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Do You Walk Enough? Start Walking For Stress Relief!

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How often do you walk?

Did you know that walking is perfect for relieving stress?

Walking for stress relief is one of the best ways to manage stress.

Exercise in general is effective for stress reduction, but walking is accessible to anybody and doesn’t require special equipment or knowledge. Research has shown that people who walk enjoy lower stress levels than those who choose more strenuous forms of exercise, such as running or strength training.

Here are some reasons why walking is superior when your goal is stress relief.

Walking Lets You Slow Down

In a world where rushing has become the norm, walking can be a refreshing chance to slow down and appreciate your surroundings. Cycling and running require passing things by at a faster rate of speed that doesn’t allow for low-key observation. With regular walks, you’ll probably find yourself enjoying a more relaxed perspective on the world around you.

Walking Enhances Your Mind-Body Connection

Stress can keep you locked away inside your head, causing you to lose track of what’s important and healthy for your body. Walking can remedy this by engaging you with your movements for awhile. If you focus on your senses during a walk, you can deepen this benefit. For example, concentrate on your breathing, the sounds around you and the feeling of your feet on the ground.

Walking For Stress Relief Improves Your Sleep

Poor sleep is a common cause of stress, and exercise is one of the best medicines for insomnia and poor sleep quality. Significant improvements for sleep will come with at least 30 minutes of walking daily. Ayurvedic medicine recommends going for a walk before bedtime; if you decide to try this, choose a relaxed pace and savor the fresh air.

Walking Gives an Escape from a Stressful Situation

Sometimes a short escape is all you need to reduce your stress. By going for a walk, you can take a break from a tense situation and have some time to collect your thoughts. It’s often best to walk alone at times like these, but if you’ve been stewing by yourself, try going for a stroll with a friend for a positive social occasion. As an alternative to driving, walking can be a great way to take more time on your trek to the store. As exercise, walking gives you more time away than running or cycling a similar distance.

Walking is a gentle, versatile way to lower your stress levels. Recent studies have also shown that it carries as much health benefit as more strenuous forms of exercise, such as running. Whether you enjoy walking alone or with friends, in the morning, at night or on your lunch break, you can easily reduce your stress anywhere there’s room to walk.

If you’re not used to actively walking or you’re not convinced of the amazing benefits that walking will have on your stress levels and the ways in which it can change your life, I want you to check out my Kindle book all about the amazing ways that walking can help your stress levels plummet!


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  1. Darlene, I should tell you that your Blogs are amazing! I’ve tried walking in the evening and it has really improved my sleeping and guess what? I am able to go through the next day with not even a little bit of tiredness! A good night rest is really important.

    1. Darlene Berkel says:

      Thanks Lindy. Walking in the evening after dinner is a great idea. Just make sure it’s not too close to bedtime. Exercising helps you sleep better. And a good night’s rest can make you feel like super women the next day. Lots of energy and little stress! Keep it up.

  2. Alicia Netto says:

    I am not an active walker, I never was but after I read your blog, i decided to make a change. I plan to walk everyday now whenever I find the opportunity. I really want to feel healthy, fit, and less stressed in 2017. Thank you Darlene!

    1. Darlene Berkel says:

      Good for you Alicia. Remember to start slowly. So instead of walking everyday right away, start walking for 15 minutes, 3 days a week. Then after a 2 weeks, scale up to 30 minutes 3 days week, then after 2 more week scale up to 30 minutes a day 5 days a week. Small incremental changes are easier on your body AND easier to stick to. Keep me posted on your progress.

  3. Great advice. I especially like your tip to walk and listen. I see so many people with their ear plugs in walking and while I understand I can’t help but think they are missing out on the whole de-stressing!

    1. Darlene Berkel says:

      So true…The best part of walking outdoors is to listen to the soothing sounds of nature! I see lots of folks walking with ear plugs and while they may be listening to soothing music on their iPod, I doubt it could compare to the natural sounds of nature. That’s why I enjoy walking in the early morning hours. By the end of the day, the hustling of cars and heavy traffic, contruction workers, and other man-made distractions may require you to wear ear plugs to drown of the “noise pollution”.

  4. Thanks for these reminders, Darlene…helping with sleep is a big one. I can’t always walk if it’s too icy or snowy, so I go to gym and walk on the treadmill. It seems like cheating to me, but an hour or so with my music and moving relieve stress and keep me calm! What a nice job you’ve done sharing the wonders of walking!

    1. Darlene Berkel says:

      Hi Joan, walking indoors (whether at the gym or at home) is not cheating at all. In fact, walking indoors is my back-up plan when I cannot walk outdoors because of bad weather. It was raining dogs and cats this morning @ 6:30 AM when I usually take my power walk…so I booted up my internet TV, found Youtube and zoomed in to Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home program. It was an awesome 2 mile walking workout WITH strength training. I plan to invest in a few indoor walking work-out DVD’s which I can use to walk at home anytime I cannot get out. The health benefits of walking make it all worthwhile.

  5. Darlene, I couldn’t agree more. You’ve given me some insight here. I’ve been sleeping better lately and feel like stress has gone down. Wait a minute, I’ve been walking several times a week for over a month! Could the good changes be related to that? I think so. Walking is so simple, but does so much. Thank you for your good advice.

    1. Darlene Berkel says:

      Laurie, you said it: Walking is so simple but does so much. The cumulative effect of walking several times a week for over a month certainly contributed to your improved sleep. Keep it up!

  6. Walking is my favorite and only exercise. I don’t do enough of it this time of year, but try to make up for it when it’s nicer outside. Great advice!

  7. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

  8. Darlene Berkel says:

    @Barbara. Walking is hands down my favorite form of exercise too. I tried swimming once, but it did not “stick”. Walking just seems so natural, and early in the morning is the best start to my day! If the weather keeps you indoors during the winter months you can invest in a walking exercise dvd and walk inside during the cold months.

    @Jason. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. This is great! I find walking to be one of my favorite stress relief activities, especially if I can get outside. I often take small breaks to walk around while I am working in order to clear my head and refocus.

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