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Simple and Affordable Ways to Practice Self Care

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Looking for ways to practice self care?

It’s no secret that a lot of women are in serious need of self care. But practicing self care consistently can feel like it is always out of reach. That can leave you feeling discouraged.

But what if you knew about some inexpensive ways to take better care of yourself? Would you be curious?  Take a look at these simple and affordable ways to practice self care consistently.

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Start With Taking Care of Your Daily Hygiene

ways to practice self care

When you feel stressed and overwhelmed, it can be a lot harder to take care of your daily hygiene needs. Ironically, that is often exactly what you need to pull yourself out of a dark place.

For instance, having a soothing bath  can do wonders for your mood and your mind  because it can help you to deal with stress. Not only that, but when you take better care of yourself, you’ll look a lot better. It’s always easier to look at yourself in the mirror when you know that you’re doing what you need to do to take care of your needs.

This can also include the cleanliness of your clothes. Do you find yourself going through piles of dirty clothes so you can find something that smells a little less dirty? Take time out to do some laundry.

Once your clothes are done, go and take a nice long shower and clean yourself thoroughly. After you get out of the shower, go and put on something comfortable from the freshly washed clothes. You’ll always appreciate the wonderful feeling of clean clothes against your skin, and so will the people around you.

Getting Organized Is A Great Way to Practice Self Care

ways to practice self care

What is your living and workspace like? Having a cluttered environment can be stressful because your surroundings influence how you feel about your life and can cloud your internal thoughts.

Be sure to take some time every week to tidy things up a bit. It might also be a matter of simply having to get rid of the useless things that take up space. Once your surrounding is less cluttered, will feel a lot less stress as you push through your days.

This is especially true of women who work from home. Try to keep your work space and sleep space as separate as you possibly can. If that’s impossible, then a lot of time must be taken to keep your space efficient and happy. 

Get More (and Better) Sleep – A Simple Way to Practice Self Care

ways to practice self care

Sleep is one of the most important ways to practice self care. It’s essential to get rest because sleep is the time your body uses to repair itself. If you have trouble sleeping, getting better sleep might require you to make some major changes to your habits.

For instance, if you eat late, then you’ll have to eat earlier in the day so that your body can calm down by the time you have to get in bed. You can also just try getting to bed earlier. It might make you feel as though you are missing out on a few things, but you’ll be able to wake up earlier, which will give you a head start on planning out what you need to do each day.

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Easy Ways To Practice Self care – Take Up a Mellow Hobby or Read

ways to practice self care

Sometimes people just need some time to exercise their mind, or just be entertained by their imagination. The best way to do those things would be to find a hobby or find a great book that you can read during your down time. Precision hobbies like knitting, needlepoint, model building, painting, adult coloring, and music are all great ways to express yourself while expanding your brain power.

Make Walking Your Go-To Form of Self Care

ways to practice self care

This one should always be a go to, but women often forget how many benefits walking can have on their mind, body, and mood. Studies have known for ages that getting some exercise can be a great way to help your deal with stress and improve your mood. The endorphins that you get from physical activity can also make it easier for you to sleep.  Why not make walking a part your self-care routine.

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The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

The way that you treat yourself in your own mind is a lot more important than you may think. There are times when you might self-abuse or say nasty mean things to yourself out of habit, but the consequences of this are much farther reaching than you may realize. Positive self-talk is an important part of self care.

Positive Self Talk Can Help You to See Yourself

ways to practice self care

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you tell yourself? This might be the first time you’ve really ever had to think about that question. How you answer will make a difference to yourself on a daily basis. Whenever you tell yourself something really negative, you’re repeating powerful mantras that can influence everything about your self-esteem and how you see yourself in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s generally going to be a skewed view if it’s always grounded in negativity. This makes true self awareness difficult and it blocks you from being open to others.

When you say uplifting things about yourself, you get a more complete picture of who you are. This does not mean you should avoid dealing with things you consider to be faults. It just means you see a lot more of your positive side than your faults.

Positive Self Talk Gives You More Confidence

ways to practice self care

Allowing yourself to see yourself completely helps to boost your confidence. That’s because you are directly acknowledging the things that are good about you instead of focusing on the areas where you feel that you fall short.

If you like, you can actually write them into a physical list. Reflect on each aspect, and think about the times in your life where those attributes have helped you to overcome something or solve a problem.

