ways to relieve stress at home

Easy Ways to Relieve Stress at Home (And Be Happier!)

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This post contains affiliate links to tools and resources for easy ways to relieve stress at home.

While it is not uncommon to experience stress, possibly even on a daily basis, it is also possible to find relief. Read on for some natural ways you can get relief from stress in the comfort of your own home.

Start By Avoiding These Unhealthy Methods

Before you start looking at the healthy ways to relieve stress at home, you should start by avoid unhealthy ways of dealing stress. While these habits might seem like they are helping, you are actually heightening your stress overall. Make sure you don’t turn to the following unhealthy coping mechanisms:

ways to relieve stress at home

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Binging on junk food
  • Avoiding responsibilities
  • Sleeping too much or not enough
  • Turning to drugs or pills
  • Making erratic or dangerous choices
  • Keeping busy to avoid your problems

Take a Lavender Bathways to relieve stress at home

Baths in general can be relaxing, but there are certain stress relief bath products and essential oils that can be very beneficial. Lavender is one of the best ones for relaxation and stress relief.

All you need to do is add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath then enjoy the calm you feel. You can also try lavender bath salts or bubble bath for the same effect.

If you want easy ways to relieve stress at home, it can’t get much easier than that! 🙂

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes For Stress Management

Managing stress is sometimes not about simply finding ways to relax, but changing your daily lifestyle. By making healthy changes, you can reduce your overall stress to avoid, instead of just trying to find relief when it gets bad. Here are some different healthy lifestyle changes to consider making in order to manage your stress.

Try to Get Enough Sleep

Stress can cause problems with your sleep, but lack of sleep also leads to more stress. Since it works both ways, it is essential that you focus on getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night. You want to have your sleep as interrupted as possible in order to get into a deep REM sleep. This is important for proper cognitive function and can also help reduce your stress levels naturally. Here are some tips for getting better sleep:

ways to relieve stress at home

  • Buy a better mattress
  • Develop a sleeping routine in the evening
  • Don’t bring your cell phone into your bedroom
  • Keep the television turned off
  • Use these stress relief products for better sleep

Most women underestimate the power sleep.  That’s the time your body uses to heal itself. It’s one of the most effective and easy ways to relieve stress at home.  So make it a priority to get to bed at a descent hour (e.g. 10PM) so that you can get at least 7 hours of rest every night.

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Increase Your Physical Activityways to relieve stress at home

Physical activity is often recommended for many different problems, such as anxiety and depression, and for good reason. It also helps with stress tremendously.

When you workout regularly, you distract your mind from worries. You also have better relaxation, and release endorphins to feel happier and more energized throughout the day.

A good healthy lifestyle change to make is by getting your body moving more. You don’t need to go for a run every morning either; something as simple as walking your dog or using your backyard pool more often can be helpful. You can also dance in the living room with your kids. Just starting a walking routine worked wonders for me.

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Become a More Organized Person

Organizing your life is also important if you want to make healthy lifestyle changes. The more organized you are in your daily home and work life, the less stress you will experience overall. You may get stressed out at work because your files are in a disarray and your desk is filled with paperwork. Go to the office supply store to get some boxes and bins that will help you organize your office.

Do the same thing at home by organizing your kitchen, living room, home office, bedroom, and other spaces that seem a little bit chaotic.  Becoming a more organized person is one of the easy ways to relieve stress at home and at work.

ways to relieve stress at homeEat a Healthier Diet

Feeding your body healthy foods that fight stress increases your nutrients, many of which are going to help you relieve your stress levels. Vitamins and minerals like vitamin B and folate can trigger melatonin and other happy chemicals in your brain and body in order to feel happier and relax your mind.

When it comes to stress, we REALLY are what we eat.  You can choose to eat foods that that trigger or worsen stress. On the other hand, can choose to eat foods that fight stress and help you build a strong stress-resilient mind and body. If you are looking for easy ways to relieve stress at home, eating healthy should be high up on your list.

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Understanding the Different Types of Stress

Stress might be something everyone experiences, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get help. However, before you can find easy ways to relieve stress at home, you need to know the source of the stress. There are many different types of stress sin your life, from financial to relationship stress.

Acute and Chronic Stress

First of all, two common types of stress are acute and chronic stress. All other types of stress will fit into one of these categories. Acute stress is more about individual situations that will lead to you feeling stressed out, such as your car breaking down or a relationship ending.

