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What do Guys Want as Gifts? Revealed!

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What do guys want as gifts? That’s a question may women ask themselves.

While some men are very easy to shop for, there are many men for whom it can be difficult to choose just the right gift.  But you don’t have to shop blindly or just give in and give generic gifts to the guys in your life.

Why It Can Be Hard to Shop for Men

There are several reasons why the men in your life might be hard to shop for.  If you know a man really well, it’s usually easier to know what he likes and what he needs. 

But when you don’t know someone well, or you know them well but you don’t know what they have, it can be harder.  There are also some people that are picky and have very few things they actually like.  That’s when you run into a road black and may start asking yourself – what do guys want as gifts?

There are also those that have everything they could possibly want.  What can you give to someone who has all they need and can buy their wants?  This can give you stress anxiety about gift giving. 

Can you relate?

If you’re a woman shopping for gifts for a man, it can be hard to put yourself in his shoes.  You might tend to get things you think he would like or needs rather than what he would really like.

Men are also known for using fewer words than women.  That means he may not be telling you everything he wants – or anything he wants.  This can make it tough to choose the right thing.

What do guys want as gifts?

If you’re struggling with finding the right present for men, there are several ways you can investigate what he might want.  One of the easiest ways you can learn is to simply listen. 

If you’re looking for a gift for someone with whom you spend a lot of time, pay attention to what he discusses.  Make a note when he discusses hobbies, entertainment he likes, and things he’d like to have but wouldn’t buy for himself.

gift ideas for menYou can also observe the things he takes interest in when you go shopping.  Pay attention when he picks up something and remarks about it.  It might be something he wouldn’t buy for himself, but would like to have.

Facebook and other social media can also clue you in to things that might interest him.  For example, if you see a lot of posts about hunting or fishing you know that a gift in that category would be appreciated.

You can also look at the pages he “likes” and determine what types of hobbies, entertainment, and stores he enjoys going to.  All of these little details give insight into what he would like for a gift.

You can also look through photo albums for things he’s actually participated in, restaurants he frequents, and other clues that could lead you down the right road to the perfect present.

Social media can also clue you in on favorite sports teams for which you could find great merchandise.  You can also look to see if he has a wish list on Amazon.com that gives you insight into specific things he would like.

Consider a direct approach

what do guys want as giftsAsk him to tell you what he’d like if you prefer to take a more direct approach.  Some men are happy to share their wish lists with you while others prefer to be surprised.

If you know someone well, it makes it easier to investigate and figure out what he would like as a gift.  But there are probably men on your list such as in-laws, coworkers, and acquaintances that will be a little more difficult.  For this, it helps to look at general categories of gifts and trends that make good gifts for men.

How to Find the Trends

Every year there are new trends in just about every gift-giving category.  But if you don’t spend much time in those areas of your own life, it might be overwhelming to think of what to purchase.

One of the easiest ways to find out what’s on trend is to look at Amazon’s bestseller lists in the specific category of interest.  There you’ll find the top sellers, which will give you an idea of what’s popular and on trend for that year.

Another way to find out what’s on trend is to visit sites of popular retailers in a specific area and look at the products they’re promoting and any bestseller lists that they have.

This can take the mystery out of what’s hot and what’s not.  With your list of trends in hand, you’re armed to choose the perfect gift in any category.  But let’s take a closer look at categories in which men are typically interested.

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What is the best gift to give a guy?

When it comes to the traditional gift ideas of men, there are some tried and true categories that you might consider.  Of course, you still need to keep in mind the man that you’re shopping for. 

Before settling on a gift, you should check to make sure it’s not something he definitely wouldn’t like or couldn’t use.  But often, these categories are are ideal gifts for men.

Home Improvement

what do guys want as gifts
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This is a category that’s full of gifts for the guys in your life. It’s a category men commonly enjoy.  This could include tools, new gadgets, and gardening supplies

For example, if there’s a new multipurpose tool on the market, he might appreciate having it.  This popular tool bag would be a guaranteed hit too!

There’s almost always a new gadget that makes working around the house easier or more fun.  But the man you’re shopping for might not be willing to spend money on something that isn’t 100% needed or practical.

Outdoor Sports

what do guys want as gifts
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If you know a man who hunts, fishes, or enjoys other outdoor adventures, you can often find items that will fit the bill.  A new hunting knife, tackle box, or accessory such as a personal water filter, fire starter, or pocketknife will be appreciated.