You’ll probably be amazed how many ways you’ve been able to get past things using your own natural talents. If you’ve come this far on what you already know, then imagine how well things can go when you continued to learn and improve yourself. Try to see where you will be in the future based on these positive things you’re discovering.

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Consistent Self Care & Confident Self Talk Helps You See a Positive Future

Now that you know that you have some great qualities, you can see how they might be able to help you in the future. Are you a fast learner? Do you solve problems quickly? Having a better outlook will always make it easier for you to see yourself making accomplishments in the future.

As you go through life, meet the objection of your inner critic with confident self-talk. Tell that part of your mind to be quiet. Do whatever you need to do to move past monetary doubts.

Positive Self Talk Helps Reduce Stress

ways to practice self care

Positive self-talk is also really important because it helps you to keep your stress under control. Stress can be paralyzing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you start to feel overwhelmed, pull out a sheet of paper and write down the things you want to achieve.

Put in a few easier goals that you know you can achieve in the short term.  Then put all of your energy into crushing those goals. Make sure that you are realistic in the ones that you select.

Getting a few little things done and crossed off of your list can do wonders for how you feel about achieving your goals. Just know that you have to take it all one day at a time. Cross 2 – 3 things of your list, and return to some of your bigger goals. You’ll feel more relaxed, and ready to tackle bigger goals.

Positive Self Talk Helps You Maintain Control Over Your Emotions

positive self talk to lower stress

It’s also important to remember that things won’t always be perfect. There can be all kinds of little snags that can push back your timeline for completing things. It’s important to stay level headed though, because when you spin out of control emotionally, things will begin to suffer.

Use self care and positive self-talk to remind yourself of how resilient you truly are. Find inspiration in the progress that you’ve made so far. The more you master ways to practice self care, the better you will become at controlling your emotions and the more success you will have. Just be sure to remain patient and kind to yourself and you will get there.

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Creating a Daily Self Care Routine

Can you say that you love yourself? If you’re looking into self care advice, then you should evaluate often if you’re actually taking good care of yourself. This isn’t just talking about your physical health, but is should also include your mental health.

If you need more ways to practice self care then keep reading to learn about creating a daily self-care routine.

Small Ways to Practice Self Care – Start Your Day with Healthy Food

ways to practice self care

One of the first places you can start with self-care is by making good choices of things to put in your body for fuel. Having a good amount of nutrition is a really good way to make sure that you’re taken care of yourself, from the inside out.

You can learn how to make some really tasty snacks and meals that will help you to feel satisfied and give you what you need to start your day right. Choosing a good breakfast will help you to keep your performance at a high level through much of the day.

Try making sure that you have a simple breakfast with carbs and protein so that you have some easy to digest nutrients right at the start of the day. You can do this by eating some kind of whole grain cereal with your choice of protein. Personally, I like oatmeal with raisons!  Use this handy journal to track your progress toward a healthier, happier version of you!

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One Good Way To Practice Self Care – Organize Your Environment and Keep it That Way

get organized for stress relief

The way your home and work space looks can be a huge influence over how you feel about things in your life each day. When you have a cluttered and unpleasant environment, it’s easy to feel like you’re trapped in a nightmare. Be sure to make time to clean up and organize your belongings. You can organize everything yourself, or get  help from a professional organizer.

Once you’ve spent some time getting organized and putting everything in its place, you’ll notice that your stress level drops quite a bit.

Find a New Way to Express Yourself

Learning a new language

How do you normally express yourself? Expression is an often-overlooked part of self care and mental health. If you feel like your spirit needs something like a new form of expression, then you should try taking a painting class, learning a new instrument, learning a new language, or take up some other mellow hobby.

As long as you’re working towards expressing yourself, you’ll feel a certain kind of calm coming over you. Learning a new language can be great because you are actually learning to communicate with people who you wouldn’t have been able to communicate with previously. Languages are also an excellent skill for a variety of businesses.

Pamper Yourself with a Massage

aromatherapy massage for stress relief

A lot of women feel like massage is something reserved for wealthy people who can afford weekly spa visits. But, they forget that they can give themselves massages. You don’t have to spend money on expensive spa visits and you don’t have to feel stuck looking for someone to do it for you for cheap.

All you need to do is invest in an affordable home massager, and then block some time to give yourself a massage regularly. If you spend some time giving yourself massage, you can actually do a lot to help your mental health. Massages are great for relieving stress, so doing them for yourself can never be a bad thing.

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Start using these simple and affordable ways to practice self care if you want to live a more joyful, satisfying life!

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