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Easy Formula to Stop Uncontrollable Weight Gain Without the Stress

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While managing uncontrollable weight gain and losing excess weight is good for your health, taking off those pounds can be stressful. You check the bathroom scale each morning wondering why the numbers don’t drop down faster. You go to parties thinking about what you’ll be able to eat instead of looking forward to seeing your friends.

The pressure can come from external sources too. Your doctor may be telling you that you need to lose weight to help manage medical conditions. You may compare yourself to images you see in the media and feel like your body comes up short.

You can reverse uncontrollable weight gain and reach your weight loss goals with fewer distractions and less discomfort!

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Automate Your Choices To Manage Uncontrollable Weight Gain

Making decisions requires effort, especially when you’re trying to resist something tempting for the sake of longer-term gains. By changing your environment and your thinking, you can make healthy choices automatic and stop uncontrollable weight gain.

Try these 4 activities to form healthy new habits

  1. uncontrollable weight gainExercise regularly. If you visit the gym each day after work for a few weeks, it will become difficult to do anything else with that time. Similarly, you could put your walking shoes by the door to remind yourself to start each day with a walk through the park.

  2. Create a shopping list. Keep candy and chips out of your pantry. Write a shopping list before you go to the market to prevent impulse purchases.

  3. uncontrollable weight gainDrink water. We often overlook the calories we drink. Fill up on water instead of soda or alcohol.

  4. Keep a log. Using a food journal to track your behavior will help you to spot your personal triggers for overeating. That way, you can develop strategies and substitutes in advance.

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Focus on Changes That Have the Most Impact

Would you rather spend your day thinking about your diet or being free to focus on the activities you love? If you make a few major changes to your eating habits, you can relax and devote the rest of your energy to other things.

Focus on these simple changes:

  1. uncontrollable weight gainEat more vegetables and fruit. Aim to consume at least 7 servings of vegetables and fruits each day. They’re usually low in calories and high in nutrients. Plus, they’re rich in fiber which makes you feel fuller.

  2. Cut back on processed food. Much of the sugar, salt, and excess calories in your diet probably comes from packaged food. Switch to natural whole foods whenever possible.

  3. Control your portions. You can eat just about anything if you watch your serving sizes. Treat yourself to a few bites of cheese or a small croissant.

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Develop Social Support

Any goal is easier to reach when you have partners on your side. Reaching out to others can even make managing uncontrollable weight gain seem fun.

These activities will bring you support:

  1. uncontrollable weight gainFind a weight loss buddy. You probably know someone who’s trying to lose weight too. Team up so you can share encouragement, and hold each other accountable.

  2. Go online. You may not have time to go away to a spa, but you can find a weight-loss community online. Discuss your experiences and learn from each other’s struggles and success.

  3. Seek inspiration. You’re bound to lapse occasionally. When your motivation wanes, give yourself a boost. Talk to one of your role models or read a book by someone who lost weight or overcame a similar challenge.

  4. Ask for help. Let your family and friends know what kind of assistance you need, whether it’s a ride to the gym or a few reassuring words. Be willing to help them out too.

Take the stress out of losing weight. Adopting healthy habits, targeting your efforts, and reaching out for support can make dieting more pleasant and successful. You’re more likely to reach your weight loss goals and enjoy your life while you’re shaping up.

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A Foolproof Formula to Reverse Uncontrollable Weight Gain & Speed Up Weight Loss

Why does the scale move so slowly when you’re trying to lose weight? If you’ve hit a plateau or you just want the motivation that comes with seeing significant results each week, there are ways to accelerate your weight loss.

Shape up faster without wasting money on products that make deceptive claims or give you caffeine jitters. Try these safe and natural methods for slimming down.

Change the Way You Eat 

  1. uncontrollable weight gainLimit sweets. Sugary foods are often high in calories and they trigger cravings that make you want more. Satisfy your sweet tooth with something more nourishing like fruit or yogurt with cinnamon.

  2. Downsize your portions. On the other hand, creating forbidden foods can increase the temptation to indulge. Treating yourself to a small slice of cake may help you to avoid overdoing it later.

  3. Drink more water. Studies show that even though diet soda has no calories, it may slow down your metabolism and make you want to eat more sugar. Quench your thirst and curb your appetite with water and tea.

  4. Spread out your protein. Protein tends to boost your metabolism. Make it part of each meal and snack rather than saving it up for dinner.

  5. Avoid crash diets. Cutting calories too much can backfire because your body will start to burn less energy. Talk with your doctor or use an online calculator to estimate how many calories you need to consume each day.

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Change the Way You Work Out

  1. uncontrollable weight gainDo aerobics. Running, biking, swimming, and other aerobic exercises are the most effective workouts for losing weight. Find a variety of activities you enjoy and invite a friend along, so you can encourage each other to stick to your program.

  2. Build your muscles. As your muscle mass increases, you burn more calories even when you’re resting. Schedule at least 2 days a week for strength training and give your body adequate rest in between sessions.

  3. Focus on compound exercises. Lunges use up more energy than bicep curls. That’s because they’re a compound movement that targets multiple muscle groups at once.

  4. exercise to stay healthyTry interval training. Alternating between higher and lower intensity exercises is another way to consume more calories in less time. You can apply this strategy to any workout from walking to CrossFit.

  5. Move more. Activity outside of the gym counts too. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk around when you’re talking on the phone and do pushups while you’re watching TV.

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Other Tips to Manage Uncontrollable Weight Gain

  1. get enough sleep every nightSleep well. Insufficient sleep can cause you to gain weight. Go to bed and get up on a consistent schedule, even on weekends and holidays. Darken your bedroom and use a fan to block out noisy neighbors and car alarms.

  2. Manage stress. Chronic stress can make your body store more fat too. Find relaxation practices that work for you, such as massage or gardening.

  3. journaling for stress reliefKeep a journal. Many adults underestimate how much they eat. Use a digital app or a notebook to track what you actually consume each day. Watch for patterns so you can spot your personal triggers for overeating and overcome them.

  4. Talk with your doctor. If you’re still struggling to manage uncontrollable weight gain, your doctor can answer your individual questions and help you to find a solution. You may need to be tested for a variety of conditions that can contribute to being overweight or you may just need to eat less and exercise more.

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While losing a large amount of weight takes time, you can speed up the process by making positive lifestyle changes. Knowing what to eat and how to exercise will help you to reach your fitness goals faster.

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