Why are Holidays so Stressful?! (and How to Reduce It)

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Did you know that the holidays weren’t always associated with stress? So why are holidays so stressful today?

They may have been busy and there may have been underlying tension between family members, but at the end of the day, the stress accompanied with the holidays didn’t exist like it does today.

People were simpler back then, and they took pride in celebrating the holiday, sharing their time with loved ones and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Why are Holidays so Stressful?! Because Holiday Spending Takes a Toll on Families

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find the holidays are very different than what they used to be.

People are running from one place to the next, frustrated, hurried and stressed.

The holidays are now about spending money, and manufacturers spend all year deciding how they’ll get buyers to splurge. Still wondering why are holidays so stressful?

why-are-holidays-so-stressfulOur own children are begging for every toy under the sun, and money goes out for grab bags at work and school, holiday parties that require expensive attire and other holiday extravaganzas that put your family on display.

Since the holiday season is driven by money, this time of the year is where people start competing with each other.

Who’s bought the more expensive gifts for their children?

Who got diamond earrings from her spouse?

Who’s going on vacation for winter break?

Who’s wearing a designer dress to the work party?

Even if you try to find peace in the things you can afford, it’s difficult to tell your children they can’t have the same gifts as their peers.

During this all, you have to ask yourself how you plan to celebrate the meaning of the holiday.

Each year, more and more people juggle through the holiday and leave the season broke, stressed out and disappointed over another year rushed and forgotten.

But how did this happen? Is it too late to change it?

Why are Holidays so Stressful?!  Because Humble Holidays Are a Thing of the Past

The holidays are different than they used to be because life is different.

Years ago, there wasn’t a connection to the outside world like there is today thanks to technology.

People associated only with close family and friends.

When the holidays rolled around, families relished in the company of their parents and grandparents, shared stories of past traditions and made new memories.

There was nothing to distract them from each other, and money was limited.

This made for humble families and modest celebrations.

How To Avoid Stress During Holidays? Pay Attention To Spending and Technology

Today’s families have shifted to meet the demands of the 21st century.

There are more dual-working families than ever, which means the holidays are being ‘fit in’ instead of embraced.

Nearly 50 percent of families are divorced, which means there may not be one holiday to celebrate but several as children are bounced from one house to the next.

As a society, we have also lost respect for our elders.

It’s not common to see teenagers crowded around their grandparents, anxious to learn about past traditions.

why-are-the-holidays-so-stressfulPerhaps the greatest change is our reliance on technology.

We are now connected with the rest of the world at all times.

Instead of families talking with each other, they sit on the couch, texting, checking Facebook statuses, posting pictures on instagram, and reading Twitter updates.

The core of the family has been lost for many, and the holidays become something that you must get through instead of a season to be cherished.

Materialism Takes a Toll

Want to know why are holidays so stressful?

We are also much more materialistic than we used to be, and social media sites intensify this.

We don’t just have our own families and friends that we compare ourselves to, but the rest of the world.

When you see what other people are buying for their children or serving up for the holidays, you can end up feeling inadequate.

Having these feelings are like a domino effect; you want to spend more money, buy more things and live up to what you believe others are doing.

Unfortunately, this scenario is how modern life is.

Over the years, things have become centered on money, and many people believe that in order to have a nice holiday, you must have money to spend on gifts, entertainment and food.

In the meantime, we’ve lost the true spirit of the season.

The outcome of this is the stress that we feel year after year.

How To Reduce Stress During Holidays?! Find Happiness in Simplicity

Of course, no one can change the world in one day, and the holidays won’t change in one year.

But you can start by making changes that will restore your family’s spirit in the holiday season.

Be firm and lower your budget for gifts this year.  Choose simple, affordable gifts that bring calm and peace like holiday essential oils.

Let everyone in the family contribute to the holiday, and be sure to place importance on the traditions you want followed.

It can be easy to fall into the conveniences of modern-day living, but don’t use social media outlets to see how your holiday stacks up to others.Why-are-the-holidays-so-stressful

This is exactly where we start overdoing things and end up feeling stressed.

Instead, use this year to go back to the simplicities of life; the joy of family.

You’ll find that the true spirit of the holidays still exists, you just have to find it.

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