is a great option for anyone who wants to experience the very real healing power of nature. It’s ideal if you believe that finding your place in the ecosystem could bring you clarity and rejuvenation.

Fortunately, I live near a beach. There is nothing more soothing than walking in the sand, or sitting on the beach and listening to the waves crash ashore.

But I also enjoy hiking, backyard camping, and bird watching.  I simply place some breadcrumbs strategically on my patio. With minutes some birds join me for my stress-busting eco-therapy session of the day!

Once I took the time to look for them and find them, I realized that nature has an abundant supply of stress relievers! I am now a firm believer in eco-therapy.

This treatment for stress is ideal for those that find themselves calmed in the embrace of nature.

It turns the mind inward and strives for mindfulness, self-reflection, and ultimately creating a more centered and emotionally intelligent person.

Gardening Therapy: The Green Treatment for Stress

Like ecotherapy, gardening therapy uses the power of nature to heal a person.

If you feel centered, loved, and welcomed in nature, gardening for stress relief might be the ideal option for you. One warning—make sure  it soothes you, rather than stresses you out further.

Many people find that they love the feeling of warm earth underneath their hands and the smell of green things in the sun. If this is the case for you, find a couple of plants that grow well in your climate and start caring for them.

You don’t have to grow your own food. A few pots of flowers can be just as soothing as a huge tomato garden.

Or try a butterfly garden, a rock garden, or a rose garden.  Do what works for you, your schedule, and your environment.

It can be more frustrating than soothing to try to grow something that does not do well in your climate, so look for plants that will thrive where you live.

Massage Therapy: A Great Treatment for Stress

When my friend started suffering from chronic migraines, her doctor finally recommended that she start a massage therapy regimen.

It sounded a little unbelievable at first, but once she started the therapy and learned how to relax her muscles and relieve physical stress, the migraines went away.

Massage therapy is not just getting massages from a professional masseuse.  It is also learning how to relax your body  so that you do not hold the tension and stress of your everyday life in your muscles.

For the ultimate in relaxation and stress-busting, try combining aromatherapy ( essential oils)  with massage therapy, and feel your stress evaporate instantly.

I treat myself to a professional massage at least every two months.  I take along my essential oils for that extra boost of soothing. And I also indulge in massage therapy at home on a regular basis.

Be sure to try different kinds of massage therapy too.  I have tried reflexology and hot stone massage!  It’s simply divine!

For regular massage therapy at home and at work, I recommend investing in a good massage pillow . If you REALLY want to pamper yourself in the privacy of your home, splurge on a medical massage chair.

Pet Therapy: The Furriest Treatment for Stress

Not everyone loves animals, but those who do will feel instantly calmer and happier in their presence.

There’s a reason that people who deal with chronic anxiety are often prescribed “comfort animals” by their doctors.

You can prescribe yourself a comfort animal, too. Research has shown that dog and cat owners have lower blood pressure and less heart disease than those who do not.

If you can, adopt a pet.

Having something that loves you unconditionally and that just wants your attention (and food) can be extremely soothing.

If you cannot adopt a pet, consider volunteering at a local animal shelter, borrowing a friend’s pet when you want to go for a walk or play with a dog or cat, or becoming a foster household for pets.

Because of my travel schedule owning a dog turned out to be challenging.  So I invite the birds to visit by putting out delicious breadcrumbs and water on the patio.  They love it.

I am also planning to invest in a fish pond, with water lilies, gold fish and a water fountain.   Simply Serene! The ideal ambiance for peace and serenity.

These ideas to treat stress are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many home remedies for stress that you can start using in the comfort of your home. These home remedies will help you reduce stress and improve your well-being!

There is also an abundance of  specific stress management activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine! You can become more stress-resilient using natural methods only.

The power to beat stress and face complex challenges is in your hands.   Use it!

An Inspirational Quote For You

Stress is an important dragon to slay – or at least tame – in your life. Marilu Henner Tweet This!

I would love to hear from you!

Use the comment box below to share your thoughts with me on these two questions:

  1. What treatments and strategies do you use to cope with stress?
  2. Which of the 5 DIY treatments mentioned above will you  use to tame your stressors, and why?

If stress is a constant in your life your can change that. stress-management-activities

Too many women suffer silently under the burden of stress.

Your life will be happier and brighter when you take steps to shut down stress, even before it starts, and with very little effort.

You can use my 50 simple stress management activities to start doing just that.

Download my FREE guide and start shutting down the stress in your life : 50 simple stress management activities.

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  1. Ann Abbitz says:

    Awww, love these. And though I no longer work, as we take care of my elderly parents, I actually do many of these treatments. We have 2 fur-babies at home that are like our kids (along with our real children) and visiting the botanical garden is a regular thing for me (we have a membership). And I’ve also used aromatherapy once in a while. There are so many options to alleviate stress, there’s no need to be medicated and put that toxic stuff in your body.

    1. Darlene Berkel says:

      Ahhh…a fellow aromatherapy user. I LOVE aromatherapy. It’s one of many natural remedies for stress. It’s easy to pop a pill, but the negative side effects may not be worth it. Natural stress remedies have no negative side effects! It’s win-win-win all around. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Katia Young says:

    I have a small greenhouse that I grow my plants in, so I’m so into gardening… is therapeutic! And massage therapy, I treat my self to on every couple of months, I’ve used the same masseuse for a few years now, so she knows exactly where to go. And though we don’t have any pets, I do see how pets can be good therapy.

    1. Darlene Berkel says:

      Hi Katia, I treat myself to a massage session every month myself…it’s a fixed part of my budget. Since I travel often for work, I don’t have pets either, but I encourage lots of birds to come visit by putting delicious breadcrumbs and water on the patio. They LOVE it…and I enjoy watching them. It’s so relaxing to hear them chirp and scurry around. It’s amazing how nature provides stress-busters all around. We just need to take the time to enjoy them. 🙂

  3. Big believer in massage and aromatherapy. I use orange oil in the day, lavender oil in the evening, and rosemary for writing sessions. I also find that a long run relieves stress for me – I am assuming that is because I run trails: ecotherapy.

    Love my old lady (the dog) when I have her with me. But gardening… I fail, so more stress than not, I’m afraid. Great list!!

    1. Darlene Berkel says:

      Hi Ren, so you use aromatherapy, ecotherapy AND pet therapy! A perfect trifecta. Good for you. Oh…and you also do massage – so what is that? A quartfecta? Impressive! You are really good at prioritizing relaxation and that makes you an excellent role model for women, many of whom never make relaxing and “me time” a priority in their lives!

      You don’t know what you are missing with gardening therapy though. Try Spinach. They are the most low-maintenance, high-yielding, nutritious plants I know. You just cannot go wrong with spinach…I promise! 🙂

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