With chronic stress, it is something you experience on a regular basis. This might be from work, finances, or other problems in your life that tend to keep happening over and over again. Chronic stress can also be related to a simple overwhelming feeling that you can’t quite keep up with everything in your life and are so overwhelmed on a regular basis that you experience stress almost constantly.

Personal and Relationship Stressways to relieve stress at home

A very common reason to be stressed is due to your personal life, particularly with your health, a relationship, family, or children. This type of stress can be acute, but is often related to chronic stress. You want your kids to be safe and grow up healthy, so this leads to being stressed about them almost constantly.

Then acute forms of stress might be going through a divorce, grieving the death of a loved one, struggling with the diagnosis of a chronic disease.  Acute stress could be from a major life crisis, obstacle or set back that leaves you feeling like your world is falling apart.

ways to relieve stress at homeWork and Financial Stress

Another very common area of stress in your life might be related to your job/your business, your finances, or a little of both.

This can be from having a great job or a thriving business but not having enough time for anything but work, to where you bring your work home with you.

Another way your job can stress you out is if you simply don’t enjoy it or you don’t get along well with co-workers. You might have financial stress like struggling to pay your bills, not advancing enough in your career, or being faced with last-minute expenses and no clue how to take care of them.

Time Stressways to relieve stress at home

Time stress is a little more specific to the time you have each day to get things done. This can also be either chronic or acute stress. You might find that you are so busy there is rarely enough time to get things done on a daily basis. You could also have time stress related to work or financial stress.

When to Get Professional Help For Your Stress

Getting professional help might seem like something only people with major relationship problems or mental health disorders get, but just about everyone can benefit from it. If your stress is getting to where you can’t take control of it and it is severely affecting your life, now is the time to seek help.  You can guidance and help to implement easy ways to relieve stress at home.

Why You Need Professional Help

First of all, it helps to know exactly why someone might need to seek a counselor or therapist for their stress. While it is true that there are many natural and healthy ways to relieve stress on your own, sometimes it tends to be a bit much.

For example, if you are going through a major crisis or life event, the emotional and financial stress can be overwhelming.  Major events such as a divorce, a health challenge, losing a loved one in death. You may feel overwhelmed to the point where you can barely take care of yourself, let alone your kids. In this situation, seeking professional help is ideal.

Signs You Should Seek Additional Help

You should also know that stress can have a large impact on your overall health. It can cause mental and emotional health issues, including anger, resentment, depression, and anxiety. It also increases your risk of abusing drugs and alcohol.

In addition, some physical effects include migraines, stomach pains, increased or decreased appetite, and insomnia. If you are struggling with any of these effects, that’s a good reason to get professional help.

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A Professional Can Help You Find Easy Ways to Relieve Stress at Home

There are many ways a therapist or a coach can help you with your stress. Here are just a few of the different methods they use:

ways to relieve stress at homeFamily counseling

When your stress is the result of home or family issues, therapy with your entire family is highly recommended.  The professional can work with you each individually, with you and your significant other, and with the entire family. This is often combined with talk therapy, where you can release some of the feelings or thoughts you have been holding back.

Pain coping therapyways to relieve stress at home

If your stress is due to suffering from physical pain, especially chronic pain, then a therapist can help with that as well. While you should still see a medical doctor, the mental health professional helps you cope on a daily basis with the pain, instead of giving you options to relieve that pain. They help with the stress that often comes from physical ailments.

ways to relieve stress at homeStress Management Coaching

Everyone has different levels and sources of stress, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t severe enough for help. Coaches can help with general stress, whether you coping with a major life crisis, having a hard time with your kids leaving the nest, struggling with a career choice, or you have more serious problems that are causing your stress.

Coaches have the skills and knowledge to advise, support, and encourage you. A coach can help you implement a wide variety of easy ways to relieve stress at home.

A Coach can help you:

  • Make sound decisions
  • Take effective actions
  • Resolve your challenges in the most efficient way possible
  • Learn from the process, so you can repeat it whenever you want

Is Working With a Coach Right For You?

Maybe. Maybe not.

  • Are you at a point where NOT taking action is costing you time and money?
  • Do you feel stuck in your struggles?
  • Could you use encouragement and sage advice in moving forward?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, perhaps a coach can get you moving in the right direction. A coach might be able to help you find easy ways to relieve stress at home that are ideal for you.  It’s time to create the life you desire – and sooner rather than later.

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