Automotive: Simple Gifts for Him

what do guys want as gifts
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Many men are into their vehicles.  Putting together a personalized kit to help them detail their car makes a great gift for the connoisseur.  A car emergency kit is also a great gift for men who spend a lot of time on the road.

If you know a man who is into classic cars, but doesn’t yet have the funds for his dream machine, you can always present him with a model of that car to help him focus on his dreams.


Electronics can be a favorite with men of all ages.  These gifts tend to be some of the more expensive ones.  If you know someone well and have a large budget, a new tablet or video game console is always great.

But if your budget is smaller, you can stick to ideas such as the latest video game, new tablet case, or a holder for the latest smart phone.  Choosing gifts in electronics does require that you have some knowledge of his preferences.

Jewelry and Watches

This category is popular for men, but it’s an area where you really need to know the man for whom you’re shopping and understand his preferences.

what do guys want as gifts
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Many men have received a watch they just didn’t like or that didn’t fit their personality or style.  These gifts can be expensive, so if you’re going to take the time and spend the money, do your homework first.  This watch may be the perfect gift for the man you are gift shopping for.

Some men enjoy wearing jewelry such as necklaces and rings.  Other men steer clear of these accessories.  If you choose one of these items, make sure it’s personal and something he’ll actually wear.


Gift ideas for menMany men also enjoy games and novelty items.  Almost every year there’s a new game on the market that’s a good addition to a game closet.  If you know that he enjoys playing games, this makes a great choice.

Some men also enjoy novelty items such as desk accessories or funny t-shirts.  If you’re shopping for a man with a sense of humor, you can also look for these items for gifts.

Food Items

what do guys want as gifts
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Food gifts are also common and appreciated anytime of the year.  A gourmet coffee basket for the man who enjoys his daily cup will be used throughout the year. 

You can also look for food baskets that include beer, candy, gourmet cheeses, fruit, sausages, and many other food items.  This patio cooler bar would be a great gift. These can be appropriate gifts for the men in your life that enjoy fine foods.

If you know a man who loves to cook or barbecue, you can also look for gifts such as gourmet kitchen gadgets, barbecue tools, or fun aprons and chef hats.  You can also purchase gourmet ingredients or high quality meat to be delivered.

Do guys like receiving gift cards?

Sometimes its easier to give a gift card.  Some people find them impersonal and some people don’t want to reveal what they’ve actually spent on a gift.

But, if given the right way, a gift card can be a personal gift.  There are many reasons a gift card is a good choice.  For example, if you know someone is into hunting or fishing but you don’t know what to get, a gift card to a sporting goods store is thoughtful.

gift certificates for menThe same is true if you know that the man you’re gifting wants something expensive that’s out of your price range.  Instead of paying for the whole thing, you can give a gift card that can contribute to the gift.

Giving a gift card to a favorite restaurant, movie theater, or other entertainment venue that you know he likes can also be personal.  And while there was a time you had to run around to different stores to collect gift cards, you can get most of them online these days.

When it comes to fretting about the amount, most people are happy to receive a gift card in any amount.  Just let your budget be your guide and don’t worry about expectations.

What is a good gift for a male coworker?

what is the best gift for a male coworker
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Gifting at work can be a whole different set of problems. For a male coworker, you can consider things such as a coffee mug with a gift card to the closest coffee shop.

You could also consider gifts such as a gourmet food basket, nice desk set, movie tickets, humorous desk accessory, a ball cap for their favorite team, or even a gift card for a local restaurant or car wash.

Coworkers are hard enough to buy for, but you may also need to buy for your boss.  This is one area where etiquette is sometimes lost.  In general, it’s not a good idea to go too extravagant with your boss.

It’s important to think about the personality of your boss and the relationship you have with him.  If he has a great sense of humor, you might want to choose a gift that has some humor also. 

If he’s pretty straight-laced, you won’t want to go down the humor road.  Instead, you should choose something nice, but inexpensive.  Spending a huge amount of money on your boss can make coworkers feel inadequate or uncomfortable.

It can even make your boss feel uncomfortable.  In general, stick to gifts that are less than $50 and look for something that feels high quality, personal, and appropriate.

what do guys want as gifts
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Some ideas include a gift basket of gourmet foods, personalized luggage tags (if travel is frequent), personalized stationary, or an item that supports one of their known hobbies such as golf or fishing.

You might also want to consider asking the office if they’d like to go in together to get one gift rather than giving individual gifts.  If you opt to give something individually, make sure to do it privately to avoid showing off to others.

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